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The Feathered Bone by Julie Cantrell

When I read my first Cantrell novel I knew she was going to be a favorite. This gifted writer doesn't write easy. She takes the reader on a journey, a deep heart tugging, thought pondering story that leaves you thinking about your own life and circumstances. She brings the reader characters that are real and leave us thinking of them long after we have closed the last page. Yes, Cantrell writes unforgettable stories. 
I love this novel and the reality of emotions that Julie brings to each character she introduces us to. The story flows easily. Love, faith, and endurance are weaved in this story. This is a novel  that will leave you wanting to hug your children tighter and embrace all you treasure, family, friendship, and faith. We realize what's really important in life and what doesn't matter at all in the big scheme of things. 
For me this novel is deep, but deep is what I enjoy the most. Life doesn't always go smooth and easy. Trials and fears attack us when we lea…

Glass Shattered Under Foot

Do you think Cinderella ever thought about her glass slippers breaking? Oh, having a perfect night up until midnight when all would shatter to pieces. I mean one day you're walking in your Cinderella slippers and all of a sudden you're no longer walking with ease, but they have shattered and now it is cutting glass under your feet. 
We all envision a family that has Sunday dinners together, right? I had shared with my son that it would be awesome if we could all enjoy a Sunday dinner together once at month. His reply was, "Mom, we aren't the Reagan family on Blue Bloods". 
Yep, I always thought our home would be filled with our kids and grandchildren on the weekends. Maybe cooking and baking together. Spending afternoons just sharing all that's going on in our lives and well, sharing dreams together. Laughing and remembering the times when all seemed perfect right about before midnight. 
Somewhere along the way our children grow up. They leave the nest and h…

Salsas and Moles {Fresh And Authentic Recipes by Deborah Schneider

Wow!! This book makes me want to rush out to the store and grab up all the ingredients I will need to pack my pantry to begin a journey of making a new salsas and moles.

For this salsa loving girl I could literally have salsa every single day and now I can try many new fresh styles and enjoy it all the more. I can't wait to try these recipes with my husband. He's going to be so excited when he sees this new book on our shelf. I'm sure we will have some new favorites.

This is a cool book because the author gives such great information. It isn't just a recipe. She shares how to work with chilies and how they best work for different dishes. She gives a great list of ingredients to have on hand and gives techniques for making the best salsas and moles.

I am a photo lover. A picture gives me a great help in what it should look like when I'm all finished. There are great photos here, but not for each dish. That would make for one gigantic book. But she gives such great …

Saving A Pew Or Saving A Heart?

If a whore walked into your church would you move over to give her a seat? If a known heroin user entered the doors would you stare in disbelief? If a gay couple joined your Sunday morning service would you share your pew with them? What about the couple in town that lives together unmarried with three children? Those questions kind of sting, don't they? We don't like to think we make a difference in people, but we do. Some how we are accepting of those we love and admire, but as for strangers, not so much and if they are different in some way other than what we are comfortable with everything changes. 
"But let each one examine his own work, and then he will have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in each other." Galatians 6:4 
We point out sins that we seem to think are much worse than others. But see, sin is sin. All sin is ugly.  We are sinners in need of grace. What I've learned is that most sins are not seen on the outside but they live inside hidden from ot…