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The Progeny by Tosca Lee

Wow!!! My first novel from Tosca Lee and I am blown away. I have been waiting to read a book that allowed me to escape into its pages. This was an unputdownable for me! I loved it!
Good verses evil. This was certainly a page turner. What's amazing is that as I turned pages it became better and better. Each chapter more unveiling and dazzling than the one previous. Tosca is a master weaver! 
Superb writing. For my Christian friends who only choose Christian fiction this book may not be for you, but I can tell you that with all the Christian fiction books on my shelves this is one of the best reads I have had the pleasure of reviewing. For me, I could see a strong Christian theme throughout this book. If you loved Tosca before you will still greatly admire this woman's gift of writing. 
The characters jump off the pages. Can you imagine having your memory wiped clean? Nothing left to remind you of who you were yesterday? I could relate so well with this. We each have a past. We…

HCSB Illustrator’s Notetaking Bible by B&H Publishing Group

Take a trip to your local craft shop and you will find a section of adult coloring books. This is the new rage for people who loved to color as a child and now have the opportunity to do it adult style with their own flair and uniqueness. Relaxing and comforting to the soul. An expression of the colorful soul of emotion. 
Now B&H Publishing has joined in and combined something pretty amazing. They have taken their notetaking Bible and combined it with illustrating. How fun! 
This Bible is not a study Bible. There are not study notes throughout. What it is is simple. It holds a concordance, bullet notes, and colorful maps. Along the side margin of the Bible is room for note-taking and throughout the Bible are illustrations for one to uniquely add one's own flair to the pages. 
How awesome to grab this Bible, curl up with your favorite quilt, grabbing a cup of coffee, your favorite colors, and do some exploring of the soul. Time for reading and then expressing yourself through …

Let God Be The Healer

Have you ever been that friend others come to for advice? You know, that one on the receiving end of those late night calls? The girl asked to come over to share iced tea and chat? 
I have been that friend. I too have been the girl calling friends as tears streamed when I thought there was no end in sight as my breath was stopped.
My friend, Bobbie, would call me. I was always happy to hear her beautiful voice. We have shared so many laughs through the years. Two years ago our calls changed from simple laughter. See, Bobbie's son, Donnie, was hit and killed by a drunk driver. She no longer was calling with laughter spewing through the phone. That laughter became hot tears, filled with agony. Her voice now carried a shakiness filled with words so broken I could no longer understand.
I would hear my phone ring and I knew something was wrong. I knew those happy calls weren't in existence any longer. If so, they were far and few in between the falling tears of my friend that was …

Stepping With Security

My path is before me. Each step has already been planned for me. Where are my eyes focused? The steps already behind me? Those miles ahead that I cannot yet see? 

I need to be focused on my step right now. This path goes in many directions. I have a choice to go to the right or to the left. Each step will lead to another. I need to be sure of where I am headed. I am in need of a guide. In fact, not just any guide, but the One who knows my steps behind me and those steps I will take tomorrow.
I am not sure how many tomorrows I have in my quiver, nor how many steps today will hold for me, but I know the One who does. Why would I trust another with my future? Why would I take those steps alone, all on my own, without any guidance? 
That's like walking through a dark, unknown house, without a flashlight. A stumble is certain to take place. Just ask my husband who would frequently come home from work only to find his foot aching from the couch leg or an end table being in his way. Okay…

Look Out Mountain

We travel unknown highways in search of something new to fill our senses and capture something spectacular within us. Here in Missouri there are several places where the driver is given the opportunity to pull over into a park area for a photo of the green covered mountains and rolling hills. What if we were constantly on the look out for all God has prepared for us? Too often we are looking in another direction and we miss our invitation with Him for adventure.
My husband never gets lost. I was always the opposite. I was always getting lost until he taught me my sense of direction, the paths of the highways and how they all connect in one way or another. 
I use to get so anxious if I lost my way. Not any longer. I calmly remind myself that even if my road dead-ends, I can turn around, head back, get my baring, and find my way. 
I'm so thankful my husband taught me so many different ways to travel to the same place. It makes Monday grocery shopping much more exciting. I would con…

Take Part In God's Extraordinary

We should take part in God's extraordinary because we can trust Him with our everything. There isn't much we can control in our lives. What should bring us great comfort is knowing God is in control of our lives. 
"You number my wanderings; Put my tears into Your bottle; Are they not in Your book?" Psalm 56:8
This verse brings such beauty and safety for my day. There is such comfort within these words. Don't you think? To trust my Savior, the One who knows each and every step. The One who catches my tears and fills them in golden bowls tells me how each tear is valued by Him. He is the One who remembers. This is the God with the Book of Remembrance. The God who is my eternal breath, my Love. 
Knowing this makes my hours today mean even more. I can live thankful and know that each moment holds a vast meaning that I may not understand at this very moment, but there will come a time when I realize just how important today is. 
Rev. 5:8, 8:3-4, Rev. 7:17; 21:4, Danial…

The Apache Wars by Paul Timothy Hutton

I have had this book for a while now. This isn't a hurried read and is certainly not a light read. This is a complex and detailed read.
I chose this selection because my husband enjoys the Native American history. I do as well. It seems in today's world yesterday is forgotten, but this is a time in history that should be taught in every school room and in every home. 
This is such a powerful read. How many of us know this was the longest war in history? Sadly, I cannot say that I knew this. That is heartbreaking. 
Paul Andrew Hutton takes us on a journey that is intriguing, intense, and sometimes gruesome. We learn of Mickey Free, the only person Geronimo ever feared. Half Irish, half Mexican, he lived in both worlds of the American soldiers and the Apaches. His life gives tale of this mountainous story that builds with chapter. 
If you love history you are going to dive into this novel and appreciate our history even more so. If you're not such a fan, well, this book jus…