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NKJV Prophecy Study Bible, 2015 Edition Understanding God's Message in the Last Days By John Hagee Published by Thomas Nelson

This is one pretty amazing Bible. It's in the NKJV translation so it's not only precise, but easy to understand.

I have the hardback version of this Bible and it's made well in the hardback. It also has a jacket if you prefer to keep that on for protection.

This Bible holds so much valuable information that gives us such a great aid in studying God's Word. John Hagee gives us great tools for going deeper into the Word.

The features of this Bible are outstanding!!

Introduction to Bible Prophecy Index to Prophetic PassagesTop 20 Questions about Bible Prophecy Diamonds for Daily LivingGod's Great PromisesGod's Great SalvationEvidences Spokesmen for GodBible InsightsBible Prophecy ChartsFull concordance The concordance is a great size and helpful. The Charts and Spokesmen for God sections are my favorite tools. There too is a great section on the five different views of the rapture. This entire Bible is filled with extraordinary information that helps one grow in t…

I Want to Recognize Him Everywhere

I opened my devotional today and found these words:

"O Lord, where did I see You yesterday...and didn't recognize You? Where will I encounter You today..and fail to identify You? O my Father, give me eyes to see, a heart to respond, and hands and feet to serve You wherever You encounter me! Transform me, Lord, by Your Spirit into a servant of Christ, who delights to meet the needs of those around me. Make me a billboard of Your grace, a living advertisement for the riches of Your compassion. I long to hear You say to me one day, "Well done, good and faithful servant." And I pray that today I would be that faithful servant who does well at doing good. In Jesus' name I pray, amen." Max Lucado
Tears began to flow as I pondered how often in the past year He was present and I refused or neglected to see Him. How many times did He want to use me as His vessel and I passed up the opportunity because I was too busy with me? 
I want today to be different. Oh, we sa…

Family Encouragement Goes A Long Way

Family encouragement means so very much doesn't it? If we have it we are soaring in our mission to live out God's plan for our lives. If we are missing out on encouragement it squashes the spirit and causes one to question themselves.

Encouragement from family sets a fire underneath us and gives us courage to spread our wings and fly. We gain such inspiration from those who give us encouragement. It's hard enough at times to have confidence in ourselves. When we are doing what God has called us to do there are times we must face our fears and would so love for someone to be at our side with us encouraging us with hope. 
I  have a family member who thinks what I do, writing and sharing Jesus,  is a waste of time. They believe that I spend too much time writing when I should be spending time doing other things. Yeah, that hurts deeply. I work so very hard at everything I do. When I get time to write it's like an escape. An expression of my love for Jesus. Writing is not…

Never A Stranger Does He Meet

Jericho was about to have Jesus come and walk among the people. The gossip was a buzz. Could it really be? The streets began to crowd with people. Some with anticipation others with curiosity. Zacchaeus hears of this news and wants to see who this Jesus is. 
Do we wait in anticipation for Jesus? Do we wake expecting to see His glory? Zacchaeus is curious and pondering this Jesus. Wait, is He approaching? He can't see. Oh, if only the people would give room for him to witness this King of kings. He doesn't want to miss out. Could Zacchaeus be expecting Jesus to be all he has heard about? He surely isn't giving up on getting a glimpse of Him. He runs ahead and with his short legs climbs a sycamore tree. 
Zacchaeus sees Jesus, but did he expect Jesus to see him atop that tree? Jesus looks up. Their eyes meet and Jesus calls to him.  Can you imagine this moment? Did Zacchaeus look around puzzled as if to say, "Me? Are you speaking to me?" He was just wanting to see …

Glory In A Trash Dump

Golgotha. How do we envision this place where our Jesus was crucified? Even the name sounds dark and unwanted. After reading, "The Comeback", penned by Louie Giglio, this is a place I have yet to get out of my mind. Louie brings this place straight to the heart. He took me to the cross and I haven't been able to leave.
We can envision our Jesus being crucified. But somehow I think we try to make it a pretty place where our Jesus gave His all between two criminals hanging side by side Jesus. But this place was anything but pretty. Our Jesus gave His life freely in a trash heap. A city dump of Jerusalem. Think of our trash dumps today. Let the smell linger in your senses. Is this any place for our Savior to be? Our Savior who lived a sweet aroma of love and grace gave His all in a trash dump for each and every one of us. 
This was the place where crucifixions took place. Where sinners died for their crimes. After people were crucified they weren't taken down from the c…

Are You Ready? (A Guest Post by Debbie Dillon)

I gathered up my plans for the weekend, one by one. The few precious days stretched out long before me and I knew exactly what I was going to do. Had it all figured out. It was going to be great. Fun. Beautiful. New. Delicious. Exciting. Perfect!
And just as quickly, one by one…each plan, each exhausting effort crumbled, shattered to the ground leaving me spent and very frustrated wondering why God would allow me to waste my time and energy for absolutely nothing.
"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. (Isaiah 55:8)
Are you ready to gather up all your hopes, ideas, dreams and thoughts about how your life should look and place them firmly in the hands of Jesus? One by one, day by day? It's like gathering all the important elements to create the perfect floral ensemble. We strive to create the perfect contrast in color and texture and maybe we hand Him one stem at a time when we're to hand over the entire bouquet. It&…

Getting Unstuck with Jesus

Have I mentioned we have a new pup in our home? Stanley is our seven month old Dachshund. He's a cutie and 99% good as gold. But where there is trouble you will find Stanley in the mix of it.

"I will not leave you nor forsake you." Joshua 1:5h

As you know with a pup you must keep your eyes upon them at all times. It only takes a moment for something to happen and let's face it. A pup can destroy a room if left alone even for a bit.

"Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him, on those who hope in His mercy." Psalm 33:18

This morning I was studying and Stanley had been laying on his blanket at the foot of my bed. I got lost in study and took my eyes off of him. After all I thought he was sleeping. Playing opossum is more like it. I called for him. He didn't come. I searched and didn't find him. I heard his whine and then knew..this tiny fella had found his way into the box springs. Yes, he was caught in the springs. Each leg seeming to be …

The Study Bible for Women: NKJV Edition, Printed Hardcover by B&H Publishing Group

Okay, if you keep up with my reviews you know I am a HUGE fan of B&H Publishing Group and the Holman study Bible, especially the Women's Study Bible. I have been super blessed to review this Bible in the HCSB translation and now I am so excited to have it in the NKJV translation!! These are my two favorite translations and to have them both makes my study extraordinary.

This is the hardback version and I must say I am really impressed. Hardback usually isn't something I go for. My preference is leather, but this hardback is gorgeous inside and out! I'm not a huge fan of purple, but this purple works so well and is so inviting. The soft purple hues on the inside are delightful.

If hardback isn't your first choice there are many different beautiful editions of this study Bible in this translation that are coming out soon. I encourage you to visit B&H to check out all of your choices. You are bound to find the perfect Bible for you.

Now, why do I love this study …

God is With You Every Day by Max Lucado

Max Lucado is a favorite of mine. His books have helped this Jesus girl grow in faith. His wise words are a balm that has soothed my soul. He takes every day issues, adds scripture and readies the reader  for an adventure of limitless possibilities for a day lived  in Jesus.

He helps the reader to focus on Jesus, not the circumstance, but Max shows us how to take that circumstance and trust Jesus every day, knowing He is in total control.

This is a dated devotional for men and women of all ages. It would make a great for the one you love. This would be a perfect gem if you work in an office and have space to set out books. A great beginning for a family to read before they head out the door or for a night's reading to ponder while heading off to dreamland.

Max brings subject matter that we face on a daily basis. These devotions are all taken from Max's previous books. I love having all of these snippets of gold from each book all together in one place. Seasons of wisdom for ev…

365 Devotions for Peace by Cheri Cowell

This is a great devotional for women. First, I love the coloring. The soft pink hues make it very inviting. This is a hardback that's very sturdy and one that will sit very easily on my desk.

This devotional is dated for 365 days. There are many aspects to having a dated devotional that I like. It keeps me on track and there have been many days where that daily reading was exactly what my spirit needed. God's perfect timing!

This entire devotional is centered around peace. A subject that every heart desires, especially during this time of year.

Peace for the New YearPeace and LovePeace and JusticePeace with GodPeace in the WorkplacePeace at HomePeace WithinPeace of Mind and HeartPeace in Times of TroublePeace to Calm the StormPeace with OthersPeace through ThanksgivingPeacemakersPeace for the FuturePeace for the World As you can see there is a subject of peace for every aspect of our daily lives. perfect for on the go. Perfect for just having a few minutes each morning. This w…

Being Still

How are you at being still? I'm not always so good at it especially if there is a circumstance I'm facing that I think needs {fixed}. You fixer-uppers like me know exactly what I'm sharing here, right?

We see an urgency to move. We can't possibly just be still and allow things to happen before us without doing something. I mean just who would we be if we kept still for a time? Well, if we take out our flesh and our {fix it} attitude and simply trusted Jesus we would be walking in complete faith. You know what? He doesn't need our help. He is capable all on His own. And in fact, He knows more about the entire situation than what my eyes are able to see.

A week ago our little Dachshund, Stanley, hurt his leg. Poor fella slipped off the love seat and terribly injured it. Oh, the yelping broke my heart. He was in such pain and there was nothing for us to do until the next morning. I just wanted to help him. I just wanted to do something. We would have a long night befo…

A New Hope

Carrie walks out the door with her purse in hand. She climbs into the car and starts the engine. Tears are streaming down her face as she turns to look back at the doorway. There stands her four children all smiles and waving goodbye at their momma. Only momma is ready to break. She is flustered to the point nothing makes sense and a fear has covered her where there was once peace.
Just where is she going? Maybe a drive will help? Maybe a new outfit? Just a chat with a friend? No. She wants to be alone. She is never alone. There is noise that surrounds her every moment. Life seems crazy and her husband? He is trying. He is giving everything he can to bring her happiness, but it just isn't enough. Not even an outfit will help today. She hates to look into the mirror anymore after having four children. Does anyone see her as pretty? Carrie sure doesn't. She knows her heart. The pain and anger that is there.
Oh, how she wants to be  happy. She has everything a woman could want. …

The Giving Season

December is here. Christmas is just around the corner. What is it this season that you are hoping to receive? Do you love gifting to others? We make so much of this season about the material that it leaves the heart empty. Just what if we gave in such a way that we made the heart full?

"In every way I've shown you that by laboring like this, it is necessary to help the weak and to keep in mind the words of the Lord Jesus, for He said, 'It is better more blessed to give than receive.'" Acts 20:35
It is the season of gift giving. Oh, the packages wrapped so beautifully with bows and ribbon that will lay beneath our Christmas trees. Who doesn't love a great gift? I know I love them. Birthday gifts are the best to me. My birthday is on the 30th of December. You winter birthday people will understand. Yep, most of my birthday gifts growing up were tossed in with my Christmas present. I gotta tell ya that I didn't enjoy that much growing up. I envied those kids…