Saturday, April 18, 2009


Change happens every day for us,sometimes every minute.Are we really ever ready for change?Change can be good or it can be bad.With each choice we make,brings about circumstances that effects our lives and those around us forever.As the seasons change,so too do we.When we are babies we can't be left unattended,we need that care to survive,when we get a little older we learn to ride on our own without training wheels,as we get to the teen years,who doesn't think they know it all,and have figured it all out,then in the twenties we just want to have fun,then the thirties hit and you start waking up,but still concerned with me,then bang,you hit your forties,and now its about everyone else,but you.You now know who you are,you are content with yourself,and you have a joy in your heart that grew there over time.It doesn't seem to matter as much if other people get you,you get you.You can stand alone and know where you are.Only,we didn't get there without change.It is because of all those changes that took place in our lives that make us who we are.Change is kind of scary,it happens right before our eyes.We cannot stop change,and we cannot change other people,only ourselves,and that too can be minute by minute.When we stop fearing change,and accept it,we can then learn to really live,and live each day like there is no tomorrow.God allowed change,He even changed right before His parents eyes.The song,"Mary,did you know" is one of my favorites.When did Mary know her child would be the Savior of the world?He still cried,cut teeth,learned to crawl and then walk,and soon He was walking on His own,right up to the cross,where He gave His life for you and me.When our children change,its not easy,we watch them grow right before our eyes,and soon like Jesus,they too are walking.They learn to walk on their own,with their own minds,and start making their own decisions,they are changing and so are we as parents.We are not needed as much anymore,at least we feel so.We start missing them more and more as they grow and make their own lives,leaving the fold of their parents and into the arms of another that they are promising their love to. We can't be afraid of change,if we do not embrace it,we will lose so much,and many things we can never get back.For just like when water changes into vapor,it cannot be changed back into water,therefore our changes can not be undone.The Lord did not mean for us to stay the same,nor for life to stay on the same path,without those changes life just wouldn't be the same,nor would we.Our country even voted for a man that stated "CHANGE"everywhere he went.No one wants the same over and over,we want to see good change,but what about bad? It's in those moments that we call upon Christ and need Him,He gives us strength through change,and just as one person changes,we too can learn from their change too.It is a domino effect,what reaches us,somehow reaches those we touch.So, when change touches you,reach out for the Lord,and embrace every moment,knowing that He is with us every step of the way.


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