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His Guarding Spirit

I dropped my mom off at the front door of the doctor's building. I was then off in search of an empty spot in the crowded parking lot. After driving in circles I finally found a spot. I put the gear shift in park but stopped short of opening my door. I was dreading the walk in the pouring rain to the doctor's building. What a day to forget my umbrella. 
I would just wait until it let up. Christian music played over the radio. It's always amazing how music can set our soul into a rhythm of thanksgiving. Our Lord always seems to give us the quiet time we need. One way or the other. It's our choice if we see it and capture those moments in prayer. This time I seen the opportunity and let my prayers escape like the rains falling around me.
I seen the sky giving way to a little sunshine. It was now my chance to make my way inside and escape being soaked through. I stepped around my vehicle and started making my way through the parking lot when a truck stopped in front of m…

Belgravia by Julian Fellowes

Bring together socialites on what is to be known as the tragic party of 1815 and you are sure to have a story. The Duchess of Richmond's ball was the place to be, that is if you are of importance. When unexpected guests arrive it's a meeting of the upper class and middle class. That mixture is sure to make a mess of things for those who are living to be known by who surround them. 
The Trenchard family have an invitation in hand. Mr. Trenchard is just as excited as his daughter to attend this grand ball. Mr. Trenchard has high hopes. He is hard working and is striving for the best of the best. He thinks highly of himself and sees nothing wrong with mingling with the people he serves. Mrs. Trenchard sees things much differently. She thinks there has been a mistake and this invitation just has to be a misunderstanding. She has a fear they will be the fools at the ball. So much drama right here in the mix of this family.
Two families of different social class, different, but yet…