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Exceeding Impossible

We wake believing in our God. Our attitude is set upon Him. Our focus is sure and steady. But what happens when easy is no longer our day and difficulty explodes around us? If we aren't careful everything about us changes. Doubt floods our soul. Anxiety mountains over us. Anger erupts into a volcano of hot red. What just happened? In a split second everything in us has just gone from praise on our lips to a countenance of dismay.
Our Lord is sovereign. There isn't anything that touches our lives that He doesn't intricately in every detail. This is where we encounter faith head on. This is where we experience peace in the storm. This is where we witness the glory of God moving on our behalf.
His peace surpasses our understanding. Where we are limited, our God is not. His glory exceeds every impossible. In our trials His presence remains faithfully bright. He will forever light our way even when things appear hopeless. There is no hopeless in our God. He is the very essence…

Collaborating Peace

What is it stealing our focus right now? What circumstance is overshadowing all calm and peace? There's always something, right?
When we make the decision to be fully conscious of our God blessings begin to flow. When we are more aware of Him we focus less o the circumstance and more so on our God and all He is doing within and around us in the circumstance.
I mean, really, our journey is one circumstance after another. Around every corner is something new and changing. We can make the choice to look at the dire in everything or be willing to choose to see our God in the midst of our journey. 
I have found that I only gain peace in the midst of a trial when I am seeking my Savior. His peace comes with calm. There's trust knowing He was first there. There's hope because He knows my trial today and also my tomorrow trial. He is at work turning ash into beauty for my good. 
He isn't leaving any part of my life to chance. There isn't another I would trust more with my…

Experiencing His Living Presence

How amazing it is to be in a relationship where you are always learning more about the person you are so interested in. Oh, and to have them interested in you as well. We are to be intrigued. Always wanting and waiting to discover more, right? That's how our love grows. 
As our God desires an intimate walk with us, we too are to desire to know Him more. The more we know about our Lord, the more we uncover of ourselves. He so delights in us. That should stir our hearts. 
Our God is mysterious. We will never know all about Him. So much we don't understand, but isn't that intriguing? As we seek Him more, He continues to unveil more Himself to us. 
How wonderful to enjoy the sweet company of another. To experience life with them connects us in such a special way. He has given is us the invitation to join Him on  a faith-walk. When we accept, He is forever with us. We can be in a continual relationship of worship with our Savior. That's magnificent. I can't picture any…

Sunrise Praise

How cool is it to that before we open our morning eyes to the day our Lord is already at work about our day? Yes, the day He planned before us in perfect design. That should set us to gibing praise before our feet hit the floor. 
He is present before us in all things. How about that? He loves us so much He wants us to sing. He wants us to take part in experiencing ALL He has prepared before us. There is nothing about our day that is left to chance. Think about that. Every detail planned with intricate detail. 
"Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! We have blessed you from the house of God." Psalm 118:24
"Oh come, let us sing to the Lord! Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving; Let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms." Psalm 95:1-2
"The Lord your God in your midst, the Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you …

A 'He Can' Kind of Peace

We are taught, 'He can'. We read, 'He can'. We share, 'He can'. We hear, 'He can'. But do we believe, 'He can' for us? That's the real question here, isn't it?
We believe He can and will for others, but when it comes to us, well, we feel differently, don't we? Is it that we don't deserve He can? Does He not love us enough for He can? The cross says, He can! The cross speaks of a love greater than any need we can ever request of our God. 
We must believe. His love is wide enough and deep enough for He can. His Word is filled with people like you and me experiencing He can. 
When we share our needs, when we bear our soul, He hears, He intercedes, and He moves the impossible to the possible. 
"Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always in every way. the Lord be with you all." 2 Thessalonians 3:16
"And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

Precariously Hanging

Hang on! Just like a rock-climber, they are focused and determined. They look up as they steady each hand hold and foot grip. They don't spend their time looking down, allowing fear to shake them loose. They hold on to that Rock with everything in them. Strength, courage, and endurance, all of these are needed for the climb.
A climber is either ascending or descending the rock's edge before them. They make it look easy don't they? But those who make it look easy are the most trained and well prepared, right? They have faced the obstacles before them with courage and determination. This is a portrait of one who is an overcomer, ready and willing to face each challenge with hope. They are not always able to see the next position, but in faith they reach ahead. They are perceptive to everything around them. There are times their reach is stretched, maybe their foot is left hanging as they grab tight, but with each move they trust in the fact that they have trained well and a…

Sea Rose Lane (A Hope Harbor Novel) by Irene Hannon

A beautiful coastal town that holds treasure beyond the shores. Inviting and warm to all who are blessed to live here. Small town hospitality lingers with such grace. Yep, this is a place I could get use to calling home. What a sweet dream.
I love spending a few hours in a book that allows me to relax and enjoy. Irene Hannon is a favorite of mine. Now, her suspense series ROCK!! She is the best of the best. But I too have so enjoyed her contemporary novels. They carry such heart and transport the reader on a journey of love, grace, and redemption. 
Hannon is gifted at bringing out the best in each character. Her words flow as they draw the reader in deep. The cover caught my attention for this selection, but more so it was that it was another selection from Irene! 
I enjoyed getting to know these characters. Okay, so if you read the blurb you get the gist of the two main characters. You have a beauty of a girl who welds a hammer and has a growing business, an out of work attorney who…

Let Us Never Turn Away A Friend

A man is burdened with what he knows to be a truth. This burden has held him still for some time now. He listens to his Lord and obeys by going to a friend to share with them what has been laid upon his heart. 
This friend he has known for twenty-something years. Many call him Pastor, but this man, he has had the blessing of calling him friend. Isn't this the action of a friend? They are burdened by something not for themselves, but for this very friend they know they must share with sooner and not later. Just maybe there is no time to wait. After all, he is listening to his Lord in obedience. 
This man goes in hopes of sharing with him today. The Lord has said, "Don't put this off". He goes to the church only to be told by the another, "He doesn't see people on Friday or Saturday". Saddened and dismayed by those words, this man is determined. He goes to the house of this friend. There at his home he is told again, "Sorry, he doesn't see peopl…

Let God Take Them Captive

Our thoughts can scatter many areas over time in just a minute, can't they? Just as lightning covers a sky so do our thoughts and they engulf our entire being. Every emotion possible can find itself in our thoughts before our feet hit the floor. Many of those thoughts are the cause of us skipping getting up and remaining in bed with quilts overhead. Been there with me?

Can we really train our thoughts? Is it possible to escape all that clouds our view of glory each day? Yes, it is! We can take charge of our thoughts. We can train our minds to focus not on the circumstance, but the God who is in us the very moment that unknown circumstance hits us like an out of control fast-pitch ball.

Remember who you are and whose you are!

"Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy-medit…

They Danced On (A Darling Family Novel) by Carre Armstrong

Easily I chose this novel because the cover captivated me. It is a gorgeous cover that visualizes a story all on its own. 
When I chose this novel I didn't realize it is the third of a series, but I too had not read anything by this author, so it seems all was new to me, but I would in no way be disappointed. 
Although this is the third novel in a series it could easily be a stand alone. Now with that said, since it is a series if you are thinking of purchasing this novel I would definitely go back and grab the first two. I can only imagine how beautifully they too are written.
I love meeting new writers through their penned words. The writing style is easy and captivating. As I read I was pondering how this writer is similar to a Karen Kingsbury style in that the characters are so well developed, the writing flows, and the story is one that goes straight to the heart.
ALS is what Jane Darling's husband, Leander, finds himself facing head on. This is a family of faith. I love…

Standing Together In The Midst of Battle

Arms raised high in praise. "Thank You, Jesus. Thank You!" We raise our arms when crying out to God. "Help me, Lord. I need You to move on my behalf." What happens when we grow so very weary of the battle we are living? What happens when our arms no longer can remain high above? We call upon other believers to help us. Others step forward, side by side us, giving of themselves to raise our arms together, holding them up high, as we 'together' call upon the Lord.

I love chapter seventeen of Exodus. Such a powerful chapter. So much to embrace as we see the power of God and the power that lives in friendship. See, this morning I shared with my friend, Bobbie, that I would be writing and encouraging others to join us in court. Little did I know that in my morning study I would be reading this very chapter about lifting one another up in the very midst of battle.

I have start with why Aaron and Hur were lifting Moses up! That begins with the Israelites and their…

Waiting for More

We can look to the Israelites and learn so much about ourselves. There is a vast wealth of knowledge to be learned in their lives as slaves in Egypt, to their journey to the promise land. Years would pass in between these two passages of time. It was no walk in the park. In fact they parked forty years in the desert. 
This morning my study opens in Exodus chapter 16. The Hebrew children had been out of bondage for only a month. A month and they were already complaining. Oh, I can hear them now. How about you? Sounds pretty much like me on a bad day when things aren't going my way and I am in no mood to wait for a good day. We tend to allow our circumstances to dictate our faith, right? If all is going well for us we tend to worship with all we have in us, but when things are not going as planned we look to God and ask, "Hey, where are You now?" We are not a patient people. We are downright demanding of all good things to shine down upon us at all times. After all we des…

The Spiritual Warfare Answer Book by David Jeremiah

I have loved everything I have read by David Jeremiah. I too have his study Bible which I use daily for my study. This book makes a great companion to any study. It would be a great gift. It would make for a  great tool for a pastor, teacher, student of the Word. 
This little gem would be awesome to just keep handy as a daily reminder, continually reading through like a devotional for encouragement and wisdom in the Word. It is one I will continue to turn back to in my faith journey.

The questions asked are questions that the believer has pondered, but many times just questions we never ask. Its easy to just ignore Satan and push all that evil out of sight, right? Wrong. Satan is very real. So many attacks on our daily lives are thrown at us by Satan and we place that blame on other things of this world. This is a book that will awaken you to the reality of how real Satan is and just how deceptive he is. He knows each of us, knows our lives in detail. His attacks are very real. 

Its Not Just A T-Shirt

I was bent over and looking at a table when I hear a man's voice, "What does your shirt say?". I turn realizing I was wearing a simple t-shirt I had purchased at our local Goodwill. Okay, first, a great place to pick up comfy t-shirts, and second, I really had to think about what I was wearing at the moment LOL.
I looked down at my shirt and then up at the man in a wheel chair before me. I smile at his tender eyes and say, "Oh, its just a comfy t-shirt". Maybe I should back up just a bit. I was looking in Goodwill for some t-shirts to wear at home and found one that spoke about drunk driving. Well this t-shirt is from a local college and speaks about spring break and how 97% of the students attending this college have designated drivers during their spring break. 
This man reads my shirt aloud. At this time we are becoming surrounded by more people that are looking at items near us. He says, "Oh, are you a student?" Bless his heart, right? A student!…