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The Devotional for Women by B&H Publishing Group

I am a lover of devotionals. I'm that girl that needs to be surrounded by the Word and reminded daily to focus on Jesus. I love when women share with other women in such a transparent and down to earth way. These ladies have brought us a devotional for every woman. 
The topics are applicable to every women of every age. Young women will too enjoy this devotional. Each devotional covers two pages. Scripture is shared, the devotional, prayer, and then the reader has a space created for them to reflect. This is an aspect that I truly love. How awesome to pick up this devotional later down the road of our journey and look back, seeing just where we were and how Jesus moved in our lives. LOVE it!! 
This is a great way for us Jesus girls to grow daily, knowing more of Him, and understanding more of ourselves through prayer and reflection. This too would make for a great gift!! 
The leather is soft and the inside of this devotional is very inviting with the soft hues of purple and beaut…

Owls (Our Most Charming Bird) by Matt Sewell

I seen this for review and chose it for a friend who absolutely loves owls. I knew it would make for a great gift for her. Once I opened up this book I was surprised at just how much I too would enjoy it. 
I mean who doesn't love owls, right? I found this book enchanting. The artwork is wonderful. Each page contains a different owl and a short little snippet about each one. Just by picking up this book one can learn a great deal about owls. If you have never really pondered the owl this is a book for you. After reading it you are sure to fall in love with these beautiful creatures. 
This would make a great gift for anyone really. Children would enjoy this book. Although not a lot of information is shared about each owl it is enough to encourage you to learn more on your own. 
I was pleasantly surprised by this choice and can't wait to get it wrapped up and sent off to my friend!!
This book was a gift from Blogging for Books for sharing my review with you. This book is publishe…

The Comeback by Louie Giglio

Wow!! As if "Waiting Here For You", didn't bless me enough, I open up this blessing of workmanship and am once again stirred to the cross.

"While we're waiting and trusting in the Lord for the plans and purposes of our lives and saying, "God, I trust in you," the task for us to do is to dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness. This implies that we don't see all the purposes of God fully unfolded yet. That's okay, because most of God's plans are unseen to us anyway. In this journey of faith, our confidence comes from God's character, what's been revealed about him in the Bible. And our confidence also comes in trusting that God is working even when we don't understand or see what's happening around us. Hebrews 11:1 says our faith doesn't rest on what's seen, but what's unseen."

"You see, all our comebacks are swallowed up by this ultimate comeback. Because Jesus is alive again, we can come back from …

Waiting Here For You (An Advent Journey Of Hope) by Louie Giglio

The first time I had heard the name Louie Giglio was from my son who had heard him speak at a conference. My son was blown away by this man who so clearly walks the talk. My son will find this book sitting on his nightstand to once again be blown away and to grow through this season of hope.

Louie takes the reader through Advent. The days of November 26-December 24. I picked up this gem of beauty and didn't want to put it down. I actually did something totally different from any book I've reviewed. I sat by myself and read this book aloud. Sure, it was Louie's words, but it was simply me and Jesus.

"My hope is that this Advent devotion will help you hear the cries of the baby in the manger and the words of the Messiah on the cross. I pray that it will encourage and fortify your faith so hope may bloom again. For each day throughout the Advent journey you will find Scripture readings, Christian meditations, words of encouragement, and prayers. Carve out a few moments d…

May I Exchange This, Please?

Oh, what a pretty sweater! It is a must have in my bag. So, I go up to the counter with my gorgeous purchase and leave with a smile. I get home and begin looking at my find just a little better and do you know it has a hole in it? What I thought was perfect is not. What I thought I would love to have no longer makes me smile. How many times have we been there in that exchange line? Sometimes we have a receipt and we can make an exchange, but many times we do not and what happens then? We cannot exchange for something else, something better. We cannot get our money back. We are just stuck with a sweater with a hole in it. But, let's really think about this. Is it really as bad as it seems?
Hey, we are women, right? We can sew! Put a needle and thread in my hand and I can fix that hole. It might not look perfect. It might have just a ripple or two in the seam, but I can patch up that hole. Who needs a new one, I can make this one work just fine! But what happens later on after we …

Empty Me

Lord Jesus, empty me of {everything} that keeps me from being close to You. Don't allow the things of this world to change me. Don't allow me to be become numb. I want to feel.  I want to be moved by {everything} around me. I want to see in a new way. To hear like never before. 
Jesus, I want my life to become Yours. I want {everything} about me to shine to Jesus to the world before me. Yes! I want to reflect Your love onto everyone that crosses my path.

I want to express You through {everything} I do. I don't want to go through the motions of the day and not be aware of those around me. 
I want to experience {everything} You have for me. I want to more than talk the talk. I want to walk the walk. I want my actions to speak of You. I pray my words bring You glory. 
As You empty me of {everything} unworthy of You, Lord, fill me with {everything} that speak of You. Breathe into me what is pure and holy. Remove all that is chard. Heal the broken. Speak to my heart. Change me to l…

The Jury Pew

Your following the court case. Your opinion is set. Guilty, guilty, guilty. You can hear the gavel slam down as the verdict is given. You are not even in the court room. You don't even know all the details being read, but you know enough to form an opinion and to you, well, they couldn't look more guilty.
We read the headlines. We see the reports. We make our decisions not based on what we see, but on what we hear. Is it always the truth? There is the question. There are three sides to every story. What Becky says happened, what Angela says happened and somewhere in the middle beckons the truth.
Being a juror would be a difficult job. Most people are called to be a juror at least once in their life. The person who sits before you is awaiting the decision you make based on the information given. We don't take that job lightly. After all a person's life is in the depths of our decision making. We look at the person and try to judge if they are a good person or not. Do…

The Girl From The Train by Irma Joubert

I love reading works from authors that are new to me and Irma Joubert is brand new to me. She has a writing style all her own. She is a storyteller, but one that is quick with scenes and at times didn't give me time enough in one area before she was leaving and heading to a new scene. I wanted to know more of the characters, see more detail, and feel more passion. 
With that out of the way, this is a gem of a read. Really, once you begin reading, and it took me a while to truly get into the story, it is a story worth reading. 
It was the cover that caught my attention. It's spectacular. The story-line grabbed me and I knew I had to review this new work. 
I love history and works that share about this time in history are those very close to my heart. This novel spans over a fifteen year period. For me, that's a lot to take in and absorb. So much story to share and not enough pages to compose to totally bring me in and allow my heart to travel to another time and place and trul…

The Five Times I Met Myself by James L. Rubart

I became a fan of James Rubart after reading and reviewing Soul's Gate, Memory's Door, and Spirit Bridge. Then I read, Book of Days, and I couldn't get enough of this writer who is one of the greatest storytellers of our time. His writing takes the reader on a journey, often to another place and time, but always gives the reader the opportunity to join and a part of what's taking place.

This latest, The Five Times I Met Myself, is no different. It is an unputdownable and one that will leave the soul pondering. That's what I love about James Rubart. He changes me. He makes me think. He moves me. He brings faith alive in a novel in ways most can only dream. Yes, he brings the black and white to life and this newest gem is remarkable.

Everything in this novel flows and does so in such a way that you are so captivated that you can't put it down and once it is down you want to pick it back up and start again!

He magnifies the imagination and brings to life stories …

The Winner The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer is......Shona Neff!!

Hi friends, I just wanted to share the winner of, The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer is Ms. Shona Neff. Thank you all for entering. Check in often as I will be having more give-a-ways. 
Pop in and check out my review of this amazing study. It's one that will truly bless you and set you on a course of living in Victory. 
This book and give-a-way was a gift from Lifeway and B&H Publishing for sharing my review with you!

Amish Christmas at North Star by Cindy Woodsmall, Mindy Starns Clark and Emily Clark, Amanda Flower, and Katie Ganshert

I have to be honest. Amish fiction isn't doesn't usually attract me, but these authors are extraordinary and seeing them together only made me curious and I knew without a doubt this book would be a blessing and that's exactly what is was. 
Four stories connected, but all different, Guiding Star, Mourning Star, In the Stars, and Star of Grace,  all bringing something special to the heart of the reader. If you are a lover of Amish fiction you will treasure these stories that will grab your heart and give way for you to ponder the God above who is forever in control. 
These stories easily flowed, the characters were believable, and the situations realistic. Faith-based stories that brings the reader excited to turn pages and see what's next. 
This is a Christmas gem of a read. Snuggle in with your favorite drink and soak up emotions that will only have you doing some heart searching of your own. I loved how these stories began by being connected and then we get to witne…

Longing for Paris by Sarah Mae

I was totally surprised by this gem penned by this gifted woman of such grace. I didn't know what to expect. It was the cover that caught my attention. The description gave little information, but let me share that it didn't do justice to all this extraordinary book contains.

Sarah Mae challenged me to dream again. To imagine and ponder even the smallest of things. I could relate to her on so many levels. She wasn't preaching. She was transparently opening the depths of her soul to reach mine.

Oh, how I love to dream. But so much has distracted me. Satan has chased me, but here in these black and white pages Sarah brings to light our Jesus who created me and planned my life with glory and spectacular excitement for a journey that is unimaginable to me.

She shares her life, her blessings and tragedies. She shares what most keep hidden in the darkest places so no other can bring judgement. Sarah is that busy mom and wife. We get lost in titles and forget that we are much mo…

The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer and Give-A-Way!!!

The Armor of God is one magnificent study, but then again everything this powerful and humble woman of God does brings blessings. I've read many of Priscilla's books and each and every one has given me the tools I needed to walk this Jesus girl life with more intention, more grace, more mercy, and more empowerment through a more determined study of the Word.
You can take a peek at my reviews of The Resolution for Women and Life InterruptedDiscerning the Voice of God, and God is Able. Priscilla is that down to earth kind of girl. The girl next door that you would love to share coffee. The wisdom and transparency she brings into these black and white pages is astonishing. I am growing into the woman of Christ He has called me to be. Much of that is the blessings I have received from studying with Priscilla. 
This study is divided into a seven week study. This book is meant to go along with the videos  that correlate with this extraordinary study on the armor of God. You can pu…