Thursday, April 16, 2009

Softball Season

It is again softball season,my favorite time of year.I love softball,playing,and just being with all your friends. When I was little I played each year.My dad had taught me to play baseball!I was his only child,and just happened to be a girl.He said softball is for girls(Um,hello,I said,I am a girl..),you are going to learn with a baseball.Oh,did I learn.He didn't give any slack for being a "girl",he threw so hard you wondered if you had on a glove at all. I was learning really fast to catch the ball coming my way,if I didn't I'd have to chase it down and throw it back his way.One Saturday morning we were practicing,and he threw the ball when I happened not to be paying attention.When I heard him say,"Get your glove up",I was hit smack in the nose with the ball.I didn't cry,but wanted to ball.Blood was everywhere,and my mom was terrified.Yes,my nose was broken,but to my dads dismay,we still practiced every single day.I know this sounds like torture to some,but to me its great memories of a dad who shared with me. Now I play on our church team,with big men,and women.The younger kids play too.It is so much fun to play again,and laugh with everyone.I haven't played for almost three years from a wrist injury,two surgeries later,and lots of therapy its still not the same.I hurt my wrist sliding into base,so this year there will not be any sliding into any bases for me.I havent thrown a ball since I hurt my wrist and all,so I am hoping at practice tonight I will be just fine.I will wrap it up good,and protect it from more pain,but in all this fun,nothing can compare to the memories of dad teaching me how to play,with a proud look upon his face,he would enjoy today.


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