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My Testimony

All this writing and I have never shared my testimony.We all have them,but do we really share them with everyone?I think if we made the effort to share more,more people would realize they were not the only ones in a situation or have a past they are not so proud of. As I was growing up I was never in a church.I didn't grow up knowing Christ.I did know there was a God,that He made the earth,and that there was a heaven,even Christmas was His birthday,but never did anyone reach out to me and show me how to find Christ. Now as I am 42,I can look back on my life and see that the Lord was always there,protecting me,trying to lead me,and loving me all the way.I can see His hand upon my life,even though I didn't know Him.I searched many places looking for love, for comfort,for someone to love me,and they were not the best places to be searching. I did alot of things friends were doing to try to fit in,and have a relationship.I was trying so hard to find myself,I was looking in all the…


Since I have began blogging,it has been an amazing journey,and still is.To hit those keys with your fingers and just watch them move totally amazes me still as I sit here today. I will write something,sit back and check it,and say,"Wow,where did that come from?" It's like watching someone else work,and your looking over their shoulder. I give all that glory to God.If I don't come to my blog and write for a couple days,I will sit back and read my own stuff,and its like for the first time.You Know that is God moving when that happens.When a friend will point out to you,Um,go read this one from you blog,at it will help you out of this rut.I'm not naming any names,but she knows who she is! I started looking at other blogs,and I have been amazed at how beautiful they are,and how the words just touch you in a special way. I found a site that gave many christian blogs,so I began looking,and wow,there are alot out there,and so many words spoken of Christ and what He is d…

Why do we let things shake us?

In Psalm 16:7-8 it says,"I will praise the Lord,who councils me; even at night my heart instructs me. I have set the Lord always before me.Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken."Wow,does that say alot! Why do we allow ourselves to be shaken? Why does it just take something little,to shake us? Many times big things enter our lives,they are scary things,but why are we shaken? Do we not really have faith? I know in my life there have been many times when I thought I could not go one,even take a step forward.Many times the pain seems like it takes each breath away,but we don't have to allow ourselves to be shaken,God is right there,He is at our right hand.He never leaves us,we leave Him. We tend to leave Him,and try things on our own,which never works.Why does it take us so long to learn this? We are His children,we are children of the King,does that not have a nice ring to it? To be called His children,we should know our Father will never leave us,and He is a…

Its not our deeds that save us

In Romans 3:23 it says,"All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God". One verse that says so very much.No matter how hard we try,no matter what we do,we will always fall short.Its what is in our hearts,and having faith in Christ and asking His forgiveness and for Him to come into our hearts that saves us. Believing in Him,saves us,not the things we do.In this "Me" world we live in where everyone is trying to climb to the top,have the biggest house,the fanciest car,make more money than your neighbor,putting labels on who we are by the things we have is the wrong attitude to have.None of those things matter to Jesus.It doesn't matter to Him that we are the head of our company,that we wrote the best seller,or that we have the most amazing house in the most amazing neighborhood,its all what we do with out hearts. Its not if we go to church,sing in the choir,teach Sunday school,teach Awana,and the things just keep coming. We sometimes think we can never say n…

Why are we still sitting down?

If you know me,you know I love to read,and I never leave the house without a book.That could be why my purse is so big.I am now reading "Heaven",by Randy Alcorn.I am not even to the fifth chapter,and this book along with the workbook is already changing my life.Once you start reading,you just cannot stop,each chapter is so full of amazing truths that we are not familar with,or we just have not been focusing on enough,and for be,it has been both.You can see by the title,it is about heaven.How much do we really know about heaven?How much do we really think about heaven?These were some hard questions I had to answer in doing this book. Did you know that Jesus speaks about heaven more than any other subject in the bible?I didn't know that. I know that there will be no more tears,pain,hurting,sickness,or sin in heaven,I know the streets are paved in gold,the gates are of pearl,we will walk with Jesus,praise Him,but there is so much more to be excited about,and so much more to…

He Is Our Everything

In Psalm 28:6-7 "Praise be to the Lord,for he has heard my cry for mercy.The Lord is my strength,and my shield; my heart trusts in Him,and I am helped.My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song." How many times do we wonder if God hears our cry? How many times do we turn other ways trying to find strength?What do we really put our trust in?Many times ourselves,and I know from experience that doesn't work out for God's glory.We also live our lives trying to find happiness.This verse touched my heart as I read it today.In this verse we can see with our own eyes that He does hear our cries.He is our strength and our shield in this evil world we live in,no one can protect us or sustain us like Christ can.The last part of this verse I sometimes struggle with.That we should have joy in our hearts,and give thanks for everything to Him in song.It doesn't say only the good things,or the happy things,it says all things,even those struggles,those days wher…

A Special Time With My Son

Each morning before my son and I do school we read our bible together.I have been blessed to do this with all my children as they too were homeschooled.Even after,we would read together,and it was always a special time just between us.When they were young,I would read to them,and they would sit wide eyed as they learned of the truths about David,Goliath,Joseph,and the many stories that just stuck in their little minds,wanting to learn more.As my son is getting older now,will soon be seventeen,I cherish these times to study with him,to learn with him as we each grow and want so much to be a light for Christ.As we sit in my bed with old,wonderful quilts and do school,read Gods word,we also pray together.At times,hearing my son pray brings tears to my eyes,knowing that he loves Jesus so very much.My prayer is that as my children all leave home and go out on their own,they will still spend that special time with the Lord,and remember our special times together.I pray that as that seed was…


Ephesians 1:3-8 "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight.In love he predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ,in accordance with his pleasure and will to the praise of his glorious grace,which he has freely given us in the One he loves. In him we have redemption through his blood,the forgiveness of sins,in accordance with the riches of God's grace that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding." Are these not amazing verses before us? Just in these verses God tells us,He has blessed us,chose us,adopted us,has given redemption,the forgiveness of our sins, and He has given us all the wisdom and knowledge we need.We so long to be loved,but here it tells us that He first loved us,and with His love and through His blood we have his forgiveness,that we still…

Colossians 3:2

"Set your mind on things above, not on things of this earth." How precious is this verse to us? This verse should set us free.Lets not waste our time concerning ourselves with all the things of this world that do not matter one bit,and let us focus on what is true and right,Jesus Christ.If we set our minds on Christ and Him alone,all the other things will follow in place.Why let our minds wander,why let ourseves get caught up in the worldly things? Christ even tells us to focus on Him,not the things of this world.How many things of the world get us into trouble,and we are way out there fighting temptations,and falling into sin?If we turn our minds towards Christ,and open our hearts,eyes,and ears to His word,we will be blessed.Knowing God is asking us to do this,should bring us peace in our hearts.Trash in, trash out.Whatever we allow to enter our minds,stays there,it doesn't go away so easily.We need to clean up what we allow into our hearts,and put all our trust in Him,…

Out of Our Control

In our lives we are just born fixers.If I see something broken,be a table,glass,or a heart,I want to fix it.But you know what?There are just some things in our lives that are out of our control.We might be able to control the temperature in our homes,what we watch on television,or what we wear today,but trying to control other situations in our lives,only brings more pain.We can't control who likes us,who loves us,or what others do,just like the whether.The only thing in this lifetime we can really control is our relationship with Christ,the rest is plainly God's job.If we are always in the way trying to fix things how we think they should go,we get in His way of doing things.If you think about it,giving all control over to God is hard at times,but just imagine how freeing it is.To not have to worry about anything will add so much joy in our hearts,and its giving God the glory everyday,by putting our trust in Him.

A Voice

I am pretty knew to all our new technology.Just got texting a few months ago,we havent even had our computer that long,and the internet is just amazing.With facebook we are able to keep in touch with others,with texting we can send a little love note to someone,and with the click of a key we can send an email to anywhere.All of this is great stuff,and fun,but for me,I miss my phone ringing,I miss hearing the voice of family and friends.Although a letter is good to send love,nothing is better than hearing the voice of your husband,daughter,son,and friends on the other side.You can hear the emotion in their voice,hear the laughter in our hearts,and with each word spoken they aren't misunderstood,but with texting,facebook and emails,you just dont get that,and many times our notes can be mistaken for harse words or laughing at someone,because you cannot hear how they are feeling.My phone rang today for the first time in many days.I love to hear my ringtones,and even more I love hearin…

A little Sunshine for the day

A few days ago I was really having a bad day,just struggling with life.You know,those rainy days,when your wondering if the sun is going to shine again? Those days when the wind is blowing in hard,and your not quite sure if you can stand against the wind,its just so strong.Those days when its pouring,and your not sure when its going to stop.When those tornados of life hit out of nowhere,and you have no warning its coming,and you get hit hard.I think we all have those days when we are shivering because the rain is so cold.Thats the kind of day I was having,until a little bit of sunshine came upon me,with a beautiful rainbow to help.The hard rain started to cease,the clouds parted,and the Son was shining upon me.He came to me with the blessing of a friend,who with her love gave me a wonderful gift,that brought tears just opening up the bag.God may not make the storm stop,or the waves to slow,but He will calm us through our storms in life,by His love,and touching us with loving people ar…


Why do we gossip?Is it to make ourselves feel better to put others down?Is it to make ourselves feel powerful?What is the real point of gossip? We have all done it at some point or another,and soon enough we get our hearts broken by those who look us in the eye,smile,and greet us with love,then behind our backs,they go and tell things,stories of what they think they know.Then it spreads like wildfire to all the surrounding areas.That fire burns rapidly,and just the heat of the fire destroys people,their reputations,others opinions of you that havent even met you long enough to know you,and after the gossip train rolls in,they may not want to know you.I have lately had gossip spread about myself and my family.It hurts very much to know the very people you see at church on Sunday choose to go behind their brother or sisters back and speak of them,instead of coming to you first.Our Pastor has a saying,"If your not part of the problem or the solution,dont even speak about it."So…

Just a Thought

This afternoon I ate pizza with my son and we watched 50 First Dates.It is one of my favorite movies,and ofcourse at the end I always cry,even though I already know whats going to happen,unlike she does in the movie.As I sit and relate to this movie about a girl that had an accident,now has only a long time memory,and cannot remember day to day,she just starts over each day,and wishes she could remember each day so she could go forward. I think I am the opposite in my life somedays. I wish I could just go back in time and relive a day that brought so much happiness and all my family was together.If I could relive that each day for the rest of my life I think I would be one happy girl. Instead I remember how beautiful the past was,and how it gave me so much joy,I see the present day that gives me so much heartache,but I cannot see the future and what it is going to bring. See, I have two beautiful girls,and they really are beautiful,but they aren't in my life any longer.Each day I …


All the Way My Saviour Leads Me
All the way my Saviour leads me;
What have I to ask beside?
Can I doubt His tender mercy,
Who thro' life has been my guide?
Heav'nly peace, divinest comfort,
Here by faith in Him to dwell!
For I know whate'er befall me.
Jesus doeth all things well.
All the way my Saviour leads me,
Cheers each winding path I tread,
Gives me grace for ev'ry trial,
Feeds me with the living bread.
Tho' my weary steps may falter.
And my soul athirst may be,
Gushing from the Rock before me.
Lo! a spring of joy I see.
All the way my Saviour leads me;
Oh,the fulness of His love!
Perfect rest to me is promis'd
In my father's house above;
When my spirit,cloth'd immortal,
Wings its flight to realms of day.
This my song thro' endless ages;
Jesus led me all the way.


More like Jesus would I be,
Let my Saviour dwell in me;
Fill my soul with peace and love,
Make me gentle like a dove;
More like Jesus,while I do,
Pilgrim in this world below;
Poor in spirit would I be;
Let my Saviour dwell in me.
If He hears the raven's cry,
If His ever-watchful eye
Marks the sparrows when they fall,
Surely He will hear my call;
He will teach me how to live,
All my sinful thoughts forgive;
Pure in heart I still would be;
Let my Saviour dwell in me.
More like Jesus when I pray,
More like Jesus day by day,
May I rest me by His side,
where the tranquil waters glide;
born of Him,through grace renewed,
By His love my will subdued,
Rich in faith I still would be;
Let my Saviour dwell in me.

Knowing God is in control

John 14:27 says: "Peace I leave with you,My peace I give to you not as the world gives do I give to you.Let not your heart be troubled,neither let it be afraid."Within this verse holds a promise that God is giving us His peace,and we don't have to be afraid of anything that comes our way.My husband has been layed off for many,many months now.He will most likely not have a job to go back to.This usually happens every year,the first year,it scared us to death,not knowing what to do,but the Lord knew and took care of us.Year after year this happened,and the Lord was always there to provide and guide us through.This time with the economy the way it is,it was much harder.He had never been layed off this long before.So here we are without insurance,and my goodness do I always have to go to the doctor,and have much medications,but we are not fearful,we have our faith,and God always provides every need we have.We may not always have the things we want,but we have the things we n…

Apirl 20th,the day I will never forget

Today is the anniversary of my dads death twenty-three years ago today.It is a day that still seems like yesterday to me.It is strange that twenty-three years have passed and I could repeat everything moment by moment that happened that day.It was a beautiful day,the sun was shining,just a bit of a breeze blowing,and you could smell the spring flowers,and see all the new things blooming.It was a time for all new things to grow.This year was amazing in the fact that we had had beautiful weather.The last day I had seen my dad was Easter Sunday.Today brings such memories and opens the floodgates for all my different emotions.Hurt,to see my daddy suffer so,anger,to know what was happening to him,and a peace,knowing my daddy wouldn't have to suffer anymore,he wouldn't have to struggle for every breath or be loaded up on morphine drips.I can see the sights,hear the words,and smell all the different smells of that day.Sometimes I feel cheated,that I didn't have much time with my …

1 Peter 3:8-12

"Finally,all of you be of one mind, having compassion for one another; love as brothers,be tenderhearted,be courteous; not returning evil for evil or reviling for reviling,but on the contrary blessing, knowing that you were called to this,that you may inherit a blessing.For He who whould love life and see good days, Let him refreain his tongue from evil and do good; Let him seek peace and pursue it.For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous,And His ears are open to their prayers; But the face of the Lord is against those who do evil."Here we are encouraged to love each other,do not repay evil for evil.Its so hard at times when you know someone is speaking badly of you,or judging you for things they do not know about,or just being unkind,but we must listen to Christ as He teaches us to love those against us,for if we give in to our worldly thoughts they can take us places we dont want to go,and can lead us to destruction just by following the evil coming our way.Its hard t…


When I opened my bible this morning I came across this verse and boy did the Lord speak to me.Isn't wonderful that no matter what time of day,the Lord always wants to spend time with us?We have a Savior who not only loves us uncondisionally,but He really wants to have a one on one relationship with Him.To walk with Him for just a little while will give us understanding of who we are and where we need to be.Its not always where we think we should be,or what we think we should be doing.We really have to listen,cast our ears upon Him,and He will give us all we need.He gives us such hope for each moment and each day.He is the best direction giver of anyone.He is our compass in this world we live in,that we are attacked daily by satan,and some are so blinded they cannot see that it is satan who is at work,not the person who is struggling each day.We cannot allow satan to take one minute of our lives.WE must be watchful,and know what is around us.Attacks can change us into souls that ar…

What would we do without friends?

Just when things are confusing,just when you think things are falling apart,just when you think you cant handle one more day,a little note from a friend always pops up.I usually don't name names in my blog,but this one I have to.She is one of my bestest friends.She is there with me through thick and thin.Good days when we share laughter,and the bad ones when tears just keep falling.Who is this amazing friend?Tami.The Lord sent her in my life as a blessing.She is the pure version of a friend,she's true to herself,talented,and amazingly beautiful.She gives Godly advice just at the right time.I can be going through a horrible day,and there on my phone is a little note of love from her.She is a giver,and has given me some of the best gifts of my life.She knows when to talk,and just when to listen.She can see you and know if something is waying on your heart.The Lord shines through her,and touches everyone she knows.She is a wonderful example of the virtous woman.Although she is hu…

Poem by Anne Bradstreet

In silent night when rest I took
For sorrow near I did not look.
I wakened was with thund'ring noise
And pieous shrieks of dreadful voice.
That fearful sound of "Fire!" and "Fire!"
Let no man know is my desire.
I, startingup,the light did spy,
And to my God my heart did cry
To strengthen me in my distress
And not to leave me succorless.
Then, coming out, beheld a space
The flame consume my dwelling place.
And when I could no longer look,
I blest His name that gave and took,
That laid my goods now in the dust.
Yea,so it was, and so 'twas just.
It was His own,it was not mine,
Far be it that I should repine.
He might of all justly bereft
but yet sufficient for us left.
When by the ruins oft I past
My sorrowing eyes aside did cast,
And here and there the places spy
where oft I sat and long did lie:
Here stood that trunk, and there that chest,
there lay that store I counted best.
My pleasant …

My Beautiful Sunday School Teacher

I love Sunday School.It is part of the week that I look forward to.I am blessed to have a wonderful teacher.Her name is Joy,and her name says it all.She has a beauty that shines from within.She has such grace,and she is humble before the Lord.She has a laugh that is contagious,and her giggle,will make your day.She walks with a grace,that has come with time.As she teaches,its just not from a booklet,or a study guide,its from her heart.Its from her life,and how she has experienced life with and without Christ.She doesn't think she's beautiful,she doesn't think she is worthy of praise,but she is. She is one of those women you want to have lunch with,that you want to take a long walk with,one that you would pick for your mother-in-law.She is our sister in Christ,and she allows Him to move through her each Sunday while she is teaching,and each day of her life. She spends one day a week with her mother,that is a beautiful heart.She is giving,and would give the shirt off her back…

Glimmering Friends

I am blessed to have awesome friends.I have a couple who love sparkles,and glimmer.They are just as cute as can be,they wear all the sparkles,and shimmer.They just glow everywhere they go.Yes,they love bright colors,and they wear them so well.It is just their personalities to glimmer.You have seen them,I'm sure.They are the ones who stand out in a crowd,and you take a peek at them,and you think wow,they wear that glimmer well.With my two friends who love shimmer,its not the jewelry that makes them shine,its their relationship with Christ.They each have their own unique personality,and they shine before everyone with their hearts for Christ.They just give off sparkle just by being near them.Like when you have picked up something with glitter on it,and for some reason when you walk away,you too now have glitter all over you!Thats them!!!It is contagious.A love of christ shinning through them that just gets on you and sticks.It is wonderful to be around people like them,who let Jesus…

Looking up

When we need information where do we go?We may ask a friend,we may search the web,we might even use the yellow pages.I tend to go everywhere before I look up.We often want others opinions,and well,just let me say,I have learned some just don't give great opinions.We tend to go to others to lift us up,when first we should look up.Whenever the weather changes,and a storm is coming we always look up to see whats coming.If we are sitting at a game watching softball,someone may say,"Heads up!"Why then is it so hard for us to look up when we really need direction?If there was a shop and they had purses on sale,and I didn't know where it was,you bet I'd look it up to see exactly where the shop is.If there was a new book store and it was the grand opening with half off,I'd be wondering where it was,so me and my girlfriends who love to read could go. We look up for everything,except for the most important.If I would just wake every morning and look up to my Savior bef…

Hiding Behind a Face

Do we show the real us,or do we hide behind a happy face?As women,mothers,and wives we have so many emotions going on daily,its hard to have a joyful attitude every moment.Some days clearly the Son is shining through us,and others well,we feel like we are going crazy in a world that just keeps spinning around whether we are ready or not.As the world is spining,just as if the merry-go-round is going to fast,its hard if not impossible to jump off without getting skinned up knees.I think many times we are just trying to make too many people happy at once,when the one we should be focused on is Christ.We have to learn to say no to others when things are rough enough.We have to learn that we just cannot spread ourselves too thin,because when we do,we are letting something important suffer,our hearts.We are daughters of the King,we are from a royal blue blood,we are treasured beyond words.We don't have to worry about what others think,only Christ,and we must stop hiding behind a face,an…


Change happens every day for us,sometimes every minute.Are we really ever ready for change?Change can be good or it can be bad.With each choice we make,brings about circumstances that effects our lives and those around us forever.As the seasons change,so too do we.When we are babies we can't be left unattended,we need that care to survive,when we get a little older we learn to ride on our own without training wheels,as we get to the teen years,who doesn't think they know it all,and have figured it all out,then in the twenties we just want to have fun,then the thirties hit and you start waking up,but still concerned with me,then bang,you hit your forties,and now its about everyone else,but you.You now know who you are,you are content with yourself,and you have a joy in your heart that grew there over time.It doesn't seem to matter as much if other people get you,you get you.You can stand alone and know where you are.Only,we didn't get there without change.It is because …


Today as my son came in the house he brought me a gift from his childhood,dandelions.When my children were all young,I must have been given thousands of these little yellow beauties.They would happily go out and pick a handful and bring them in and place them in a small mason jar just for me. These are the same little gifts of love that I picked for my Mother.What is a weed to some,was a gift of love to me.Some get big bouqets of flowers on Mothers day,and all throughout the year,and I too have gotten some amazingly beautiful flowers,but the best of all,the most meaningful are those little yellow ones,picked by hand and carried to me by my little ones.They come to you with such a look of love,that only a child can have for their momma.I wish I could have saved them all,for the joy they brought to my heart.Even though they cannot be saved,I carry them all in my heart,where all of my gifts live. When your child comes to you with a open hand,and says,"Here mommy,I picked these just …

The Crown

I love the book of James.It is in your face truth of the things we should be doing and the things we shouldn't be doing.It is a short book with lots of information compiled within its pages.We know as we work for the Lord there are little jewels He places in our crowns,that one day we will lay at His feet.I hope my gift to Him is completly full and running over with beauty. But as we live each day are we working towards our gift to Christ or for ourselves?At times I think we all work for something just for us,since the world teaches that we are so deserving of all,when as christians we have to remind ourselves we are worthy of nothing,for without Christ we would be nothing.Can we have faith without works,or works without faith?I dont think so,they go hand in hand with living a christian life.If we have faith we will be working for Christ giving all we have,if we have works,we are doing those works for Christ through faith. Are we making our own crown,so they we might be glorified …

The Little Ant

Proverbs 6:6-11 Go to the ant,you sluggard!Consider her ways and be wise,Which,having no captian, Overseer,or ruler,Provides her supplies in the summer,and gathers her food in the harvest.How long will you slumber,O sluggard?When will you rise from your sleep?A little sleep,a little slumber,a little folding of the hands to sleep-So shall your poverty come on you like a prowler,and your need like an armed man. This is one of my favorite stories I always read to my kids,and I even read it over and over.This is just such an amazing profile of we want we should be,and not be.Here you have this little humble ant.The size of a pinhead,and he works mightingly day and night.He isn't worried about what others ants are saying.(Just stay with me,theres a point here.) He strives to do his best,he knows his job,and he doesnt give up when things are too hard.They are working together for the greater good,because without each one doing as they should their house will crumble,and they will go hun…


As I write I always wonder what others think,has it blessed them?Did they learn something new?Did they like it at all?So many questions to add to what do others really think.I had asked many to read my blog,since I so love to write.Many speakers,and writers have read it,and most gave wonderful comments,some were not encouraging.I would love to write a novel or a devotional some day,but I wonder can I really do it.Thats why I started asking advice from others.One writer told me,"Just because you can write in a blog,doesn't mean you can write a novel." Ouch,but she was honest.Why is it that we always seek the approval of others?I have been seeking God and asking which way do I go and how am I going to get there.Then I started really thinking.I am already writing.I may not be writing a novel,but I write whats upon my heart.It may not be read by thousands,but those who share in it with me are blessed.I may not recieve thousands of dollars,but thats not what I was after.I jus…

Our Day at the Zoo

Today my son and I woke and decided to go to the zoo.We love the zoo,and can't wait to go each year.Many times we go quite often.We spent time at the zoo and seen everything,except the penguines.It was a beautiful day,the sun was shining,the breeze was blowing softly,and laughter was everywhere.Babies were everywhere in sight,with their mommas holding them,while the little ones following close in hand.We took funny pictures,shared laughs,and saw all of Gods creation in one place.The beauty of flowers all around,the swans,elephants,tigers,snakes,birds,ect..and the people with joy on their faces was great.Its always a wonderful time with my son at the zoo.God blesses us each time we go.After seeing everything at the zoo we went into the park,spread out our blanket and ate our packed lunch,which for some reason just always tastes great.We relaxed for a while then traveled on over to the art museum,and saw beautiful works of art.I am amazed at art,and how talented those artists are.Th…


Last night we had our first softball practice.I have to say it was so much fun.After I had surgery twice on my wrist from a softball injury,I haven't been able to play for almost three years.I have missed it so very much.Its one of those summer time things you just cannot wait for.So here I am playing catch with one of my friends,and he doesn't give slack just because your a girl,and I love that.Its awesome to play with men,women,and teens.Some churches have so much competion on their brains that they cannot even enjoy themselves,to them its all about winnning.With us at Bethel,winning is great,we even won first place last year,but having fun comes first.We laugh at one another,laugh at ourselves,but we also encourage one another.Softball is just part of you,if like me you have played all your life.I grew up playing,even coached my daughters team when she was young,watched our girls and boys play,and at church the great thing was that we all got to play together and share that…

Softball Season

It is again softball season,my favorite time of year.I love softball,playing,and just being with all your friends. When I was little I played each year.My dad had taught me to play baseball!I was his only child,and just happened to be a girl.He said softball is for girls(Um,hello,I said,I am a girl..),you are going to learn with a baseball.Oh,did I learn.He didn't give any slack for being a "girl",he threw so hard you wondered if you had on a glove at all. I was learning really fast to catch the ball coming my way,if I didn't I'd have to chase it down and throw it back his way.One Saturday morning we were practicing,and he threw the ball when I happened not to be paying attention.When I heard him say,"Get your glove up",I was hit smack in the nose with the ball.I didn't cry,but wanted to ball.Blood was everywhere,and my mom was terrified.Yes,my nose was broken,but to my dads dismay,we still practiced every single day.I know this sounds like torture …

The Gift of My Race Car

Every year at church we have the "Grand Prix",a race with all our Awana kids.They are cars made from a block of wood,and become many unique and special cars once all the hard work has come together.My children and I have raced for many years with the hard work of my husband.We would all draw our designs,and think of our color,then my husband would get to work cutting them with his special tools.We would sand them,paint them,and add our own touch,and wow some of them were dandies and won many first place races.It is always such fun,and would bring us together.But this year I just didn't seem to have time with so much going on.My husband went on Saturday to help with the cars,for thats when everyone comes to turn them all in.I stayed at home,and had much to do,while my son was also turning in his car that he was hoping for a win.So,Wed. was the race.I went to cheer on my son and all my little kindergardeners,when my husband is looking through the paper with everyones names…

Who is in your family?

Some think that family is only blood,those you are related to.Some families are huge,some are small.Some families hardly speak at all,and some gather every week.Some don't spend the holidays together,while others come together once a week.Families can argue,or they can just choose to love.Many people have definitions of what family should be.We all know there should be love,joy,forgiveness and laughter.You should always be there for one another at any moment of day or night.Some families have conflict none stop,while others gather and lift each other up.It is sad that I came from a big family,but never see them and some I have lost touch with altogether.Some choose to live separate lives,and can never see eye to eye.I think family is those special people that God brings into our lives.Its not just those who have our name,but those who love us despite our lack of fame.The lord has brought into my life special friendships to treasure for a lifetime.Each one is unique and brings some…

I SAID 'YES' TO Norm Stovall

My life was full of sin and pain,
I had no peace of mind to claim,
Worldly possessions was my aim,
How could I say 'yes' to Jesus?
When things in my life were really bad,
and all that happenedmade me sad,
Sorrow and darkness was all I had
Until I said 'yes' to Jesus.
I bowed my headin lowliness
and knew my life was in distress.
How can I ever change this mess?
Unless I said 'yes' to Jesus.
He looked down on me with tenderness,
with open arems held me to His breast,
And I could feel HIs lovingness,
When I said 'yes' to Jesus.
He forgave my sins and washed them away.
It was with His blood that He did pay,
And now I'm saved and live a new way,
Since I said 'yes'to Jesus.
With all my heart I thank the Lord
Because my life is now not so hard.
The Holy Spirit abides in me as I am His ward
all because I said 'yes' to Jesus.
You too can feel Him in your heart this way,
Just open your heart to Jesus and pray.
You will feel the same as I do today,
Just say 'yes'…

If You Just Norm Stovall

All the things you need to do,
All the things that worry you,
All that troubles you today
Would be taken care of
If you just pray.
If you are burdened with a heavy load
If you look to teh Lord there is a way,
There is an answer if you just pray.
If you feel your back is against the wall
If there's no friend at you can call.
Have faith in the Lord today,
All you have to do is pray.
If you have a heavy heart
If fear is with you at the day's start.
For love and comfort I can say
You'll find hope if you just pray.
If you are tempted and confused,
If all you try you seem to lose.
If satan has your life at bay
Then you really need to pray.
If forgiveness is your need,
Open your Bible and start to read.
For the price Jesus did pay
So,for forgiveness you must pray.
Pray without ceasing.

Waiting on your answer to prayer?

Do you ever pray and pray,still your hearing nothing from the Lord? Waiting is the hardest thing ever.When we wait,we can sometimes wonder,"Is He hearing my prayers?" My life lately,has been like that. I feel like I am in the wilderness,walking around,not sure which direction to go.Are lives can be difficult at times. In those times we go to the Lord in prayer and we cry out to Him. There are things I have been praying for,for many years now.My heart is full,and as I walk this road,curvy,beaten,and lots of potholes,I really begin to wonder if my prayers are being heard.Then I turn to Gods word,and I keep looking up,and He finds me.Then today I came across these verses. Colossians 1:9-18,it says,"For this reason we also,since the day we heard it,do not cease to pray for you,and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;that you may walk worthy of the Lord,fully pleasing Him,being fruitful in every good work and…

trying hard enough

Have you ever asked yourself if you are trying hard enough at the things that are important to you?I have.I ask myself that almost everyday.I had someone tell me this week I just wasn't trying hard enough,I needed to give more.That hurts when someone tells you that,when deep in your heart you know your giving your all,and they refuse to see it.When we continue to try and we get no response what are we to do?Do we just give up,do we give it time,or do we just keep trying with all our hearts?For those that we love,I say we keep trying with all our hearts,praying that the Lord will show His will and way.It is discouraging when we keep trying and we get no response,but I think it would be more hurtful to just give up.Its kind of like if you were working with a person and every morning you said hello to them,and they heard you,but they just keep on walking.In their hearts they know you reached out to them,and weather they respond or not is on them,not you.One day you walk by them and y…

Sewing a seamless garment

The definition of seamless is,Having no seams,having no awkward transitions,interruptions,or indications of disparity,perfect.This year a wonderfully,talented friend taught me to sew.She was an amazing teacher.We were sewing garments for our Easter Walk at church.We had to make,cut out,pin(which was one of my favorites,not!),and then sew.Each step I learned one at a time.You just cannot jump in and learn everything at once,it takes time,patience,and will to learn. After I looked up the definition of seamless I was struck with the fact that the only person that is seamless is Christ.He has no flaws,no awkward transitions,and interruptions, He passed with flying colors.His only interruption was satan,and we know how that one ends! Satan has nothing on the power of Christ.I found myself thinking do we have seamless lives? I know I do not.My seams are a little bit here and a little jagged in places,some of the seams just seem to pop out of place.When my friend taught me how to sew,she sai…

Driving without a map

Can we really look forward without looking back? I don't think we can.The past is a chapter in life,many times its those decisions that we made in the past who we are today.We make mistakes along the way,and as I taught my children,they are only mistakes if we didn't learn anything from them.We have rearview mirrors in our cars so we can see whats behind us,even the little side mirrors can tell us what is behind us,and what is at our side.Many times we have blind spots,and cannot see clearly until we move in a different direction to see.Although we must move forward everyday,our past is always there.Its in those deepest tunnels and in those valleys that are the hardest to see,but when we are out of them and have taken a good look we can find our way out and climb to that mountain top to see the whole view.Have you ever been driving and it started to rain and hail?The wipers are going to fast,but you still cannot see.Sometimes its best to pull over and wait for the storm to pas…

Is it really my life?

When we say,or hear others say,"Its my life and I will live it how I want",is that really a statement we can make if we are christians?I have to say no.Its not our life to live how we want.Christ gave us life,He died for us,and He lives inside us.Our lives are His to give and His to take.Do we not owe our lives to Christ and live each day for Him?We get so caught up in ME,ME,ME,or I,I,I.We put alot of me's and I's in our conversations and in our lives.We need to replace those with Christ. We get so caught up with what we want and how are we going to get it,that we forget what Christ did for us.We forget the only reason we are here is because of Him.Christ bore my cross,He bore my pain,and He got on that cross because He loved me so much,He was willing to give all for me.I owe Him myself,I owe Him my life.He chose to save me,I cant do that alone.My life belongs to the Lord who gave Himself to set me free.He can't make us live for Him,or make the choices He would w…

Letting it go

Ephesians 31-32 says,"let all bitterness,wrath,anger,clamor,and evil speaking be put away from you,with all malice.And be kind to one another,tenderhearted,forgiving one another,even as God in Christ forgave you". The Holy Spirit should never be ignored or pushed away. Our bodies are a temple for the Holy Spirit to live.We should treat our bodies like such,not forgetting who lives inside us.Why is it that we forget that so easily when it comes to something we want? Temptation is always right there ready to eat us alive,but we have a choice to run in the other direction and flee from sin.We tend to think our lives are so complicated,and its so hard to face each day.It isn't if we put off the old man,and put on the new.If we look to Christ daily,and are truelly living for Him and putting away all these things life is much better.Why do we let ourselves get caught up in gossip,evil speaking,and bitterness?Why is it so hard to walk away and let it go? To have a life abundent…

Seventy times seven

Colossians 3:13 says,"Bearing with one another,and forgiving one another;even as Christ forgave you,so you also must do." Matthew 18:21-22 says,"Then Peter cme to Him and said,"Lord,how often shall my brother sin against me,and I forgive him? Up to seven times? Jesus said to him,"I do not say to you,up to seven times,but up to seventy times seven." Forgiveness is marked all throughout the bible,Jesus speaks of forgiveness many times. We are told to forgive,not just once,but seventy times seven.Why is so hard to forgive others? Yes,we hurt,many times we do wrong,but Jesus died so that we may have life,He died so that we could have forgiveness. Jesus forgives us when we go to him with humble hearts.How many times have we gone to Jesus to ask Him to forgive us?We always want His forgiveness,and seek it,but why when it comes to others,why do we not do the same?In life we can't keep bringing up the past.We can't keep score,and everytime we get angry we…

Seeing Clearly

When we wake in the morning its always kind of fuzzy at first when your opening your eyes.It takes a little while to focus.You may wake to a beautiful sunrise or it may be a cloudy,stormy morning.Do we always see clearly?Our eyes were a gift from God,something precious to treasure.He also paved the way for us to see,not just the picture through our eyes,but His. He gives us a vision.He wants us to see others,situations,and love through His eyes not our own.Its hard isn't it?Many times we see only what we want to see,and others we can't see past ourselves.We just can't get ourselves out of the view long enough to see whats really there.We often judge people with our eyes.What they look like,the things they have done,the way they are living.We often dont see the whole picture,we just see glimpes,maybe what others have told us,and just maybe we see ourselves through others eyes.That one can really hurt.You can see the truth about someone in the eyes.To see clearly we have to …