Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Testimony

All this writing and I have never shared my testimony.We all have them,but do we really share them with everyone?I think if we made the effort to share more,more people would realize they were not the only ones in a situation or have a past they are not so proud of. As I was growing up I was never in a church.I didn't grow up knowing Christ.I did know there was a God,that He made the earth,and that there was a heaven,even Christmas was His birthday,but never did anyone reach out to me and show me how to find Christ. Now as I am 42,I can look back on my life and see that the Lord was always there,protecting me,trying to lead me,and loving me all the way.I can see His hand upon my life,even though I didn't know Him.I searched many places looking for love, for comfort,for someone to love me,and they were not the best places to be searching. I did alot of things friends were doing to try to fit in,and have a relationship.I was trying so hard to find myself,I was looking in all the wrong places. I caused my parents much heartache growing up,as I was trying to "find myself".Its funny now I can look back and see all the places I was trying to go to really feel safe,and just searching for something to satisfy me,giving me happiness. It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I met my husband.As we were dating he was teaching me little bits of Jesus, never preaching to me,but slowly showing me who Jesus was,and after we were married he took me to church,the church that we belong to now,that I call home. It was there that I found Jesus,as I was sitting in the pew, holding my baby son,that the Lord reached out and touched me,and my feet just moved forward until I was face to face with Bro. Ben,who shared the words with me that I needed to say to Jesus to have Him be Savior of my life. Being a christian wasnt't easy at first.It's not like your saved and boom,this change happens over night.The Lord didn't make me come to Him cleaned up,He did this all on His own,and in His timing.I am still learning today,I am still growing,and I pray I will keep growing until I take my last breath to be with my Savior.I wasn't always a good girl,and still am not worthy of God's love,but He chose me,and I answered.I am so thankful my husband shared with me what He grew up with,and for my Pastor to show me the way,and lead me in a prayer I had never heard of before. Today as I sit in church I know my bible,scripture,and the songs we sing are in my heart.I would have never known the love of Jesus,and His changing power without someone sharing it with me.I am not the same person I was 17 years ago when I became a christian.The Lord has molded me,brought me through heartache,lifted me,and forgiven me. He has placed joy in my heart,and I will forever praise Him for that.


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