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Third Day's New Single Lift Up Your Face

Just had to share my new favorite song! I can hear this and just get fired up as the music plays. Gotta love those songs that speak to your heart and can give you a message of hope. If I lift up my face to Him, I will see Him clearly. If I lift up my face to Him, He will show me His glory. Have a listen and enjoy!!

Get off that stationary bike!

Stationary= Fixed in a station, course, or mode: immobile. Unchanging in condition.
Have you ever rode a stationary bike? You can peddle for hours, feel tired, feel as though you worked out, but never go anywhere. I must say I never liked riding a stationary bike. It was just so boring to me. You might get a good workout, but I prefer the sun shine. I prefer the fresh air and the beautiful sights outdoors while riding. I have to be honest and say, it has been a long time since I road a bike, but as a kid, it was my favorite thing to do. You could go across our little town. You could visit a friend. Ride to softball practice, or just enjoy the fresh air. I could ride all day and never grow tired of peddling down the street. It didn't matter if I was going up hill or down hill, I could go free hand, stand on the seat. I could even carry a friend on the back. A bike is just one of those amazing gifts of childhood we should never out grow. We should continue in that same manner as we d…

Can you get any closer?

The television is on and our kids are right up close. They are as close as they can possibly get without being in the television. Our daughter, Whitney, would watch Barney as close as she could get. She would have her eyes glued to each movement of this big, purple creature. She would be singing along and just in awe. She would want to watch all day if she could. Our son would scoot as close as he could to get a glimpse of Elmo. He could dance and sing along, but he wanted to be as close as possible. He didn't want to miss a thing. Now, our daughter Ashley, she was in love with Lamb Chop. She would hold her Lamb Chop while the show was on. You could not get her attention. She was glued to every word and every song. When they were all three small, they would take turns watching. First, Jacob got to watch Sesame Street with Elmo, then Whitney's show came. Barney, the big, purple dinosaur. Ashley would wait patiently for Lamb Chop. But something amazing happened. They all joined …


I received this beautiful Pitt Minion Reference Bible in brown goatskin leather from Bethany House Publishers. It is an ultra thin bible. The paper is ultra thin, smooth and opaque. The words of Christ are in red. It is easy to read and easy to hold. This beautiful Bible is just the right size to carry to church or along on a trip and even in your purse. This would make a wonderful gift Bible. This is a classic. A Bible that will last a life time. It is compact, but easy to read. I was so excited to receive such a lovely Bible. It is one I will carry and cherish forever.
CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS The first Cambridge Bible-an edition of the Geneva Bible-was published in 1591. As the oldest Bible publisher in the world, iwth an unrivalled tradition stretching back over four centuries, Cambridge has a long-standing reputation for quality and craftsmanship.
This Bible was a gift from Bethany House for it's review.

LOL WITH GOD (Devotional messages of hope & humor for women) by PAM FARREL and DAWN WILSON

Today we instant message everyone. Today everything is fast and easy. We can reach anyone at any time by just a few quick movements of our thumbs. In this fast pass we live in are we making room for God? He is there to receive our messages, are we here to receive His? This is a fun and quirky devotional you will enjoy if you love texting. If you are not, you will learn the lingo and much, much more. This is great for young women, teens, and yes, even us in our forties and older. This book adds laughter to our hearts and a deep message to carry each day. We tend to leave the humor out, but I think God would enjoy a little humor in our lives and trust Him enough to just find pure joy. You will find that in this devotional. This is even one of those books you could use for giving lessons to your Sunday school class or a young teen class. It is a book we can relate to in this world of speedy messages and those LOL's we love to add on to our messages of love. This one is just one that …

Where is that compact? What are you seeing in yours?

We all carry them. Those little compacts with mirrors so we can check ourselves through the day. We look in the mirror as we get ready in the morning. Throughout the day we may look into that mirror as we pass, or just to check ourselves before leaving home. We seem to look in the mirror a lot, don't we? Ever walk into a beauty salon? Hmm... There are mirrors everywhere. We need the front view, the side view and back. We pass by those store front windows that allow us to see ourselves as we pass. Sometimes it can be frightening to look if you haven't in a while. Do you ever just catch yourself in the mirror and think, "Who is that lady?" Everywhere we turn we become fixed on what we look like.
As I was listening to my Pastor yesterday, he said, "There will be no mirrors in heaven." That thought stuck with me throughout the day. I began thinking of how many times I look in the mirror at my self. In heaven I won't be looking in a mirror to see myself, I wi…

The youth? What about their elders?

Today I heard someone complaining about our youth. For some reason this just touches my heart to the very core. I struggle with those complaining about our youth. I struggle with someone putting everyone in one category. I thought upon this all day. Really, when say I struggle with this I really truly do.
When I see our "Youth" I see beautiful people. I see people trying to find their way in this world, and many, if not most are being led by parents and others who still haven't found their way. Can the blind lead the blind?
When I think of our "Youth" I wonder where are the examples? Where are those jumping in to help lead them? Where are those giving their time and love to those younger than themselves? It is easy to complain, but even more so, it is of great courage to step out beyond that complaining and reach out to those who are just simply searching in this dark world for some light. Are we not to be the light? Are we not to reach out?
I know I was once you…

CHOOSING TO SEE by Mary Beth Chapman with Ellen Vaughn

Mary Beth Chapman takes us to the deepest parts of her soul. She gives us a window into her family. She opens her heart with warmth and love. If you purchase a book this year, this is the book you should choose. I must say of all the books I have read this book was the greatest blessing of all.Within these pages we SEE not only struggle, but we SEE God's hope and joy! We SEE tragedy hit a family of faith, but from that tragedy that changed their lives forever we SEE beauty. Mary Beth speaks of the gifts of her husband, Steven Curtis and all the beautiful attributes of her children, but Mary Beth has a gift of humbleness and she shows us we can find a mighty strength in the Lord. Life is not always as we plan. We learn through life that God has a bigger plan and purpose than we could have ever imagined. God uses for good what Satan intends for harm. Choosing To See is a beautiful picture a real family. A family who chooses to SEE God's script for our lives. That script is not a…


I have read series before where the first book is captivating as each book after is written they lose something, but in this series, "Song of Alaska", they just keep getting better! I must say, this one might even be my favorite among the three. You will have to read to decide for yourself. This third in the series picks up with Britta, Lydia and Kjell's daughter. She is not only beautiful, but talented and has been traveling the world with her musical talents, but her heart is calling her home to Sitka, Alaska. She is determined and she is a strong woman who knows just what she wants. She has loved Yuri Bellikov since he saved her life at a young age. Yuri's life is in shambles. He is drinking and is lost in the ways of the world. Can he find his way back? The Lord has a way of bringing His children back into His flock and we see that happening here in Yuri's life. Love finds his heart after a long time feeling lonely and as though he just didn't fit. But Br…

LETS CHAT FRIDAY with Haelie Heard

Today I have a sweet friend visiting. Ms. Haelie Heard. I first met haelie through the Max Lucado site and I knew right from the bat we would get along just wonderful. She is one of those girls that seems to light up the day with her smile and encouragement. She also happens to be a nurse, and who doesn't admire nurses? She is filled with grace and has a love for writing. If you haven't visited one of Haelie's blogs you have been missing out. She is a gifted writer, with a passion for sharing Christ with all those she meets. I wanted to have Haelie visit because she just has so much to share. She sees the heart of others and wants to serve God with all she has. Here is our chat. I know you will be just as blessed as this girl was.

(Robin) Haelie, tell me a little about yourself. (Haelie) As I describe myself on my blog, "I am no different than many of you reading this. Because of what I have witnessed in my life of our Lord's redeeming love & saving grace, I tes…

Feel like a little run?

Now, I am not a runner. But there are those days I feel like running. I feel like just taking off and running as far as I can. It's those hills that really get me though. It seems like you sweat more. You run harder. Your heart beats faster. You begin to run low on energy. It is in those very moments I feel like giving up, throwing up that white flag in surrender.
Ever just feel like going out and buying yourself a new pair of running shoes? Something that will help in that uphill battle? Maybe I am just running the wrong way. I always think it is easier to run away from my trials. It seems the farther away from them I am it would be better, but can we really run that far? I don't think we can. Even if we did run as far as we could, those trials just seem to pick up speed and meet us wherever we end up. Am I right?
Instead of running away from my trials I need to be running to the God who can give me the endurance I need to run the race.
Romans 5:3-5 "We can rejoice, too, …

What do you do with mad?

As of late I have found myself angry. Angry at what? Just plain old angry. Anger hides itself deep within us, deep within me, and this past week it has just burst out. I go along and think things are getting better, improving and what happens? My mom gets ill, Steve losses his job, his dad becomes ill, and a migraine is still here after thirteen days now. It's really more things too, things that just seem to pile up on us. You see those bills that need paid. You wonder why others lie, cheat and steal. I wonder why my husband cannot have the job he was promised. I lose myself in trying to find my way through this new mom I have. This new mom who doesn't remember well. This new mom who says mean things.
I know there are things I cannot change, and maybe that's why I am mad. I can't control the circumstances facing us. I cannot control this migraine. I cannot see my mom to healing today. I cannot make my father in law better today. I cannot send my husband out the door wit…

When will we stand?

1 John 2:15-17 "Do not love this world nor the things it offers you, for when you love the world, you do not have the love of the Father in you. For the world offers only a craving for physical pleasure, a craving for everything we see, and pride in our achievements and possessions. These are not from the Father, but are from this world. And this world is fading away, along with everything that people crave. But anyone who does what pleases God will live forever."

Boy, this world can really get us moving in the wrong direction, can't it? Turn on the television and what do we have? Things that we should close our eyes to. Open the windows and what do we see? Things that our eyes don't want to see, but it's there staring us in the face. Crime, hate, hurt, mistrust, and roads that lead to dark places. There is so much going on around us, and much of the time we are blinded to it. It seems as though we get use to seeing such things that we just get accustomed to view…

A heart's journey

I have been trying of late to keep a schedule of writing. I have been trying to write a quote for Monday, encouragement for Tuesday, pick a woman out for Wednesday, find scripture for Thursday and do an interview for Friday. I think I am exhausting not only myself, but my writing. On Tuesday I may not feel encouraged. On Monday I may just want to write about my struggle. On Wednesday I may want to share a song. I have been trying to hard to please others. When it comes down to it that is what I have been trying to do. I have been trying with everything I have to write for an audience, but in that I have lost track of the audience I am writing for. I began writing for One, and somewhere along the way I am losing that. I use to just sit down at the computer and my fingers would fly. I could sit back with tears in wonder at what I was seeing. It was though the Lord was speaking right to my heart. But now, I am losing that passion with trying so hard to write for others. My passion? Is Je…

I don't even like Cracker Jacks

When I was a kid my dad would buy me a box of Cracker Jacks. I loved getting these boxes. It was not for the coated popcorn. It was all for the prize at the bottom of the box! Just that little trinket was worth the box. Sometimes you could get a really good box, and the prize would be there waiting for you on top, but more times than not it was on the bottom, way under all that stuff I didn't like. So, like any good daughter, I would give my popcorn treat to my dad and reach into the bottom off the box for the prize.
Just like today, I would rather hand over what I don't like and just reach in to grab the prize. I am learning to get to the prize I must go through the good and bad. I must endure that popcorn I do not like. I can't just pass it on to another or throw it out. Somehow that is wasting. Even if it is stuff I don't like, there is a purpose to it all. That's why the prize is at the bottom of the box. Once we have gone through whats in the box, it makes it e…

What a dance it has been

"She spins and she sways to whatever song plays without a care in the world
And I'm sitting here with the wearing the weight of the world on my shoulder's
It's been a long day and there's still work to do
She's pulling at me saying, 'Dad, I need you, there's a ball at the castle and I've been invited and I need to practice my dancing
Oh please, Daddy, please.'
so I will dance with Cinderella while she is here in my arms Cause I know something the prince never knew
Oh, I will dance with Cinderella
I don't want to miss even one song
Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight but I know the truth is the dance will go on."
"Cinderella" Words and music by Steven Curtis Chapman

Our little Cinderella will wear a gown and walk the aisle, looking more beautiful than ever. Our baby girl will take her daddy's hand and walk to another.
Those days where she danced, blew bubbles and looked to us with those big, blue eyes went so very qui…

LOVE, CHARLESTON by Beth Webb Hart

This is the first of the books I have read by Beth Webb Hart. I must say it is was the cover that grabbed me. Here you have a woman opening the windows into a new, beautiful light, casting her eyes across Charleston, South Carolina. This book takes you into the heart of Charleston where the characters are deep and so very real. I was able to relate to each character as their lives are revealed to us through these pages. We meet Roy Summerall who is trying to move forward with his daughter after losing his wife. Life is just not the same, but Roy is trying to find his way through. He is the Reverend at Good Shepherd where the folks are right nice and cheerful. It is where he calls home, but the Lord has new calling for him. He is now called to a new church in the heart of Charleston, where the people are quite different and to him, he thinks there is a big mistake. Is he ready? Is he willing? Drama? There is always drama isn't there? We meet Anne, who is waiting on love, Alisha, he…

What's inside your frame?

I love going to the St. Louis Art Museum. It is one of those places I can stay for hours just staring at a painting. I look with wonder at what each stroke took. I take in the colors and only imagine what the painter was thinking when he designed the piece. Was it to make a statement? Was it to add beauty? Was it to make us think? Sometimes as I look I don't just wonder about the artist, but I dream as if I were there, deep within the setting. Would I see the same thing? Could I describe it as intricately?
I notice the framework around each piece. The framework can make the painting even more beautiful. Whether it is golden, silver or wooden, it brings out the beauty of the painting in just the right way. They seem to accentuate each other to bring your eye deep within the painting.
Now, there are those pieces that I just pass by. They do not peek my curiosity. They do not make me think, nor do they excite me. I am sure the artist put much time into his work, but there just seems t…

CATCHING MOONDROPS by Jennifer Erin Valent

The story is continued with JessilynLassiter, a young nineteen year old, who has grown into a woman as one summer changes her life forever. Jessilyn is one of those girls who has no fear. She stands for what is right and here in the country of Calloway there are many things that needs changing. Here black and white do not mix. Here pain and fear take grasp of life according to the color of your skin. Jessilyn is not alone. Right by her side is Gemma, her best friend, who has skin darker than hers, but to Jessilyn she doesn't see that. All she sees is beauty, a friend and a sister. Life's tragedy brought these two young girls together as the Klan terrorized Gemma's family in "Cottonwood Whispers". Life is not easy, but life brings blessings and love to these two young women. Jessilyn is deep in love with Luke Talley. In Jessilyn's eyes, Luke isn't returning that love fast enough. We see this young relationship take flight through trial and tragedy as a you…