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On Distant Shores by Sarah Sundin

When Sarah Sundin comes out with a new novel I am over the top excited to receive my copy. Her newest, "On Distant Shores", will not disappoint. Sarah is the master when it comes to Historical Fiction. Why? She brings us not only a story, but an accurate depiction of the time. Here in her second installment of, "Wings Of The Nightingale Series", we again find ourselves going back in time to WWII. In this new addition to the series we get a close up look at Georgie and Hutch.
The Characters are charming and real. I adored Hutch and Georgie. Both have sweet lives back home, miles away from the war, and dream of the day when they can return to those they love. But that perfect picture of home continues to change. 
Georgie and Hutch form a friendship and they find that they have much in common. Which brings great comfort to them in a place that is so unsure. 
I have been swept away with these stories of flight nurses. I have learned such a great deal from Sarah's wr…

Wash Me In Your Peace, Lord

It's Monday and my heart is heavy. I'm not sure why, but I am building a fear deep within. It's not that things are bad. Maybe that's it. It's that things are wonderful. Wonderful in every way and I am waiting for it all to fall out from under me. Have you ever had those fears encapsulate you? At night I dream in fear. I'm just waiting for something to happen that shakes me to the core. 
Is this Satan's trap? Is he trying to steal away my joy? I wonder what it will be and when it will happen. "Lord, will I still believe? Will I still seek You with all my heart?" Yes, it's these very words that chill me to the bone. I don't want to have doubt. I don't want to live with fear. 
Turn on the news and in every corner of the world tragedy is happening. I want to hear more, but yet I want to turn the television off. The more I hear the more fear that knocks me in the gut. Is the end coming quickly? Am I prepared? The tears I see and the stori…

The Imperfect Me

You know what I'm learning? It's okay to be me. Yep, this imperfect girl, who struggles and gets herself into messes. This girl who feels lonely at times and struggles to meet the demands of others. This same girl who has great intentions, but often fails to meet each one. 
The me that finds is so hard to understand others. The me that tries to find acceptance in others. Yes, the wife who could be better. The mom who makes mistakes. The friend who doesn't have enough time. The daughter who gets selfish with her own time. 
I continually trip over my feet in my journey to walk with Jesus. I allow other stuff to get in the way. I get off focus and off balance. Jealousy enters my heart. Bitterness tries to control my emotions. I get lazy in my study, but find time for other things. 
The phone rings and I want to hide. Someone is always wanting a part of me. Just what if I don't have any more to give? How much more do I give? 
I am that girl who feels inadequate and undese…

Remember Who You Are

When my son leaves the house I always tell him to drive safe, but I also tell him, "Remember who you are." There are times he will be out with friends and I will just shoot him a text with the same words. It is my hope that as he reads and hears these words from his momma that he will be true to who he is and remember most of all that he is a child of God. 
It's easy to get lost in this world we live in. Temptation is at every side. A friend invites you out to an evening at a bar. What do you say? You have never been to a bar, but you don't want to hurt your friend's feelings. After all, we don't want to offend anyone, right? This is our problem. We are too afraid of offending another person. In reality this not only brings more hurt to the person we are afraid of offending, but it brings danger to ourselves. 
We know our weakness. We know the things of this world in which we struggle. Okay, I'm gonna toss open the coat here and be as transparent as I ca…

Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis

Forever Fridayis the latest novel released by Timothy Lewis. I enjoyed this novel immensely. Just to give you an idea of what it's about we see Adam Colby losing his marriage as he is discovering the the beauty of another couple's love journey of long ago. 
This is was a joyful and quick read. The words have an easy flow and writer Timothy Lewis has a gift for penning an inviting novel. The characters were sweet and memorable. 
I enjoyed the poems penned from a loving husband that devoted his life to his wife. Through their relationship we see that a marriage is more than giving of yourself. It's intentionally making time for one another. It's loving with grace. It's knocking yourself out for the one beside you and never taking a moment for granted. It's understanding past mistakes and finding strength for the days of struggle each marriage faces. 
I love walking away from a novel with a sweeter understanding not only about my walk with the Lord, but in this ca…

Memory's Door by James L. Rubart

Wow! Wow! Wow!! This is James L. Rubart's second installment in his series, A Well Spring Novel. Book 2, Memory's Door, picks up with the Warrior's Riding in a more personal journey. Together they find strength to face the attack of the Wolf. Separately they are being attacked with a vengeance. 
We meet up with the same characters. All who are fighting against spiritual attacks that weigh each of us on a daily basis. For these four, the journey is real and deep. They are determined with the strength that only comes from God and they too are motivated by the strong bonds that knit them together.

The first book of James L. Rubart that I was honored to read was the first in this series, Soul's Gate (Check out my review). This was one of the most amazing stories I have ever picked up! It was one of those unputdownables that left me wanting more and now we have the second in the series, which doesn't disappoint.

The characters are easy to relate to. I found that in thi…

Welcome To Last Chance by Cathleen Armstrong

"Welcome To Last Chance" is the debut novel for author Cathleen Armstrong. This is to be the first book in her new series, A Place To Call Home. Can I just go ahead and share with you that I cannot wait to see what book 2 holds! This was one of the sweetest and most gentle reads I have had the pleasure of reading this year. 
Who doesn't need a second chance? Yes, this is the premise for this novel, but it holds such sweet life lessons. The main character is running fast. She is leaving and on her way to a new life. But what she wasn't ready for was a town of accepting and loving people. She really didn't even know how to react to their kindness. Sound crazy? I believe this is reality for many and for character Lainie Davis, this is her life. 
One particular part that I enjoyed was the moment Lainie realized a red light appeared on her dash. Oh, it would flash and then she would hit the dash in hopes of it disappearing. It would, but then soon reappear. How many tim…

You Can't Mask Stink

Hubs and I were traveling through the state of Illinois and came across this smell that overwhelmed me. If I wasn't already sitting I would have no doubt been knocked off my feet. I said, "Oh, my gosh, what in the world is that smell?" Hubs replies, "It's the pig farm we are passing." This was no small farm. This was HUGE in every way. I soon seen the pigs, but I smelled them long before ever seeing them. I say to hubs, "How could anyone wake up to that each morning?" He says, "Well, you get used to it." I'm not so sure I would get used to that smell, but he was right. 
A foul odor isn't easy to mask. This had me thinking about the sin in my life. Sin is smelly. It has an odor that at times others can smell first. Think about it. If it's a sin we continue to hold on to we soon get used to the smell. We try to mask it with other things. Bottom line? You can't cover up stink. This is not an area in life that we need to be …

Making Time For Personal Prayer

A few days ago I read a post written about prayer. Specifically about praying for others before we pray for ourselves. After reading this post it stuck with me. It has rattled around in my brain until I had to turn to scripture for the answer. 
When I first became a Christian twenty one years ago I struggled with praying for myself. Of course I was just beginning to know Jesus in my journey with Him, but even years after that time I still felt guilty when I prayed for myself. Goodness, if we look around there are so many needs. Now, I look back and ponder where that guilt came from. Was it that I was feeling selfish if I prayed for myself? I think so. Oh, how wrong that thinking is. 
Prayer is a conversation with Jesus. It's personal and confidential. It's our one on One time with our Savior. Without conversation can we really have a relationship? Can we really know our Lord? I can say with confidence that prayer should take precedence over all other things in our life. Jesus…

How We Wake Makes All The Difference

Each and every time we wake we have a choice. We can be thankful or we can begin speaking our complaints. We can have a heart of joy or we can be the crab that is contagious. We can jump out of bed with determination or we can slowly rise with pessimism about all the day holds. When it comes down to it, everything is a choice. We may not be able to make a choice about every circumstance, but we can make a choice about our attitude and how we are going to relate to that circumstance. 
Look at the verses I have been pondering this morning: 
"Therefore, God's chosen ones, holy and loved, put on the heartfelt compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness  and patience, accepting one another and forgiving one another if anyone has a complaint against another. Just as the Lord has forgiven you, so you must also forgive. Above all, put on love-the perfect bond of unity. And let the peace of the Messiah, to which you were also called in one body, control your hearts. Be thankful. Let th…

The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate

This is a novel that I surely enjoyed. Lisa has a whimsical writing style. Through her writing it's easy to envision the surroundings. She has a gift of bringing the reader right into the scene to not only see the surroundings but to understand them and feel emotion right along with the characters. Lisa's characters jump to life right off the pages. 
I love the idea of keeping prayer box. This is something I have heard of many times. I just never thought of it as keeping a journal of my walk with Christ for others to someday see and come to grow in faith. I LOVE this idea and this is just what Lisa brings to us in her newest novel, "The Prayer Box". Through reading Lisa's latest release I am eager to begin my own prayer box. What a great gift a prayer box would make for a friend. 
Iola Anne Poole has kept a prayer box her entire Christian life. This is a character I grew to love by reading her prayers through Tandi Jo Reese. Tandi Jo is a tenant, living with her…

Don't Lose Yourself In Looking Back Or Wishing For Tomorrow

Do you have those days where your stuck in the past? It's hard to break free from what if. If we don't allow God to break the chains that bind us from yesteryear our present will be hindered greatly. Sorrow creeps in and steals the joy of today. We will only find an abundance of tears for what could have been. 
It's a sweet moment to look back at blessings. It gives us great hope for today. In spending time in blessings we can see that God was with us then and what He has done for us in the past He too will do for us in today. But too many times we don't focus on the blessings, but on those moments we wish we could change. If we only hadn't said those words to cut. If we had not moved so quickly in our decision. It's those moments that override any joy God has for us today. Those moments quickly encapsulate us into months and then years of sadness. 
We too can wish today was more like yesterday. This can chain us into not seeing even the smallest blessings. Op…

Having A Heart Of Grace

Turn on the news and we will see a stumbling spotlight of stars falling from their heights. Not only falling, but getting kicked and stepped on along the way down. Names don't have to be mentioned. If you have watched any news you can easily pick out a fallen star. Easy for us. We can sit back with gasps and judge quickly without knowing all the details. News programs are known for not telling the entire story. They like to highlight some areas, exaggerate the lows, and even add untruths. But we still soak it all in and make judgement. We too sit back and make judgement at the news media for creating such garbage. But wait. Could that possibly be our reality too? 
We are sitting in church and look over in shock as we know where the young man sitting with his mother was over the weekend and now he shows himself in church? 
We are driving down the road and see a group of young people dressed in black and wearing purple hair. We automatically send out judgement. They must be up to n…