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My Defining Dash

Today is my birthday. Forty-seven candles to top my cake. This has been a defining year for me. Forty-six has probably brought me to ponder more than any other year. My dad died at the age of forty-six. I was nineteen. Nineteen and green as could be. At nineteen, forty-six seems pretty old. You know, forty-six is young. To realize that my dad was such a such young man when his life on this earth ended is powerful for me. It is a reminder that it's not the year I was born that is important. 1966. Nor is it the date when I breathe my last breath. It's the dash in between that counts. 
I have to be honest and tell you that this entire year of forty-six has made me wonder if I would reach forty-seven. I have now outlived my dad. His birthday was in December as well. He loved birthdays and Christmas. He loved celebrating. Put him in a bass boat and he was one happy man. He learned at forty-five that lung cancer would take his life. Chemo would only give him a few more months. My d…

Into The Free by Julie Cantrell

"Into The Free", is a book that left me wanting more. This novel is exceptional in every way. Julie Cantrell is a new author for me. I am now reading the second book in the series, "When Mountains Move". This book takes you on a journey beginning the year of March 1936. The depression has hit everyone hard. Mississippi is where we find the main character Millie Reynolds.

Julie's writing is superb. The detail she shares and how her words flow invites the reader to join her along the journey. This is a book that will bring you to experience every emotion.

The characters are real and each carries a burden of the past. Secrets haunt the soul. Each are wanting to leave the past behind and experience life in the present but as we see that is easier said then done.

Millie is full of life and promise. She imagines a world different of her own reality. She yearns for family and love. What I love about her is the fact that she isn't giving up on hope.This is her fai…

A Superman Kind of Faith

What kind of faith do you have? Take a peek at my two grandchildren. See the look of wonderment in their eyes? Jack looks as if all he has to is dream and he could take off any minute. Peyton with her arm shields thinks that she can battle any fierce ugly that comes her way. 
"In every situation take the shield of faith, and with it you will be able to extinguish the flaming arrows of the evil one." Ephesians 5:16
They believe. They trust. They wonder. Faith is a journey. It's an arms stretched out and ready to fly kind of faith. It's a I believe everything is possible kind of faith. It can bring us to soar high. Faith can shout to the world or can be quiet in the deep of a moment. 
"Now without faith it is impossible to please God, for the one who draws near to Him must believe that He exists and rewards those who seek Him." Hebrews 11:6
Faith takes us from the impossible to the possible. It brings us from despair to peace. Superheros don't walk in fear.…

The Governess of Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky

This week I have been blessed with new authors and now I can add Carrie Turansky to my favorites list. You must check out her website. It is simply beautiful.

Are you like me and awaiting for the next season of Downton Abbey to begin? Well, get ready, this book will take you on a similar journey into the Edwardian time period. England in the 1900s is fascinating. Through Carrie's penned words we travel to England for a close up view.

Her writing style is so descriptive you are able to see the scene before you. The characters have an unforgettable quality. I was swept away in this beautiful story.

This is one of those reads that I was just able to sit back with coffee in hand and take my time. I must admit once I began reading I couldn't stop. Everything else was put on hold. Beautiful in every way.

This book was a gift from WaterBrook Multnomah for sharing my review with you. 

Carrie Turanskyis the award-winning author of nearly a dozen novels and novellas, including Snowflake S…

The Sinners' Garden by William Sirls

I love when I have finished a book and then must ponder just how I'm going to write the review. There is so much to share about this brilliantly penned novel. 
William Sirls is a new author for me. I've seen his previous book, "The Reason", for review, but passed it up. I now know I must grab it up for my winter reads. "The Sinners' Garden" will hook you in the prologue. I couldn't read it fast enough. In the prologue we are introduced to the characters. It's real and raw and blurred my vision as tears escaped. 
I must tell you that it was the cover of this book that captured my attention. Beautiful. Once I read the title I had to know more. I encourage you to check out William Sirls website. His story will bless you. 
After being so touched by the prologue the continuing chapters elevate the senses. This isn't just an ordinary work. Sirls is spectacular as he spins a poetically magical work of art. Everything in this story has meaning. He l…

Unwilling Warrior by Andrea Boeshaar

If the beautiful cover of, "Unwilling Warrior", doesn't grab your attention the first chapter will. 
Andrea Boeshaar is a new author for me. I can tell you I hope to read more of her work. This was an unputdownable for me. Andrea transported me back in time to New Orleans in the of 186. The Civil War is taking place. All is uncertain and we see the unexpected happen. 
This story moved me. It flowed so natural. The story line held my attention. I can honestly say that my heart was stirred as I read these beautifully penned words. The characters are rich with personality. 
This is a period that I am always excited to read about and Andrea did a wonderful job at making me feel as though I was right there with the characters. Although this is listed as romance I would say there is a bit of suspense here too. If your searching for a great winter collection I would suggest Andrea Boeshaar. I can't wait to read more of her work. 
This is book one in her, "Seasons of Re…

Maybe We're Not So Different After All

Have you ever wondered how two people sitting in the same pew could have such totally different lives? Two women, both married, both have children and both attend the same church. What could be the difference? 
One walks in church with a smile. She greets everyone with a bright hello. The other remains silent. She is holding her Bible tight to her chest. As the woman with a smile greets all she is praying silently that no one asks her how she is doing, while the woman being silent is hoping someone will notice.
Two women facing each day with fear and doubt. While one tries to hide it all, the other tries so hard to just get someone to notice her pain. But no one does. If they do, they say nothing. They just pass by.
We all have those silent fears that scatter our thoughts and jumble our emotions. There are days we wake and all is grand. Yet we too are touched by life shattering days. We can feel the weight of the world on our  shoulders. We feel pain that rips at our heart. Anger that cl…

What Are You Chasing?

Even today when I see the sky striped white I look up to see the plane and wonder just where it's going. I often dream of it heading to Paris. I picture those on board and wonder what their lives are like. In the next moment I dream big. I ponder just how I would feel on board and flying off to Ireland. I'm a ground girl. I have never flown. So, in my wonderment I travel with others as I see them escaping through the blue. 
I've never been one to wish I was someone else. Jealousy has never been something I've had to fight. But I do dream. Maybe just to live in someone else's shoes for a day. Sometimes I ponder just like everyone else and think what life would be sixty flights up. I love sky high buildings. You know, those that make you wabble as you look up. I wonder what it must be like to live in a big city apartment looking down onto the green grass of the park. Do you wonder? Do you wonder if those who live sixty flights up have a better life? 
We dream of bei…

What's In Your Cup?

As I was grabbing for a cup to pour a late night cup of coffee my mind began pouring thoughts in my heart. I realized this had become a movement that was so natural I didn't even think about it any more. I have only been drinking coffee for a couple of years. It's something that I greatly enjoy. There is something special about sharing coffee with my husband. It's a tender moment of us coming together to chat about anything and everything or to just sit quiet next to one another in thought. 
But as I was pouring into my cup it came to me just how often I go through the motions without thought. Without care. Without a sweetness of joy. 
I no longer just want to pour my morning coffee. I want to smell the fresh beans. I want to take a moment and enjoy grabbing my favorite cup. As I pour coffee for my husband I want to settle in for a sweet time. To see his smile. To hear him say, "Thanks", as I cuddle in next to him. I want to hear every word he shares. 
How could…

My Heart Hurts

I've been quiet in my writing. My heart has been going through a transition. We are always changing aren't we? Although we don't always realize the change that is occurring until something happens that totally sets us off track. October 31st we had to have our little Daisy put down. Those words still don't sit well within me. I want to spit them out and start again. Go back somehow and have a different outcome. She was our little Dachshund. Daisy was eight years old. She had suffered from back issues for the last three years. We knew this day would come, but you pet lovers out there know that nothing prepares you for that moment. 
I have felt such a loss. She was my buddy. Especially the last three years. She was never away from my side. She was so smart and brave. Funny and filled with personality. She was my study buddy, my writing buddy, and my late night friend. Since she had injured her back we babied her and was gentle with her. Carrying her outdoors. Never allo…

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Just Us Girls 101 Stories About Friendship for Women of All Ages

Friendships are the headliner for this newest edition to be released by Chicken Soup for the Soul. We meet in the most unexpected places. Our hearts connect as if we have known each other our entire lives. Sometimes we grow up together and have life long friendships. There too are times when we have been waiting our entire life for a friend. Just someone to connect with. Someone to understand. To lean on and to laugh with. Friendships come and go, but friendships are never forgotten. 
Within these pages are story after story of love, laughter and the sweet joys of friendship. Women coming together to support one another. It is special when we can connect with another and find that we have much in common. We form bonds that are lasting. Neighborhood friendships, young and old, across the country friendships. There is nothing like taking an adventure with a girlfriend. Chatting over coffee. Lifting each other up. A tender hug needed. A tear wiped away. 
Sometimes it takes courage to mak…

The Wall Around Your Heart by Mary DeMuth

Until reading, "The Wall Around Your Heart", I hadn't realized the wall that I have been building. Mary DeMuth is a woman I admire. I admire her for being transparent and being able to take her deepest hurts, give to the Lord, and allow Him to use them to bring healing to others. Mary's writing is elegant as it flows rich with healing. She is genuine and compassionate. Reading this book comes so natural. Mary is inviting and encouraging. 
Every book I have had the pleasure of reading penned by Mary DeMuth has brought great blessings to my heart. She writes from a depth of her soul that brings a sweetness to the reader and makes you feel at home and at ease to be yourself. 
This book is a safe place to uncover the bricks you have been building around your heart. Mary brings us to see the Lord's Prayer in a new way. In reading these paragraphs I share with you, they were powerful to me. In these words I found my heart, hurting and bleeding. 
"Of all the people…