Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Special Time With My Son

Each morning before my son and I do school we read our bible together.I have been blessed to do this with all my children as they too were homeschooled.Even after,we would read together,and it was always a special time just between us.When they were young,I would read to them,and they would sit wide eyed as they learned of the truths about David,Goliath,Joseph,and the many stories that just stuck in their little minds,wanting to learn more.As my son is getting older now,will soon be seventeen,I cherish these times to study with him,to learn with him as we each grow and want so much to be a light for Christ.As we sit in my bed with old,wonderful quilts and do school,read Gods word,we also pray together.At times,hearing my son pray brings tears to my eyes,knowing that he loves Jesus so very much.My prayer is that as my children all leave home and go out on their own,they will still spend that special time with the Lord,and remember our special times together.I pray that as that seed was planted,they too will share this special time with their children. I have to be honest and say,I never spent these special times with my mother or father,for I didn't learn about Jesus at home,I learned about Him from my husband.At times we forget about God's word,we get too busy,and bogged down,and put it off,but for me,I know when I do put it off,my day is not the same.When we start each day with Jesus and His word,no matter what touches us in our lives that day,will be better with God's word surrounding it.My son and I do many things together,and I love spending time with him,but I have to say the times we are reading God's word,or talking about Christ,those are the most special,and I am so thankful my husband shared with me,so I could share with others.


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