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Journaling Jesus

I recently started a prayer journal. I sat in my quiet time and as I talked with the Lord I wrote my words down. Pretty soon, my pen was writing faster than my words flowed. It is just me and God. My heart listening to the Spirit.

I'm learning that I must be diligent in my quiet time. This is where the idea of my journal came from. I always carry pen and paper with me. You never know when a great idea is going to come along and you need to write it down fast before you forget. Why not do the same with prayer? Why not listen to the Spirit and as He speaks simply write down all those that He is laying on the heart? Ever have people come to mind you haven't thought of for a while? The Spirit moves us to pray for others.

While out shopping with my son, he goes to grab something from my purse and grabs my notebook. He starts thumbing through and sees his name. I tell him, "Hey, put that back.", and he says, "Wait a minute. I see my name". He reads the prayers t…

Live Free by Kendra Smiley

I really enjoyed reading, "Live Free", by Kendra Smiley. This was a quick read for me. It was like meeting a new friend. Kendra's warmth and love float from the pages she has penned. 
Can we really live beyond the what ifs and if onlys? This is exactly what Kendra shares with us. This book is super inspiring and is a great dose of encouragement. Throughout the book she shares the stories of people from her own life. People who have faced adversity and have overcome with great attitude toward the circumstance they are facing. We see that it is most important how we face the circumstance, but the circumstance itself. Having a positive attitude changes everything. Seeing things with a godly perspective gives us a change to stand back and see that He is in control. 
I loved the stories that Kendra chose to share. Each facing trial of their own, but all realizing there is more to life than the circumstance they are facing. God is in fact in everything about us. He is always a…

Discerning The Voice Of God by Priscilla Shirer

Wow! What an amazing journey I have taken with Priscilla. Yes, I feel as though we have sat down for an afternoon of coffee and simply shared Jesus. I can tell you that the Spirit is alive within these pages. I don't know where I have been, but Priscilla Shirer is new to me. Truly an unforgettable woman of God. She is inspiring as she shares how to discern the voice of God. I want to start out and share just a few of the things I underlined. I wish I had space to share more, but then, you simply need to read her book! 
"Here's the blessed fallout of living by this "right now" perspective: If you truly believe that God will speak to you in the appropriate time and place, you should never feel hurried or pressured about making a decision. If you're not clear about something, stay put. Don't move. Only when God has spoken will you be cued to respond in obedience."
"Bottom line, you have everything you need from Him at this moment. Otherwise, He'…

Saving Amelie by Cathy Gohlke

There are a few writers who stand out to me. Writers who pen to make a difference. They create a story that invites you in for a journey to another time and place. They are set apart by their writing style and the  research that goes into creating a masterpiece. Yes, as a writer, there are many writers I greatly admire. But, it's Cathy Gohlke that holds writing at a high standard. She truly weaves a story that is unlike the rest. She brings history alive. She opens the door for you to fall in love with history. This is a gift. 
In her newest work, it's this that I find to be her finest yet. Usually it doesn't take me long to finish a novel. I dive in and come out the end of the journey wishing for more. A gift that Cathy has is allowing the reader to feel complete as you close the last page. This isn't a story for the faint of heart. I can tell you that I cried through many pages. My heart was torn. I rarely dream of a book I've read. For the last few weeks I have …

Spirit Bridge by James L. Rubart

Wow! What a conclusion to an extraordinary series! I am so over the top excited about this book I don't know where to begin. Yes, I love everything about this series. I love the title of the series, A Well Spring Novel, and the titles of each of the books, Soul's Gate, and Memory's Door. The cover is fascinating!

This book is exhilarating. It is an unputdownable for sure. I wish I could have traveled to another realm so I could have just ignored all sense of time and read this book in one sitting. Oh, I have some favorites, but James L. Rubart is one of those writers you simply marvel at. A masterpiece!

I loved the first two books, but this third just may be my favorite. Maybe just because it was the perfect time for me to read it. Here's the message. God's Word is living and breathing! Everything is possible when we die to ourselves and allow God room in our life to do His thing. But here's the kicker, we must continue to die to ourselves daily. This isn't…

When Will I Trust Again?

How long after being wounded does it take one to trust again? Those wounds found deep within the heart are not always visible to the world. I have many scars that tell of surgery or an injury, but those wounds that cut deep into the heart remain hidden still yet. They are no less real than those that can be seen.

I want to trust. I want to walk inside church again and feel something more than the pain in my heart. I pray. I don't want to hold pain hostage. I want to free it. I ask God to take it. To change it. To create beauty from the ugly. He frees me. But there it is again as I pass by a church. 
I remind myself that we are all sinners. We will let others down. None of us are perfect. We believe. We say we are Christian, but actions speak volumes over words. I know that I am to go to church and not take hold of the junk, but simply worship. But friends, is it really that easy? 
My husband says to me, "Hon, you just gotta keep looking. You will find where God is calling you…

A Jar Filled With Blessings

I am out doing a little shopping. Checking everything I need off my list. Just to make sure I didn't leave anything behind, I check it twice. Okay, I'm good to go now. I'm in search for a short and quick check out line. Little did I know what the Lord had planned in that twenty items or less lane.
Before I entered the store I sent a prayer up and asked God to move me. As I walked through the store I was bound and determined to have a great attitude. I gave a little lady a compliment on her cute bag. As soon as I told her how cute it was her eyes lit up with a smile. 
See, I'm understanding that when I shift my attitude away from my big O self, things change. I am more aware of my surroundings. I'm not in such a hurry. I suppose I could say that I am tired of going through the motions. I wanna do more than the norm. I want to experience the unexpected. 
So, here I am in line. I push my cart up and start placing my items on the conveyor belt. I notice the young woman…

Daisies are Forever by Liz Tosma

Oh my!! There are just some books that stand out among the rest. You know them well. They are written with passion and such grand emotion that each word makes a presence. You feel that you know the characters deeply and you want to know more about them. When you close the last page you feel that you have walked the journey side by side the characters. You have become friends. 
This is the first book I've read by Liz Tolsma. After reading this gem I'm super excited to grab up, "Snow on the Tulips". She is a gifted storyteller. I will definitely be watching and waiting for the next book penned by Liz. She is truly a gifted storyteller. 
I love history. I love this time period. Liz brings it all together. This is one of those books that could easily make it to the big screen. Although I will settle for a cozy quilt and a glass of ice tea. 
We begin our journey in Heiligenbeil, East Prussia in the year of 1945. Our journey lasts until 1946, where we find ourselves in Lo…

The Holman Study Bible for Women

Holman is my absolute favorite Bible. This study Bible is the HCSB translation which is also my favorite! I have a copy of the HCSB Study Bibleand it is my go to Bible for study. It is absolutely the best of the best! This study Bible is different. It is totally designed for women, which I love.  

First of all, when I am sitting down to study there is nothing so amazing as surrounding yourself with different versions of the Bible to get a total understanding of the scripture you are reading. Nothing like totally diving into the Word!
I was able to review the hardback copy of the Study Bible for Women. The hardback is just my preference. This is a beautiful Bible. The cover is very pretty, but the inside is gorgeous. The colors are soft blues and very inviting. 
This Bible holds many features that are super cool. This is not a devotional Bible. This is a study Bible. I encourage you to check out the links that connect you to B&H Publishing and you will find the perfect Bible that y…

Fatal Exchange by Lisa Harris

If you haven't read a book penned by Lisa Harris yet you are missing out! She is gifted with the pen. She can bring a suspense novel to life. She lifts the characters off the pages with great detail and personality. We don't just see the characters at work, but we see their heart. We understand their actions. She gives us a glimpse into what makes them tick. 
Some people don't life cliff hangers. Some feel the story should end in one certain way or maybe just how they expected. Lisa Harris gives the unexpected. I love that she begins this second book by just picking up where the first book left off. Avery is still part of this novel and Mason too! I love both of these characters. Emily Hunt is Avery's sister and she just may be my favorite character. I admired her gentleness and sweet spirit, but when things get a little rough she isn't afraid to get in there and get the job done! 
Book three will release in 2015 and the story will continue. The Southern Crimes Se…

Handcuffs and Gossip

Recently I got that midnight call no mother wants to receive. As soon as you hear the phone ring your alarm in your heart goes off. You begin counting kids and who is home and who isn't. For us we still have one at home, our son. In raising five children those midnight phone calls are almost expected. You count your blessings when you don't receive them, but when you do, you still count your blessings that God is there to get you through. 
On this night the call came from my son. As soon as I answered, I could hear his cry on the other end as he said, "Mom, I need you. I'm being arrested." My son was terrified. As you can imagine my heart was breaking. I was home alone. My husband was on his way to Chicago. In my dark room I felt my knees begin to shake. I felt as though my stomach wasn't going to stay put. Tears came as just hearing my son's voice. 
But then something else happened. The next person I heard from was the officer. Yes, I would love to give…