Sunday, April 19, 2009

Glimmering Friends

I am blessed to have awesome friends.I have a couple who love sparkles,and glimmer.They are just as cute as can be,they wear all the sparkles,and shimmer.They just glow everywhere they go.Yes,they love bright colors,and they wear them so well.It is just their personalities to glimmer.You have seen them,I'm sure.They are the ones who stand out in a crowd,and you take a peek at them,and you think wow,they wear that glimmer well.With my two friends who love shimmer,its not the jewelry that makes them shine,its their relationship with Christ.They each have their own unique personality,and they shine before everyone with their hearts for Christ.They just give off sparkle just by being near them.Like when you have picked up something with glitter on it,and for some reason when you walk away,you too now have glitter all over you!Thats them!!!It is contagious.A love of christ shinning through them that just gets on you and sticks.It is wonderful to be around people like them,who let Jesus shine in all His glory.They are just themselves,with open hearts.I am blessed to be with them,and they give so much just by being honest.I am glad I have glimmering friends,because I just can't stand next to them without getting a little on me.


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