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Overactive or underactive? Which are you?

As I have been battling my thyroid levels the thoughts in my mind have been churning for the past few days. Now, I do not have a thyroid. Had surgery to remove it about five years ago. For the most part it has been under control, but as I find out this week, my thyroid is overactive and wow can just the slightest difference throw your body off. Not just your body, but your mind.
Your thyroid is confusing to say the least. High means low and low means high. See, are you confused yet? Many are blessed to have a normal thyroid and when it's normal your body functions just as it is suppose to. It is amazing how just one little organ in our body can control so much. At least now I have answers as to why I have not been feeling well.
So, I began comparing overactive and under active in my walk with Christ. Can we really be overactive in our walk? I believe we can to a point if we lose our focus. I remember a time in my life where I didn't say no to anyone. I was so busy with my chil…

Come and enjoy the top 20!!

My sweet friend, Jennifer Slattery, is hosting her top twenty blog posts through the month of December at her blog, Jennifer Slattery Lives Out Loud. I am inviting you to click on the link and travel over daily to receive a great blessing from some amazing writers. Her first is up today, Oh, to be magnetic by Gail Pallotta. Just by clicking on you can find Gail's blog and share in just how it blessed you. This is what a writing community is all about. This is what sharing is all about. I promise, you will leave daily with a nugget to carry away. Each day you will find a new post. You never know, you might just find me in there somewhere and at the end you get to vote on your favorites. Now, how fun is that? Come on and join in, I know Jen would love to have you!!

WHAT WOMEN TELL ME (Finding Freedom From The Secrets We Keep) by Anita Lustrea

Here is a book written by a woman, who has heard from thousands of women, writing to women of every age. Anita shares a candid view of friendships, and all that women desire and need. She tackles loneliness and depression. She grabs hold of the subject of beauty and what it really means to look beyond the shell that carries our heart. She takes us through her childhood into divorce and even relationships with family. This is a book for every woman. We hide so much. We put on a mask and no one really knows how we feel. Anita shares how it is time to let others in and take a chance. She explores abuse and sexual brokenness in marriage. This would be a perfect book for a small study. A great way to encourage other women to share beyond what we want others to think about us. This book is challenging and thought provoking. Anita shares stories of biblical women who struggled just as we do and teaches us it's okay to reach out and be real. I enjoyed this book greatly. It would be a bles…

Just enjoy the ride

Sometimes we get so excited about the destination we forget to enjoy the ride. A few years back when our kids were small (okay, maybe for than a few) we traveled through the country to our favorite spot at Alley Springs. Now, it is about a four hour drive from our house, but being married to a truck driver, distance has no meaning. lol As we drove off from home that day we were headed to the river, and oh, what a glorious river it is. Some of our greatest memories are right there in that spot we loved to call our own.
We had a great day and now we're headed for home. We loaded the car and all five kids were in. Five tired and cranky kids that is. As my husband is getting on the road he says, "I think we will take a different way home." Now, my husband, the truck driver, can get you from point A to point B a thousand different ways and never get lost!!

Of course once on the road everyone has to go to the bathroom and get a drink, which in turn will cause another stop, bu…

It really is a family

When I began this writing adventure I didn't know where the lord was taking it and you know, I still don't. But, one this is for certain. I am right where He is calling me. I am learning daily. Am I great at editing? Are you kidding me? I have much to learn. Do I have all my words in the perfect position? Nope, you can find them scattered just like my thoughts as I am pecking away. But, my heart is there in those words. Every word before you has been prayed over and pondered before I press publish.
There is something special the Lord has brought to me. A writing community. A family of inspiration. A gathering of people who have a gift and want to serve the Lord through words. Words that can touch a soul. Bring laughter. Add to growth. Making us take a closer look at ourselves and the Lord. Stories are shared, and scripture is pondered over. I have this group of writing friends who gives encouragement. They are cheering me on and guiding me through this journey of writing. A pl…

How do we know?

If you are like me you often walk one way and then turn to another, wondering if you are traveling down the right road. It can be so confusing listening to the voices in our head and heart. We want to follow the Lord, but the advice of another often seems more comforting at the moment. Our heart is not wanting a challenge, and our mind is often too tired to keep focus. So what do we do? How do we know which way to go?
We make our plans without the leadership of the Lord, only to find out later what blessings we missed out on, trying to simply make it on our own. Since the Lord knows our life step by step, isn't it best to  affirm our goings and stopping's with Him? We seem to throw the dice and take a chance, but we must remember each choice we make will determine our next.
We seem to think money is the answer to all our problems. Many times seeking money is the root of our problems. We seem to place everything, every desire above what the Lord has before us. Sometimes what He…


It all begins with a bank robbery. A beautiful woman looking back into the eyes of a cowboy trying to just get off one good shot. Josh Neville is more than a cowboy, he is respected and an admired man among his family. He has been widowed at a young age and has not been able to move forward, until now. Kate Wellington is the woman looking back and the woman that will forever have his heart.
As Josh is riding across Texas, Kate Wellington, is bruised and battered. She knows the Texas Rangers are looking for her. She is trying to give herself a new identity as Dinah, as she is moving for the border.  Did she help rob that bank or is there more to the story? Josh, seeing her in distress, knows he must reach out to her. As he takes her back to the Lazy N Ranch, his family falls in love with Kate, only known to them as Dinah.

Let me tell you my friends, this is  a story that will grab your heart, make you smile and never take for granite one day of your life. Josh grew up in a Christian ho…

The winners of Beautiful Bandit!!!

During my chat with author Loree Lough she wanted to have a give a way of her newest book Beautiful Bandit. There is not just one winner of this amazing book, but two!! Melissa Keller Hollis and  Jill White!!!!  I am so excited for you both. Loree is gracious to give out two books and that speaks volumes about this sweet lady.This is an awesome book! If you have not read a book from Loree Lough you are missing out my friends!! Grab one up today for a gift or just something special for yourself. This is a treat indeed!! Congradulations Jill and Melissa !!! Enjoy and happy reading!!

Finding the real deal

Oh, the season of shopping is upon us. It seems to come so early. Some are prepared and have their shopping finished before the season has begun. Others, well, they leave everything to the last minute in hopes of finding that amazing deal.
We search high and low for those deals. We try to beat the crowds and get ahead in every way. We read the store ads, and look on line. Some push others aside so they can be first. We have our hand out in hopes of scoring that perfect gift at the perfect price. But can we really find that perfect gift in a store? On line? At the mall? In all our searching we are missing the greatest gift of all.
He is wrapped in love, not a brown paper bag. He is packaged with grace, not a big red bow. He lets those at the end of the line go first. His gift is free to us, although it was costly to Him. He had to give all so we could accept. We say this season is all about Him, but is it really? What do we make it?
Don't be like one of those shoppers waiting until…

You ready to see what's on the other side of the door?

She grabbed hold of the handle, not yet ready to open the door. What would be there? Would she be taken back to her past or maybe realize the present? She fights the urge to just walk past. She lets go and just stands as though time is not moving.
We all have a door to our past. We have a choice. We can open the door and unlock ourselves from the past and move into the future. Or we just continue to walk by as if that door is just part of the wall. The wall we have now built up around ourselves. Oh, if we could just open the door, and walk  through into tomorrow.
If you are like me, we can get stuck in our past. Wanting to let go, but not really ready. Why do we hold on so badly to what was? Might we want to see what it to come? We define ourselves by our past. We hide it from others as we carry a shame that isn't ours to carry. The longer we stay in our past the more time we waste today.
I can look back at the girl of my past and I can hardly recognize her. She seems so different…

LETS CHAT FRIDAY with Andrea Bowling Perdue

As I sit before the Lord asking, "Lord, who should I ask to be a guest?" He always leads me to the person who is perfect for that chosen Friday. I love how He does that. Don't you? His timing is perfect and complete in every way. His grace and mercy are there for us all if we will only accept His love. His perfect love. Life can throw us for a loop at times and we are simply lost in what to do. A few days ago while shopping with my mom  I found myself standing in line thinking of how much everything was going to cost. I said, "Oh, Lord help me." My mom replies, "You better call on someone closer than that to help." I looked up at my mom and simply shared, "Mom, there is no one closer than Christ." He is with us always and in every situation of our lives, just as you will see with my chat with Andrea. The Lord has touched her life in many ways and has brought her though some difficult paths along her journey, but oh, what a plan He has set be…

Just gotta be real, right?

I come to my computer everyday to write. I write about the love of Christ. I share my blessings and my struggles. I try to encourage others with each post. I just try to be real. Isn't that what we are suppose to do? Too many times we put on face and try to show everyone we are doing just fine. Well, I am not. I always want to be honest and as real as I can be. If we are not real, then just who are we? I feel accountable to my readers to be honest in every way. That is why I share my ups and downs. It is in truth that others see the strength, forgiveness and grace of Christ through us. So today I am sharing the pain my family has been enduring. I know we are not the only family struggling. Oh, there are many, just as we are, trying to make each day and focus on the positive, but some days the stress just overcomes you and you throw your hands up in the air and say, "Enough!"

Yesterday was one of those days. It was as though all the weight just came crashing down like an…

There is One who can calm the winds

As I was driving slowly through a parking lot I stopped to allow a woman to walk by. The wind was gusty and as she walked by with a smile her hat blew off with a stir. As she turned to grab her lost hat, she lost her cart she was holding onto. It began moving too fast and she couldn't catch up until another shopper stepped up to help her. He grabbed her cart and with a smile, she said, "Thank you." Ever feel like you are just running against the wind? Everything is blowing and as you turn you lose something else you thought you had hold of. Just when we think we have everything under our belt, it seems to fly in the wind. We run to catch it, but we never seem to run fast enough. The further we go, the farther it seems to be out of reach. Sometimes it is just at our fingertips, almost in our reach. But as we stretch out our hand it is gone with another breeze.
Just as this woman was trying to grab hold, another stepped forward to bring needed help. Isn't that just wha…

My first moment with Him

Oh, He was calling. He was protecting. I didn't meet Him until I was twenty-four years old, but oh, did He know me right from the start. I was that girl searching everywhere for freedom. For reason and rhyme. I was trying to find myself and free myself at the same time. I first walked into a church with my husband. It was the man of my dreams that led me to the God of my life, Jesus Christ. I was sitting in church with my family. My husband and three children. As my daughters stood still beside me, I was holding my young son of year old. It was two weeks before Thanksgiving. As I sat in the pew I could feel this calling. This pulling. A tug if you will on my heart that I had never felt before. The Lord was whispering to my heart. He was speaking to me. Of all people, He chose me. He chose to love me and I chose to answer His call at this moment. I handed my son to my husband as my shaky feet moved forward. Inch my inch I made to the preacher. The preacher I still sit under today. …

What's your carriage made of?

This post originally posted at Reflections in Hindsight. What an honor for another writer to give you an invite to share your work. I am forever humbled by God's mercies and gifts. Jennifer Slattery invited me to share a story on marriage. You can find my original post Is It Midnight Already? at Reflections In Hindsight. I encourage you to take a peek at Reflections.Spend a bit of time there. I promise you will leave blessed. It is a blog filled with amazing writers ready to share blessings, struggles and so much more with you!! You will find a little bit of everything there and much to bless your heart. I wanted to repost here just in case you missed it!!

As little girls we find ourselves dreaming as though we are Cinderella waiting for our prince to come. We dream of that white gown we will fit in perfectly. We see the aisle we are walking down and it seems just a short walk to our prince. We envision our home as a little white house, a picket fence, surrounded by two children a…

What are we waiting for? Lets give some thanks!!

We teach our children please and thank you, but somewhere down the road we forget to do so ourselves. Especially today we can look around and its easy to see pain and suffering, but I would like to think there are blessings there too. Within all the bad I would like to think there is just as much good. With pen in hand, the Lord is writing my story. He wrote the beginning with love and added in forgiveness and will finish up with grace. Praise His name, my story is not finished yet, but isn't it exciting to see where we are going? At some point we must let the fear go and take hold of our faith and just follow Him. 
Some find it hard to find thanks in all things. I am a believer that everything happens for a reason. We don't always know the reason and I think that is where our pain and fear come in. Just maybe if we knew what was ahead, on up the road we wouldn't be so afraid to move forward. But I am not so sure I want to know what tomorrow will bring. I don't want to …

Are you looking in the right window?

It's time for sleigh bells, winter wonderland and garland. It's time to get out the turkey and dressing. Doesn't this time of year just make you all warm and toasty inside? We make those Christmas cards and send those invites to Thanksgiving dinner. We clean our homes and put up our decorations. We wait for the snow to fall and watch our children with tender awe. But what does it really all mean to you?
We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all don't we? The stores are packed as people are gathering all they need and a little extra they don't. We count down time and become restless. We become stressed over each day as it draws near. Where will we go? Who will come? What will I serve? Oh, what will I get? How much does that cost? Do I really care? We rack up charge cards to make sure everyone has a gift. Not just one, but we cover the skirt under the tree with gifts. Our stockings are running over, but with all the gift giving are we missing something? …

I'm a guest at Reflections today!! I'm inviting you along too!!

When Jennifer Slattery asked me to be a guest at Reflections in Hindsight I was so honored. This is a blog that has a little bit of everything. It is listed as one of my favorites. Before you check out my quest post I would like you to read the post that Jen first wrote Waiting for Robin to save the day. Don't you love it when the Lord knows exactly what we need and when we need it? Even though Jen had misplaced my post the Lord filled her with just the right words to share. That's why she is so special. She is not only an awesome writer, but a willing vessel for the Lord, always and forever giving Him the spotlight in her life. So today I am sending you over to another blog where you will find my guest post. It is my prayer that you will be blessed.

Today my post is about marriage. Marriage is not always easy in fact there have been more hard days than easy ones for us lately. Check out my post where I share our struggles and just how the Lord continues to teach, mold, and b…

LETS CHAT FRIDAY with Loree Lough

A few days ago I received a book entitled, "Beautiful Bandit". The author? Loree Lough. I have never read a book of Loree's before and wow, was I missing out. This girl can write my friends! If you have not picked up a book of Loree's as of yet, do so soon. I must share with you, Loree, reminds me of a friend of mine. Her name is Denise. They even look alike! Personality? A perfect match!  Loree is really funny. She seems as though she is just one of those girlfriends you call first with any news. When I asked Loree to be a guest I was so tickled when she accepted my invitation. I have taken away many nuggets from our chat as I pray you too grasp a gem that will give you a new perspective or just add a new blessing to your life. It is an honor to get to know Loree a little better. Who knows, one day we might just get to meet!
May this Friday's chat make your day a little sweeter and brighter as Loree shares her heart.

(Robin)  Loree, tell me a little about yoursel…