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Let's Linger A While More

In Your presence is where I want to dwell. Life is so time consuming. 24/7 Keeps us occupied. We are either wanting more time or pleading for it to slow. For You, Jesus, You are timeless. You are the Alpha and the Omega. You are in the morning and the evening. There is no hurried for You. We call out for You as if You have gone somewhere away from us. Lord, You're always present us with us. 
"You have made known to me the path of life; You will fill me with you in Your presence." Psalm 16:11

We rush to You with requests, but they are already known to You. We hurry with our time spent as You are wishing we would linger more. Time. Is there never enough for us? If there is more time we just fill it with more, don't we? I wonder, Lord, how much of my time is spent with You. How much of my 24/7 have I given to You, the Maker of all the minutes that pass through my day?  Not enough. Not enough.
If we lingered more, if no rush requests came from our lips as if there was no…
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Beyond Justice by Cara Putman

Intelligent and thought provoking. Powerful writing and stand out characters.  This is a fast paced read. One that easily flows as the story grows. 
Good verses evil. Strong characters take part in this litigating suspense. Cara Putman is outstanding as she gives great attention to detail for the reader to have a front row seat. 
The main character is a great example of strength and tenacity. She is a woman of faith. She isn't afraid to take cases that others think are unwinnable. She's ready to not just fight for injustice, but to masterfully litigate using her strengths. 
She knows her limits. This is another aspect I love. Behind this strong woman are a group of friends who support, encourage, and inspire her. She's a character that doesn't waste time on things that are not leaving an impact in the world around her. She knows who she is and no matter what lies before her, she knows without a doubt where she is going. This is a woman not defined by what she does, bu…

The Illusionist's Apprentice by Kristy Cambron

I want to begin this review sharing two reviews I was blessed to do. The Butterfly and The Violinand A Sparrow in Terezin. For me these two novels were masterpieces. Works of such exquisite beauty. They showed that Kristy Cambron is gifted with the pen, a master storyteller. They remain two of my all-time top favorites. 
It was for this reason I was thrilled to be receiving a copy of The Illusionist's Apprentice. Once again Cambron shows us a masterpiece of bringing a story to readers that speaks of faith and our Lord. Although throughout the novel these aspects are not boldly proclaimed, but are masterfully weaved throughout the story. 
Magic and illusion are not the same. I love how she brings this truth. Love that the main character was an apprentice to the master of illusion. She takes the use of being an apprentice and walks that road with integrity and hope. When we choose to walk with Christ we are His apprentices. We are to walk as the main character, Wren Lockhart walked…

Deadly Encounter by DiAnn Mills

This is my first introduction to reading a novel penned by DiAnn Mills. I am so excited I have the second book in waiting to review. I cannot wait to dive in and see what's next. 
This is an action packed total suspense novel. When you have to really ponder on where to begin in a review, well, you know you have just finished something jam-packed with everything a reader loves. 
Well written from beginning to end. This novel flows so well. It is continuous suspense. Really. I want to know what DiAnn had for dinner before the thoughts to this story came to mind. She doesn't just bring a story. She weaves many stories into this one. It's amazing how she has penned so many paths journeyed by these characters. 
So, the characters. LOVE them! Who of thinks we are gonna wake up and everything about life in one instant will change? We just are never prepared, but there is One who is. Right? God is weaved throughout this entire story. I love how some of the characters are strong i…

Nothing To Prove (Why We Can Stop Trying So Hard) by Jennie Allen

If you peek at all of my reviews from previous books read by Jennie Allen you will notice something. Each and every book, although different, gives a tremendous blessing to the soul. I mean, that hungry soul, searching for something unlike anything else to fill it up. Jennie's books don't just fill it up, they satisfy. 
Her books speak to the heart. She lays all the truth on the table. What I admire most about her is her audacious love for Jesus and her transparency to share Him with the world around her. She is genuine and that is something rare today. 
I would say this is a book I needed to read right now. I am sure either in your past, maybe in your today, but certainly somewhere in your tomorrow, you too will need these words. This is that book you highlight so much, there isn't any black and white left. It's that read that you say, "Oh, me too!!" Jennie Allen is that girlfriend who tells us the truth and is ready with open arms when we realize where we …

The One True Love of Alice-Ann by Eva Marie Everson

Oh, just where do I begin? This is the stuff in which great novels are made. I made my way through this richly beautiful novel turning page after page with such deep emotion and thought. I couldn't turn the pages quick enough, but I didn't want it to end to soon. It's one of those novels you could continue reading as long as there were pages. No page just made of fluff, words with no meaning on the page. Every single line in this novel created a story that will last in my heart forever. 
Ms. Everson, I am so happy stories of the war were shared with you. Oh, to have your Sunday school teacher share with you, "You can't choose who you fall in love with, but you can choose who you marry", is a blessing that has now enchanted your readers. What a story you have weaved together. History penned with such depth, detail, and a story that captures the heart. 
This lovely story begins in 1941. The war has started. Picture a family gathered around the Zenith to hear t…

Having A Rabbit Ear Kind of Reception

Are we tuning in? Are we waiting with hope and assurance? We need to be waiting with anticipation and readiness. 
We have become a people that tunes everything out. We zone in to our phone, put our earbuds in, and let everything else around us go. Can you imagine the daily blessings we miss out on by living in our little zone? We live in such a way that we try to quiet all the noise around us. So much so that it causes us to become numb to our very own senses. 
Long ago when my children were young, well, not so long ago, but it seems a lifetime ago, we would gather together and watch American Idol. My husband would be working at night, so it was just me and the kids. We would get snacks and all scrunch in close on the bed and get ready to be wowed. 
On one particular night we weren't getting good reception. At the time we had rabbit ears for our antennae. Those were the good days, right? Well, up until they wouldn't give clear reception. One of the kids had knocked over the a…

Impacting Choices

I pen these words as I sit here early in the morning.The birds are just coming awake with song. A breeze is gently blowing the lace curtains. A turtle dove coos good-morning as I sip my already cold coffee. Bible open, studies ready, and my heart is full of thanksgiving.

Not a morning passes where  I am not brought right back to October 12, receiving a 1:30am call that my husband had been in a serious crash. It's that day that continues to bring a mix of emotions. 
Since that moment, that very moment where a driver's car collided into my husband, with full speed, our lives changed. Nothing has been the same since that day. As that driver's life has carried on much in the same manner as before every aspect of our lives have changed.

Allegedly intoxicated or driving impaired, at full speed, this driver crashed into my husband. This driver may share that they were not drinking that night. Not intoxicated in any way. If that is so, then why didn't they slow? Why didn't…