Thursday, April 16, 2009

trying hard enough

Have you ever asked yourself if you are trying hard enough at the things that are important to you?I have.I ask myself that almost everyday.I had someone tell me this week I just wasn't trying hard enough,I needed to give more.That hurts when someone tells you that,when deep in your heart you know your giving your all,and they refuse to see it.When we continue to try and we get no response what are we to do?Do we just give up,do we give it time,or do we just keep trying with all our hearts?For those that we love,I say we keep trying with all our hearts,praying that the Lord will show His will and way.It is discouraging when we keep trying and we get no response,but I think it would be more hurtful to just give up.Its kind of like if you were working with a person and every morning you said hello to them,and they heard you,but they just keep on walking.In their hearts they know you reached out to them,and weather they respond or not is on them,not you.One day you walk by them and you decide to say nothing,they stop and look at you,and say are you okay?you respond with yes,I am fine.They soon wonder,why didn't she say hello to me?See even though we aren't getting a responce,they still hear,they see you reaching out,and weather we can see it or not we are making an impact on their lives by reaching out always even when we get nothing in return.How many times did Jesus reach out to others and He didnt get a responce the first time,did He give up so easily?How many times did Jesus give of Himself and others mocked Him?He still gave,not waiting for a responce and not expecting anything in return.Jesus gave His life for us,and some still refuse to respond,but that doesnt mean they don't know the truth,or can't see what He did for them.When we take the time to plant the seed,it may take others to water it,fertilize it,and pick out all the weeds.God just doesnt use one person to touch the lives of others,He uses many,and at different times.So when you are feeling as if your trying is getting no where,and your words are just going in one ear and out the other,remember Jesus works through many just to touch one.What if we all just gave up when we didn't get a responce?Who would then plant the seed?Before it begins to grow,even obtain weeds,the seed first has to be planted before it is brought in at harvest time.


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