Thursday, April 16, 2009

I SAID 'YES' TO Norm Stovall

My life was full of sin and pain,
I had no peace of mind to claim,
Worldly possessions was my aim,
How could I say 'yes' to Jesus?
When things in my life were really bad,
and all that happenedmade me sad,
Sorrow and darkness was all I had
Until I said 'yes' to Jesus.
I bowed my headin lowliness
and knew my life was in distress.
How can I ever change this mess?
Unless I said 'yes' to Jesus.
He looked down on me with tenderness,
with open arems held me to His breast,
And I could feel HIs lovingness,
When I said 'yes' to Jesus.
He forgave my sins and washed them away.
It was with His blood that He did pay,
And now I'm saved and live a new way,
Since I said 'yes'to Jesus.
With all my heart I thank the Lord
Because my life is now not so hard.
The Holy Spirit abides in me as I am His ward
all because I said 'yes' to Jesus.
You too can feel Him in your heart this way,
Just open your heart to Jesus and pray.
You will feel the same as I do today,
Just say 'yes' to Jesus.


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