Saturday, April 18, 2009


As I write I always wonder what others think,has it blessed them?Did they learn something new?Did they like it at all?So many questions to add to what do others really think.I had asked many to read my blog,since I so love to write.Many speakers,and writers have read it,and most gave wonderful comments,some were not encouraging.I would love to write a novel or a devotional some day,but I wonder can I really do it.Thats why I started asking advice from others.One writer told me,"Just because you can write in a blog,doesn't mean you can write a novel." Ouch,but she was honest.Why is it that we always seek the approval of others?I have been seeking God and asking which way do I go and how am I going to get there.Then I started really thinking.I am already writing.I may not be writing a novel,but I write whats upon my heart.It may not be read by thousands,but those who share in it with me are blessed.I may not recieve thousands of dollars,but thats not what I was after.I just wanted to write,share from my heart,and touch other people,and allow the Lord to use me.Yesterday was my eye opening moment,where God kinda hit me on the head and said do you see what you are doing already? Thats when I realized I am following the Lord,and doing His will,sharing my heart,and getting to write.I don't have to seek the approval of man,all I need to seek is the approval of my Savior.We go through life trying so hard to meet the approval of others,when we may never get it.We just don't need the world's approval,we won't face them at judgment day,we will we face our Savior,and the only approving words I want to hear are,"well done,my good and faithful servant."


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