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Can You See My Love For Him?

A few days ago a friend gave me a sweet comment. He was encouraged by how much I share my love for my husband. I must tell you that sent my heart soaring. I do love my husband. Each day brings new love. Amazing how love can continue to grow, isn't it? 
I had been sharing the blessings of my husband's new job and how over the top excited I am to have him home each night with me. Love sharing coffee at 4am and making him dinner. I actually get to meet him at the door each night. What a blessing! I am that girl that loves spending time with my husband. I too love sharing all the wonderfully sweet things he does for me. 
There's something else I'm enjoying about those early mornings. I am making the choice to open up the Word, my studies, and soak in Jesus. I can tell you that this week is growing a sweet time. The moon and stars are still bright as I say goodbye to my husband. I turn my light on next to my bedside and open the pages of my Bible. As I drink in that first …

Unfolding Beauty

We are a right now kind of people. Instant gratification is what we expect. Easy is quick. Whatever we can do to have it right now. Oh, I'm right there with you. But, more and more God is showing me that beauty is found not in the nice and easy, but in the waiting for it to unfold. 
Kind of like how a writer weaves a story. If they just began with the ending, what would be the point? We would miss out on all the details. The journey wouldn't be half as nice. 
God is our Master Writer and He has a wondrous plan for us. The key is uncovering that plan. It takes prayer. That intimate one on one time with Jesus. Time spent in His Word. One of the most important aspects of God I've learned is to allow the Spirit room to move me. If I'm unmovable I'm going to miss out on the beauty He has placed perfectly before my eyes.   
God isn't in a rush with us. With tenderness He has woven our life with intricate love and detail. Talk about attention to detail. He is the Mas…

The Story Keeper by Lisa Wingate

Oftentimes we try hard to remove our past from memory, but in, "The Story Keeper", that is exactly where the greatest blessings are uncovered. Our past is a part of who we are and that is one of the greatest trials the main character faces on her journey to move forward. She has tried to wipe away all traces of her accent that could give way to where she really came from. 
I love how Lisa combines two stories together, weaving the past and the present. The story flows quite easily. Yes, we go from modern times and travel back in time to Appalachia. A place that seems to be it's own story keeper. 
Sometimes novels will hit me right from the first pages, others the journey begins slowly. This is what happened in my experience in reading this newest gem from Lisa. That doesn't mean the journey wasn't worth it. Time travel to another place and time is a wonderful gift to the reader. We meet characters in the present as they uncover those of the past. Those character…

Believing Beyond Fairy-tales and Dreaming Big

When I was a little girl I dreamed big. Now that I'm forty-seven that hasn't hasn't changed. I was that little girl with her hair hanging in her eyes as I climbed up my favorite trees. The higher I could climb, the higher my dreams soared. I never feared falling. My feet were steady as my hands reached higher and higher for limbs to take me to the clouds. 
I dreamed of finding my prince charming, wearing glass slippers, and having seven friends who were just a bit shorter than me. I loved chasing butterflies and catching toads. I would ride my bike for hours just dreaming I was off in another place and time. Nothing held me back from dreaming. 
I pretended I was a school teacher. I would pass out papers to my stuffed animals that would surround my bed as if they were sitting at a round table. I would stand with a pencil behind my ear as I took roll call. 
I could take my baton outside and toss it high into the sky, do a twirl and flip and catch it in one hand as I passed …

Holman HCSB Ultrathin Reference Bible published by B&H Publishing Group

I am so thrilled to share this beautiful Bible with you! When I opened this package, and unwrapped this Bible it was as if I heard, "Hallelujah". Well, maybe it just came from me. Lol Really, I wish you could hold this Bible in your hands and feel this magnificent leather. Genuine brown cowhide that is so soft and durable. A Bible to last a lifetime. 
Once you get past the beauty of the outside, the Word of God, is printed in 10 1/2 bold type print. I was afraid that it being ultra-thin the print would be extremely small, but that isn't the case. I love the bold easy to read print. 
This Bible is indexed which is extra special. The tabs for the OT are in black and the tabs for the NT are red. The indexed Bible is a great gem for those just learning the Books of the Bible. It's an easy find. 
The Word of Jesus is in bold red print, which is another aspect that I love. I have Bibles where the Word of Jesus isn't and it makes it so much more clear to see the Word i…

Believing God Day by Day by Beth Moore

Beth Moore is outstanding. If that was all that I could say about this devotional that would be enough. That's pretty amazing to be able to describe such a godly woman who impacts the world with just saying, outstanding. 
I am getting ready to do Beth's study on Paul. That too says so very much. When you read one of Beth's books, you can't but help to want to pick up everything she pens. 
Love her heart. Her truth. Her determination to reach the world by being real and honest. She is so transparent in her words. You can't help but love her and admire all she does in putting everything out there that she can so that there is literally something for everyone. 
This would make for a great gift. 365 days of sweet words of encouragement. It's a small book. One that you could easily carry with you. Just to have a few moments to steal away and absorb God's Word. Each devotional is only two to three paragraphs. She begins with scripture and then shares her word of…

In Perfect Time by Sarah Sundin

I want to grow up and write like Sarah Sundin! She is so pure. Gifted to bring the reader to another time and place. We are not only invited to get to know the characters, Sarah brings us close up, heart to heart, with each one. 
"On Distant Shores" and "With Every Letter", are the first two books in this series. (Check out my reviews). Wings of the Nightingale Series finishes with, "In Perfect Time". 
This novel follows the lives of Kay and Roger. I'll share a secret. This just may be my favorite of the series! Yes, this series only got better and better. That is what sets Sarah apart from other writers. She takes a story and makes it grow. It comes to life before our eyes and soon we are right in the mix with these wondrous characters that become friends. 
Kay and Roger struggle with the idea that they aren't good enough. In fact, they have been told their whole lives that they would never amount to much. I think most of us can relate to that in …

For Real

Why do we try to cover up our real emotions? Friends, we can't fake happiness. I never much cared for that saying, "Fake it until you feel it". That's not real. God created us intricately. We are woven together with the hands of God. A God who has emotion. 
Can you imagine those six days of creation? How about that seventh day when He rested? Can't you see the glory in His eyes? The wonder? The Hope? Take a trip to the Garden of Eden. He created Adam and Eve to explore their emotions. To express their hearts. To share all between them and to glorify God in everything. To glorify God don't we have to have emotion?
Now, can you imagine the emotion of God when Adam and Eve sinned? Oh mercy, I can imagine the pain God felt. The sadness over the actions of the very people He created. Our emotions are just as a part of us as God is. He created us to feel and to express. 
We can see emotion in the face of a child on their celebrated birthday. On the mother as she h…

Breaking Free: Discover the Victory of Total Surrender by Beth Moore

I have read many of Beth's books and have immensely enjoyed her studies. There is something different about Beth. She is a woman of God who walks in the Spirit and shares His love and message. But what's special about her is her transparency. She knows women because she has heard their stories. She reaches out to women and wants them to truly experience God in a new way. In a whole way. 
I began turning the pages of this book and found out that I too have strongholds. Strongholds I didn't even know were there. Through this study she moved me to pray more and dig in deeper. Deeper into the Word of God. It's in His Word that the Spirit moves. 
I got to chapter 13, Touring The Ancient Ruins, and was broken. My chains were evident. I was chained in ways that I had not realized. Chains from my past. A past that I had to revisit. What I loved about this chapter and those following is that Beth didn't want me to revisit with a bitterness and anger, but to simply see and …

Unconditional by Eva Marie Everson

Eva Marie Everson is a gem of a writer. She connects by going for the heart. She takes reality and makes it personal. We see the characters as our neighbors, friends, and self. This novel is heartfelt. Tragedy brings tears and emptiness, but God restores with bringing new beauty to the fill the heart that has ached for so long.

Change is evident. Some we embrace and others we want to run from. Sam was running from her pain. She wanted her ache to end, but in this precious novel we see God's perfect timing touch her life. There are no limits to what God will do to bring His children back to Him. Not only back to Him, but to know Him in a whole new way.

I found this novel riveting. It's an unputdownable for sure!! I loved Sam. Within these pages Eva created her heart in such a transparent way you could feel her ache. Somehow with the things of this world that seem to make no sense at all, God brings about a purpose to continue the walk in faith. To stay true and to trust Him in…