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Special Guest Post, "What If.. Life Has Made Me Cynical?" by Haelie Heard

The other day when I was listening to Lee Strobel on the radio, he said something that struck a nerve with me.

When describing three different types of people who choose to not believe in God, one of them was very familiar to me.

The cynical nurse.

The nurse he described was cynical for many life reasons beyond her career. Those reasons are something with which we can all easily relate. Relationships gone bad – repeatedly. Being let down by those you once looked up to and respected. Loss of many kinds, whether by physical death or various other types of separation. So many reasons to be cynical and hardened by life.

Then there’s the nurse part.

That’s what struck me most.

You see, I am a nurse. And, for many years, I was the cynical nurse. I knew and still know many other cynical nurses.

Why do we caregivers often share that common trait?

Yes, the various life struggles and disappointments I previously mentioned do play into our commonalities—but what makes us, as nurses, share in the…

The Courage To Love (Special Guest Post by Jennifer Odem White)

Many of us have been hurt – really hurt by someone we love. It’s natural after that happens to guard ourselves from letting that happen again. We get gun shy with how much we will share, how much we “show up” emotionally and how honest we are willing to be. The way we act out the protection of our heart varies from person to person. But the bottom line is we are building a fortress for our fear.

One day I boldly asked God “WHY” He created males and females to offer and need love so differently. I felt like it was cruel joke that could never be resolved. He heard my desperate question and began to show me His perspective.

I began to see that God loves us despite how different we are from him. He’s so perfect and we are so not perfect. And yet He steps into our lives and provides forgiveness, patience, kindness, guidance, wisdom, intervention, and more. He knows that He will not receive from me an equal portion of anything He can give me. But He is faithful to me. He shows up. He gives…

A Sweet Testimony Of God's Grace by Colie Maxwell

A few days ago I was invited to share a testimony with you of a young woman. A young woman whom I've never met, but through the grace of God, our paths have been brought together for only a purpose greater than my own. I love when I get to witness God moving. When we share from our hearts, feelings, raw emotions and all, we draw closer to one another. We come to understand one another and we get a glimpse of the life before us. The life that God is creating glory through. I invite you to read Colie's testimony. It is a story that will change your heart and open your vision to a great and mighty God filled with grace and passion. This is Colie's story..
I was born three months premature. Because of that, my eyes have poor vision and the surrounding muscles are underdeveloped. This made me look different. So, as is often the case with those seen as “different,” I grew up the odd girl out. I was made fun of by students, teachers, friends, and family. Alcoholism and critical wo…

Waiting For A Bad Day

Has everything in your life been going good and somewhere in the back of your mind your waiting for that bad day to happen? I mean, how long do things go well before the bad day comes out of no where? If your like me, you might have a few of those thoughts swirling around in your noggin.
If your close to me and know me well you know I struggle with anxiety. I have had panic attacks for over ten years now. They are mostly under control, but I can wake up in the middle of the night and be fearful right there in the comfort of my room. They are much better than when they started out, but still there roaming and waiting for that unsuspecting moment to hit out of no where.
Over the past few weeks, I'd say even the last month, I've been very anxious. It's like I've known something is about to happen. I just don't know when, but I know it's coming. It's like I can feel it under my skin. You know, in the deepest part of your fearful momma heart, you know it'…

Don't Fear The Spork In The Road

I never liked using those sporks they hand out. I mean, what is that? A spoon? A fork? Well, of course, lets combine them and make a spork. Seems like foolishness, doesn't it? I mean why not just choose one or the other? Decisions are not so easy, especially when the pathway isn't clear. So, yes, sometimes as we stand at the fork in the road, in our confusion it can look more like a spork. Really, a fork in the road can be confusing enough, but a spork?
So, what do we do? Most of the time we turn to friends and ask, "Which way should I go?" Although this seems like the most optional decision, doesn't it? When we listen to our friends, we end up taking advice that is meant for them. It's easy to give advice, but when it comes to needing it, that's more delicate and not so easy.
When our parents taught us to look both ways before crossing the street was wisdom we could carry all through life. lol We just never invisioned on seeing a spork! Then it…

A Lonely Pew

Jackie is nervous this morning. She doesn't quite know what to wear. It's jeans and an worn pair of tennis shoes that  fill up most of her closet. She has changed clothes five times now and it's almost time to leave.
She was invited to church by girl from school who she sits next to in fifth hour. Things haven't been going super for her over the last few years. Jackie has felt alone and left out. At times she has felt as though her world has been torn apart. Is there really a God who lets junk just happen to us?
Jackie picks an outfit finally and slowly opens the door to leave home. She hears her mom shout, "Just where do you think your going missy?" Her momma starts her day off with a drink and ends it pretty much the same way. God has never set foot in their home. Spoken or otherwise. Sadly, Jackie doesn't know if she should tell her mom that she is attending church this morning. She finds the strength, somewhere, and the words are out before she can…

Feel Like Your Living In A Fish Bowl?

Over the weekend our family went out for fish and chips at a favorite restaurant. LOL Well, more like shrimp and fries. While waiting for our dinner plates to arrive overflowing,  I was watching two young children radiate around the fish tank. They would put their faces up to the glass and probe inside.. I smiled as I watched in fascination at them as they made face after face at the fish who were now all in a flutter. They began poking at the glass with their fingers. If possible I think they would have cheerfully pulled those fish right out of the tank and investigated them close up.
That finger pointing got to me. They were tapping with a fierceness to try to get the attention of the fish. Well, the fish would just scatter to the other side and what do you know? The kiddos would rush to the other side in hopes of..well I'm not sure what, but that got me  thinking about how many times I feel the poke of others. If I ignore the oncoming pokes, well sometimes people just seem to…

Whoops! Face First In The Mud

Ifind myself tripping a lot as of late and you know what? It's usually over my own feet or my own tongue. Both can cause me to trip in such a way that I am flat on my face in mud. Not a very pretty photo op. But, praise Jesus!  There before me, is the grace of God waiting. He not only forgives my fall, but the actions that caused my fall in the first place. Now that, sweet friends, changes the photo op to beautiful.
Before we get to that forgiveness, we must be aware of what made us trip. We often look back and blame in on something other than ourselves. This is where accountability comes in. I can be honest and say, accountability is a journey of maturing faith in Christ. I have not always held myself accountable. It's quite easy to find blame elsewhere. Agree?
With that said, He knows I'm going to trip. He knows exactly what's going to trip me up. Oh, He shows me where my feet are to step. He teaches me the way to walk either through it or around it, but if your lik…

One Thousand Gifts Devotional by Ann VosKamp

Ann Voskamp is a blessing almost indescribable with words. Her words flow like no other. She has been gifted to share from a heart that is transparent. I was blessed to review, One Thousand Gifts, and I can tell you, to this day it is my favorite of all books I have held in my hands.
There is sweetness as she  brings the Word of God into full view through her life. There is beauty as she opens her hands in surrender to be used of God. In this devotional, you find sixty transforming devotionals, that will literally bring refreshing and uplifting encouragement to your heart.
You may think, well, I want a devotional for 365 days of the year. This devotional can take you through the year and beyond. I have highlighted pages, phrases and scripture. This is one of those books that you can go back a second time and be freed by new blessings.
In One Thousand Gifts, Ann took us on a journey through giving thanks. In this devotional she takes us on a journey of grace. We find that we cannot …

Mended by Angie Smith

This is the first book I have read by Angie Smith. I can tell you, I will now grab up others penned by her. Wonderful, beautiful and captivating. The sub-title, "Pieces Of A Life Made Whole", gives you a glimpse of the pages in your hand. This is a book of healing and finding God's heart in everything.
I read the first chapter and thought, oh this is so good. Read the second and thought, oh, this is my favorite. Got to the third and realized each chapter was going to bless me in a different way. This book is sheer beauty. I love how Angie asks us to take a jar and break it as she did. To then gather the pieces and "Peace" them together. Oh, the healing right there in that action. Mended is a book for every heart that needs healing.
This book is a journey through her blog pieces, through her life and even more so, through the life of Christ. He is alive throughout these pages.
I must share, I LOVED the chapter, "Honeysuckles and Fireflies". The tea…

"When A Heart Stops" by Lynette Eason

Deadly Reunions continues with this second installment, When A Heart Stops. First, could you read this as a stand alone? Sure you could. It might take a few chapters to catch up and make sense of the characters, but my advice would be to begin with book 1, When The Smoke Clears. (Check out my review) It will help you have a better understanding of the characters and you will enjoy the story even more. We have new characters, but the old characters are still part of this story and they draw you closer to the new characters that are introduced. It too will give you a more in depth idea of the murders happening and the whys and whats of the characters.
I really enjoyed the continuing story and can't wait to see what is going to happen next with book 3. I have had the pleasure of reading all of Lynette's books and doing reviews on each one. It's like having a front row seat in her writing journey. Eason is brilliant at suspense and keeping the reader involved. This one is a …

It Could Have Been My Hand Reaching For The Fruit

We can read the account of Adam and Eve in the garden and place blame. Oh, how could they? How could Eve have listened? How could Adam have followed along? Why didn't he stop her? Why did she make the first move? The list of questions is endless. My point? It could have been my hand reaching for the fruit. I could have been there just as easily, listening to the serpent, taking in his words of deceit. Just like Eve, I could have blamed Adam. I could have refuted God and said it was all the serpents fault. (Genesis 3)
They lived in perfection. A sinless beauty surrounded them. Adam and Eve walked with the Lord. Then came the fruit of choice. A choice that led to sin and to the abrupt leaving of the garden. No more perfect beauty. Sin was to now to be part of the lives for generations to come.
Do you really think they thought about the impact they would make upon the world? Do you really think knew theirs was a choice that would lead to death? Had they taken it all for granted like…