Monday, April 20, 2009

What would we do without friends?

Just when things are confusing,just when you think things are falling apart,just when you think you cant handle one more day,a little note from a friend always pops up.I usually don't name names in my blog,but this one I have to.She is one of my bestest friends.She is there with me through thick and thin.Good days when we share laughter,and the bad ones when tears just keep falling.Who is this amazing friend?Tami.The Lord sent her in my life as a blessing.She is the pure version of a friend,she's true to herself,talented,and amazingly beautiful.She gives Godly advice just at the right time.I can be going through a horrible day,and there on my phone is a little note of love from her.She is a giver,and has given me some of the best gifts of my life.She knows when to talk,and just when to listen.She can see you and know if something is waying on your heart.The Lord shines through her,and touches everyone she knows.She is a wonderful example of the virtous woman.Although she is humble and might disagree,those who know her,know its true.Is she perfect,nope,and she will be the first to say.But she follows the Lord with her whole heart,and blesses others just by her grace.She really isn't my mercy friend,she is more kick ya in the behind,and move on girlfriend.She is my compass on days when I am lost,she is the laughter that fills my heart,and she is the sweetness that others dream of.She is an awesome mom,her children will call her blessed as they grow and get older,for they are blessed to have such a loving mom.I am blessed to call her friend,she has laughed with me,cried with me,and prayed with me.When a friend knows all about you,and loves you anyway,that is a true friend.She is not only my friend,but my sister.She fills my heart,and is my encourager,the one who tells me never to give up,and keep trying,as she is praying along for me.I have felt her prayers,and know that they are from a woman who puts herself last,and chooses to put others first.I am not sure where I would be today without her,for I am forever blessed each day the Lord allows our friendship to grow.I pray we get to grow very old together,and with our fancy friend we can all wear those silly red hats.As long as I have her by my side,I know everything is going to be okay.


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