Sunday, April 19, 2009

Looking up

When we need information where do we go?We may ask a friend,we may search the web,we might even use the yellow pages.I tend to go everywhere before I look up.We often want others opinions,and well,just let me say,I have learned some just don't give great opinions.We tend to go to others to lift us up,when first we should look up.Whenever the weather changes,and a storm is coming we always look up to see whats coming.If we are sitting at a game watching softball,someone may say,"Heads up!"Why then is it so hard for us to look up when we really need direction?If there was a shop and they had purses on sale,and I didn't know where it was,you bet I'd look it up to see exactly where the shop is.If there was a new book store and it was the grand opening with half off,I'd be wondering where it was,so me and my girlfriends who love to read could go. We look up for everything,except for the most important.If I would just wake every morning and look up to my Savior before my day ever starts,I believe He would send blessings,and guide me in the path that I should be walking.Kind of like when your children get a new pair of shoes,(it also happens to me!!)they start walking,but they are looking down at their new shoes,and soon fall,because they weren't looking up every once in awhile!We too will fall flat on our faces,if we are not looking up to see where He wants us to go.So, instead of looking all around us for direction,lets look up to see what direction He is leading.

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