Tuesday, November 17, 2009

your so special to me:)

To those friends I have who are my biggest cheerleaders I say thank you. To you who give me encouragement to follow my dreams, to share God's word I say bless you. For everytime you give me encouraging words it just pushes me forward when I am ready to give up. For I know who my real friends are, I know because I feel your love and prayers for me. When we are on a journey we need special people in our lives who stay when its great and who pray over us when things are going wrong. I am forever grateful for those friends I have that let me be me, those friends who are not afraid to stand with me, and those who are real to me. I don't want fake friends, I don't want friends who don't talk to me, I don't need friends who say they love me and never show it, so to those of you who are true to who you are, who call and text, who spend time with me I say,"I love you", for you know who you are. For those friends who give of their time, let me cry and hear my heart I am overjoyed that God has placed you in my life. For those who read my writings, I pray that you are blessed. Friendship is a special thing, girlfriends are hard to come by, and I am blessed to have the cream of the crop. Thank you girls, for my life would not be the same without you~May the Lord bless you as you too have blessed my life.

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