Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hiding Behind a Face

Do we show the real us,or do we hide behind a happy face?As women,mothers,and wives we have so many emotions going on daily,its hard to have a joyful attitude every moment.Some days clearly the Son is shining through us,and others well,we feel like we are going crazy in a world that just keeps spinning around whether we are ready or not.As the world is spining,just as if the merry-go-round is going to fast,its hard if not impossible to jump off without getting skinned up knees.I think many times we are just trying to make too many people happy at once,when the one we should be focused on is Christ.We have to learn to say no to others when things are rough enough.We have to learn that we just cannot spread ourselves too thin,because when we do,we are letting something important suffer,our hearts.We are daughters of the King,we are from a royal blue blood,we are treasured beyond words.We don't have to worry about what others think,only Christ,and we must stop hiding behind a face,and just be ourselves.If we have to cry,cry and get it out when a friend says,"How are you?"If we cannot be honest with ourselves,how can we be honest with others?We are to bare one anothers burdens,and pray for one another.Before we can do that,we must open our hearts to Christ.We don't have to be giddy with laughter all the time,we don't have to be dressed with the best daily,and we don't have to put on a show for anyone.As women we are so special,and God gave us the gifts to use for His glory.He gave us emotions to share and let others know they are not by themselves.We often think we are the only ones going through a difficult time,we think no one will understand,and often we feel ashamed that we are feeling so poorly on the inside.We have nothing to hide,and nothing to fear.We must not keep things inside,for we have to let them out to breath.We are women who have so much to give,lets start sharing those emotions inside,and let us learn not to hide behind anything,because when we are hiding,Christ cannot be shining.


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