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wow, she's what?

Ever hear from another, "Wow, can you believe she is pregnant?" Another may chime in with, "Wow, she's not even married!" I was one of those girls when I was twenty-one having my first baby. I was twenty-three when I had my youngest daughter. Yes, thought I was in love, but this girl was not married.
What is amazing and a blessing to me is this: While I was sinning, while I was having sex outside of marriage, outside of what the Lord asks of us He still chose to bless me with two beautiful baby girls. In the fact that I was not in His will, He still chose to bless. That speaks about who God is and all about His love for us.
A baby is never a mistake. A baby is made by God's loving hands and is a blessing from Him. Babies are beauty and wonder all packaged into a tiny bundle of joy.
When I was growing up I did not grow up in a Christian home. My mom went to put me on birth control when I was fifteen, just in case. Well, what do you do with that just in case? I…

I don't have anything to wear!

I don't have anything to wear! Ever been standing in front of your closet and scream these words out? Oh, ladies, if I had just a penny for every time I said these words I would have enough money to go by a whole new wardrobe for many girlfriends. Why do we allow ourselves to do this? I have to question myself as I sat in front of my closet Sunday and said, "I have nothing to wear and I can't go to church!" I hear my husband saying, "You have the whole closet! I have one small section." I go on to say, "But yes, but do you see all the stuff I can't wear?" When I know I am wrong there are always "Buts" in my conversations. I can try really hard to think of every excuse in the world for a new outfit. And Easter Sunday is one of them. But like all the Easter's before when I had that new dress or skirt, it was rainy and cold and I didn't get to wear it anyway! Think Jesus is telling me something there?
So after my eighth grade fit…

Can I help you with that Sir?

If you have ever been over the skies and traveled on an airplane, you know the baggage claim area very well. Although this girl has yet to be in the air, I do know a little about carrying baggage. As do you.
We all have baggage. We all try to carry all of our baggage at the same time. I know when I go grocery shopping for my mom and bring all her goodies home I always try to carry everything in at once. Which drives her crazy, but I am thinking, I can just do it all in one trip. I need to have that same attitude with the baggage that I am carrying. I just need to pick it all up and drop it off at the baggage claim of Jesus' feet. I don't need to go back and check it and see how it's doing, or if more has piled up. I just need to leave it, pray and trust Him.
See, He is standing there asking, "Can I help you with that Sir?" I can hear His words, but I ignore them, thinking I got it, I can handle it all, so I continue to carry it all. But that weight gets heavy, jus…


I am blessed to give have a give a way of this wonderful children's book. To enter this give a way just leave a comment under this post or under the review post April 5th. I will announce the winner on April 9th. Here is a sneak peek for you about the book and author:
Author Anthony DeStefano’s adult books, The Prayers God Always Says Yes To and A Travel Guide to Heaven, have sold a quarter-million copies. Illustrator Mark Elliott’s cherished artwork has appeared in popular picture books and novels for young readers, including Gail Carson Levine’s ever-popular Princess Tales series.Now, these acclaimed inspirational experts have come together to create This Little Prayer of Mine, a beautiful and alluring book designed to guide children into a very simple, real and expressive relationship with God.Through engaging rhymes and alluring illustrations, This Little Prayer of Mine shows children—and their parents and grandparents—that complete dependence on God is what brings peace and fu…


I am having another give a way for this blog tour. It is Forget Me Not by Vicki Hinze. I will post a review April 5. All you must do to enter is leave a comment under this post or the review post and I will select a winner April 9th. Here is a sneak peak about the book and author:
A mother who cannot face her future.THEIR ELUSIVE ENEMIES TOOK EVERYTHING. NOW THEY WANT MORE. Crossroads Crisis Center owner Benjamin Brandt was a content man—in his faith, his work, and his family. Then in a flash, everything he loved was snatched away. His wife and son were murdered, and grief-stricken Ben lost faith. Determination to find their killers keeps him going, but after three years of dead ends and torment, his hope is dying too. Why had he survived? He’d failed to protect his family. Now, a mysterious woman appears at Crossroads seeking answers and help—a victim who eerily resembles Ben’s deceased wife, Susan. A woman robbed of her identity, her life, of everything except her faith—and Susan’s n…

AN ABSENCE SO GREAT by Jane Kirkpatrick

Jessie Gaebele has a passion for photography and life. The book begins with the phrase, "A photograph like life, often reveals as much about who's absent as who's there." This statement carries you through this entire book. In all of the characters, including Jessie, there is an absence in their hearts. And we learn that with absence we carry on learning to fill that void with gifts that are given to us. This book holds beautiful photos taken that give a glimpse into the lives of those in the photos. Through Jessie's life we learn whats behind the lens, the shadows, and the light. We see how some things are hidden, while others are brought out in beauty. We have love, forgiveness and grace captured in this story of Jessie's life. Jessie, Mr. Fred Bauer, and Mrs. Bower are the main characters before us. We see how their lives are weaved together forever. Jessie leaves her home to make a new life, leavining behind her feelings for Fred. But while she is deeply …

slow down and laugh

Its funny how plans change so quickly. Today is my husband's 50Th birthday. The big 50! We were to go out to dinner, but plans changed as his brother needed to go to the hospital. As my husband left I too left with our son to go and do my mother's shopping for the week.
When my son and I go out for the day we almost always laugh and have a great time. Today was one of those days. As we are in the store gathering more yarn he is dancing and singing in the aisle. There are those moments I join in and just let lose, but today I was trying to focus on my tasks while he was pestering me. The clerk kindly smiles and asks, "Awe, how old is he?" I almost laughed. It was like I had my toddler saying something cute and she took notice, but as I looked at her I whispered, "He is almost 18." She smiles again, and says, "Oh, just let him play and have himself a good time, my sons are in their 30's and they still cut up and laugh." Of course he liked this id…


The winner of my give a way of "Here Burns My Candle" by Liz Curtis Higgs is Julie Gorman! Thanks for leaving a post Julie. I will get in touch with you and send this amazing read out to you so you too can enjoy a quiet time in another place and time with these characters that are unforgetable. Congradulations!!


Today I received another package of books. Yay! With this amazing tour comes another give a way. All you must do is leave a comment in this post or the posting of the review on April 19. I will announce the winner on April 23. Here is just a sneak peak about the book and the author:
Tragedy hits the Allenhouse family on a hot summer night in Ohio when a mother of four vanished. Eight-year-old Vada virtually grew up overnight and raised her three younger sisters while her father lost himself in his medical practice in the basement of their home. Now, Vada is a grown woman, still making her home with her father and sisters. Her days are spent serving as an errand girl for Cleveland’s fledgling amateur orchestra; her evenings with Garrison Walker, her devoted, if passionless, beau. Dizzying change occurs the day the Brooklyn Bridegrooms come to town to play the Cleveland Spiders and a line drive wallops the head of a spectator. The fan is whisked to the Allenhouse parlor, and questions sw…

going back

As my blog has a new look I too have a new look. As my blog keeps changing I too keep changing. As I am adding more to my blog and giving it a different design, the Lord is adding more to my heart and changing me to fit His design for my life.
My friend Tami is showing me how to go add labels and tabs to my blog. It will make it easier for others to know where to go for a subject they are looking for. So I am now going back to the beginning of my blog and working through each post adding what is needed. As I do this I can see how the Lord is growing me through my writing. I can see where I was and where I am now. I am seeing the changes He has made in me.
When I began writing I was going through a time in which I thought I would never make it through. That was one reason for my writing. Although I was answering a calling, it was God through this calling that brought me through some of the hardest times in my life.
I am able to go back and shed tears, knowing the raw pain I felt. I too …

need some soothing?

I am one of these girls that carry different lotions in my purse. I also have a collection of Mary Kay lotions in my bathroom. I love lotion. I love the smell, the feel, and the comfort. Putting lotion on makes your rough, dry hands smooth again. It gives moisture to those cracks that seem to peel and hurt as the day goes on.
My husband has the hands of a working man. From cutting wood, and working around the land his hands are always spitting open and cracking, bringing with it pain. As I give my lotion to him he looks at me as though asking, "Are you really serious, you want me to use this girly stuff?" You know what? He does, and as he does he sees his rough, dry hands turn more smooth and warm.
Ever have yourself one of those sunburns that hurts so badly and begins to crack on your shoulders? I have had second and third degree burns before. Second from the sunshine, and third when I spilled my mom's coffee down my chest when I was only three. When your skin is hurting …

need a little faith?

There is a story of the paralytic man in Mark 2:1-12. I have always been marveled by this story, and a few years ago at a teen conference I was blessed to be a part of I heard the teaching of this story in a new light. Isn't that how the Lord captures our hearts? In reading His word, in opening our eyes to all He has for us His word is brought to life through the pages before us.Last night at Awana this is the lesson I taught, and the little first graders who sat before me wide eyed loved it. As I teach them, I always ask them to recall the story for me and in that way I know they have listened and can plant the Word of God in their hearts.Here in Mark Jesus is found at a house. Everyone knows He is there, and they are gathering around. They are not just inside, but outside looking in, trying to catch a glimpse of the Savior. Can you picture this day? So many gathered around Jesus that there is not room for any more to come through the front door. Everyone is packed in tight, wait…

blessings through change

When I woke up this morning and saw the rain falling I thought, "Oh, not today." But as I began my chores, finished up those dishes and sat down to write I found myself wanting change again and look at what happened! I am blessed beyond words at the love I am shown from my talented friend Tami, who set up my page for me today. There is more to come and I couldn't be more excited.

Do you ever feel the need for change? I use to love that comfortable feeling, but as I am growing in the Lord I am learning that He doesn't want me to be too comfortable and I need to be ready for change. Change is something that comes daily. I am one who loves to move my furniture around, change colors in my home, and just create. That change is always good, but then we do have those changes that are scary, like divorce, losing a job, your children leaving home, the death of a parent, your husband going off to war. Those are the very changes that we do not like, and are so unsure of.
You sho…

He's got your number

Ever exchange numbers with others in hopes of hearing from them, only later finding out they are never going to call? We often carry with us the numbers of others who are important to us in our phones, and we just down those numbers of people we meet that we hope to connect with later. I have many numbers stashed in my phone and tucked away in a notebook in my purse. I am one to always forget numbers, where my husband never forgets one. He is like a living phone book.
I know being younger and giving your number to that really cute boy in hopes that he would call is something we have all done. You find yourself waiting and waiting by the phone. Every time it rings you are rushing there beating your mom to phone in hopes that it is him calling. But then you go another day, and another with no call to add to your heart.
The sweet day I met my husband he took my number. I knew at that first glance he was the man I was to marry. My mother thought I was nuts, saying, "Honey, you probably…

ready go

As my son and I watched Apollo stand at the line poised to skate to the finish line, we listened to the announcer say very strangely, "Ready. Go". Now, in our own unique style this is our newest saying around the house. (I know, a mother and son, what can you say)
I am learning to let go of all around me, and hold on to Jesus. In letting go of the things around me, I am letting the Lord. He has taught me there is nothing to be gained by my "Holding on to control"(a control that I only think I have).
Its scary sometimes standing there at that starting line isn't it? Listening for the "Go" and hoping you make it through to the finish line can get the best of us if we are placing all our hope in our own slippery selves. It is when we place that hope in Jesus Christ that gets our feet planted firmly, and sets us on our way. It is in Him that we not only make it to the finish line, but we make it with grace.
We might not think there is a great amount of gra…

where is your passion?

As I sit before this computer again today I am filled with the promise of hope. It is a hope that draws me nearer to Him. He is at work in me today. Many of you know I am an aspiring writer of my own novel some day, but the journey getting there is a long one.
As I take this journey of writing I do so with a passion that Christ has instilled in me. There are mornings I sit here for hours, and nights when all others are sleeping just writing and sharing from my heart. There is something sweet in these hours of writing that I spend with me and the Lord. In all this writing, He is growing me. He is opening up my heart to new ideas, and taking fears away that have held me back for so long. He is showing me glimpses of Him through each line I share.
In my life I have those who inspire me, and those who encourage me. My husband is one of those. Reading is not one of his favorite things in life. He does not share in my passion, but he shares in me.
I have heard many times from others, "A…

is it really all the details?

I must say I love muscle cars, don't you? The sound of the engine roaring. The sleek body of the car. The tires and wheels that make such a statement. The glimmer of the paint job. You can find some with metallic paint catching your eye as they pass,or any color that adds to who you are . You can add cam, and you can put on headers. You can add detailing in the leather seats, you can add in a gear shift with personality. You might find sleek lines going down the sides, or flames shouting at you. You can even make your car faster by adding in a different engine. Who doesn't love the sound of a roaring engine showing power?
With all these details they add much to the look of the car don't they? As people pass you wave. As your driving by others may be giving you a thumb's up letting you know they like your style.
The more details added the more time in maintenance you spend. There is a lot going on to make that ride appealing.
So, all these details add a lot to the look of…


Ever sit in a church service and say, "Wow, there aren't many folks here today?" Too often we can get hooked on numbers. Our mindset should instead be, "Wow, look who is all here today!" We can do this with any ministry we are involved in. Take a blog, as mine, sometimes I can look over and check to see how many followers there are. That is the wrong thing for me to do. I just need to focus on what the Lord is laying upon my heart to share, and whether I have the audience of 1000, 100, 10 or 1 the important thing is that I am following Christ. I am being that willing vessel for Him to use.
I know many read and do not follow. Some are daily readers, and others have just stumbled along. But I have found that those who come and stop in and are blessed just by what the Lord intended them to see.
When Jesus was the willing vessel for His ministry, He wasn't counting followers. Ofcourse He would have wanted everyone to come as He does today, but He did focus on th…

WATCH OVER ME by Christa Parrish

What a sweet sweet read this was! We have our police officer who is a vet of the war, a hippy, who he has fallen for, and a deaf boy who come together in this novel and that grabs our hearts. Deputy Benjamin Patil finds a baby left for abandanment out in the woods. This precious baby girl is not wanted by one, but is wanted by Benjamin. He comes home to his wife Abbi, who is not so excited about having the little stay with them. Abbie is going through struggles of her own as she battles an eating disorder she is still trying to find herself in her faith and she is lost in her marriage wanting and needing and not really understanding how to share with Benjamin. As they bring the baby home, thinking on adoption, Abbie's heart becomes stirred and she learns to love this little one pulling her heartstrings. In the midst of their lives, we meet Matthew, who is living with his aunt, is deaf, and is not really wanted. He is living with dialisis. He is in need of a kidney and in need of f…


When you open these pages of Liz's newsest novel you will find yourself in Scotland in the midst of the highlands and lowlands. Here you have a tale of secrets buried deep, but within those we find love and redemption. Healing comes from letting go and bringing things to the surface that once held us behind.
In the characters of Lady Elizabeth Kerr, and her mother in law, Lady Marjory we find the story of love between Naomi and Ruth. Liz has a gift for bringing the story of the old into Scotland in the midst of the 1800's right here in the Kerr family. Liz brings Scottish history to life right before us.
These characters are rich and vibrant and fill the pages as though you too are in Scotland seeing yourself in the tales of their families. The emotions of these characters during such a time bring us right to the heart of them. In this tale of love, and betrayal there is a beauty that is seen when all comes together to a sweet sound of redemption.
I enjoyed this book by Liz, and …

a sweet moment of freedom

Each year as this time rolls around you know what this girl is thinking? Softball. I love the feel of the glove in my hand, the ball coming quickly and chasing after it. I love the dust and the dirt in my shoes. I love laughing and sharing with others as we round the bases counting up runs coming in.
I have played ball every since I can remember and for this girl, I still want to play. Some may say, "How can you play if you are in such pain?" Well, let me try to explain just how I feel on that field. Is my pain gone? No. In fact its very real, and intense, not so much when I'm on the field, but after, when I am walking to the truck, once I get in or crawl in, the tears begin to flow. Once home after that hot shower, and meds, I try to fall asleep, but it doesn't come quickly.
When I put on my shorts, grab my glove, warm up playing catch with my husband, and tie those shoe strings tight I feel at peace. Once I walk up to bat I feel a freedom. When I am at second base or…

learning to say no

I have always been one of those yes girls. You know what I am talking about. Someone asks you to do something and you will not dare say no. Why? Someone might get mad, upset and oh, my, not talk to you! That comes from having the people pleasersyndrome. I have been a long time member. A card carrying member that always said yes.
I have a sweet friend who has spent much time trying to teach me to say no, and ya know, I am finally learning what no means.
No means not right now for you, but it is yes for someone else! For every no there is a yes to follow. I have learned that everything I am asked to do is not a message from the Lord. When He calls I am learning to move and do His will, but every need does not have to be met by me.
When you live with such pain, you want to help in every area, but you just can't. There are those times when the pain is so strong, that you are barely taking care of yourself, much less serving in another area.
The bad thing with living in pain is that not …

not another one

As I sit here in the quiet of my home writing this morning my head is pounding, my shoulders are stretching the limits of my pain, and my body is weak from doing chores yesterday. Do you wake with pain daily? There are many that do. Many wake each morning wishing it was a different day and a different time in their lives where pain didn't effect everything they did.
As fibromyalgia takes a hold and tries to bring me down, and as these migraines come in the midst of when I have something planned I find myself crying out to God to remove them, just let me have a day without pain. Just let me keep the plans I had with my girlfriend, and allow my attitude not to reflect over on my husband calling out for me.
Yesterday I was living in a fog. As great news came my way I was overjoyed, but the fog still took over my day as it does many of them. I now keep a notebook in my purse to write down everything so I can remember. I also have begun to keep jots of little sayings in my phone to alway…

need some Son?

Do you ever wake and just find yourself needing a touch from the Savior? Maybe your in the midst of your day and all around you is hectic and all you want to do is feel the peace of the Lord wash upon you? Sometimes I just want to stop what I am doing and reach out to Him, allowing Him to shine upon me giving me all I need.
We do seem to need a lot don't we? We want everything this life has to offer. We want others to appreciate us, and we can even want others to notice us, right? We want the "good" things in life. We want to reach in our pockets and pull out all we need to fill our life with "happiness". We want, we want and we want. The thing with wanting is that no matter how much we have, we always want more. Happiness is an addiction. If we don't have all we want we grow angry, sad and bitter. But if life is throwing us a party everyday we are finding ourselves smiling, but as a drug that smile only lasts while the stuff is coming in.
So where do we find…