Thursday, April 23, 2009

A little Sunshine for the day

A few days ago I was really having a bad day,just struggling with life.You know,those rainy days,when your wondering if the sun is going to shine again? Those days when the wind is blowing in hard,and your not quite sure if you can stand against the wind,its just so strong.Those days when its pouring,and your not sure when its going to stop.When those tornados of life hit out of nowhere,and you have no warning its coming,and you get hit hard.I think we all have those days when we are shivering because the rain is so cold.Thats the kind of day I was having,until a little bit of sunshine came upon me,with a beautiful rainbow to help.The hard rain started to cease,the clouds parted,and the Son was shining upon me.He came to me with the blessing of a friend,who with her love gave me a wonderful gift,that brought tears just opening up the bag.God may not make the storm stop,or the waves to slow,but He will calm us through our storms in life,by His love,and touching us with loving people around us.On the other hand He may choose to stop the storm,either way we need to praise Him,weather we are in the storm or He has stopped it.It is in the moments that we think we are alone,that He reaches out a hand,and holds us,and steadys us until we are able to stand.When your afraid the sun isnt going to shine anymore,dont give up hope,because the Son will always shine down upon us,even through a little shower.


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