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Learning To See With New Eyes

"As He passed by, He saw a man blind from birth. And His disciples asked Him, "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he would be born blind?" John 9:1-2
How many times have we been here? We see someone with trials and difficulties and we wonder, "What did they do to cause such travesty?" We see a child misstep and wonder, "What in the world did their parents do?" How many times have we uttered the words, "Well, the Lord must be teaching them a lesson"?
The Lord does teach us through trials and circumstance. When life takes hold of us and tosses us like limbs thrown from a big oak and we are left with the sight of a tornado disaster, we should go to God with a humble heart. "Lord, show me. Teach me. Use me. Fill me. If there is any unclean, impure way in me, show me and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Lift me up through this, so that you may shine. Give me Your strength, Your wisdom, and Your grace as I travel this journ…

More Than A Prodigal

All through the night the Lord kept laying the prodigal son upon my heart. I can relate to this story so well. We have a few prodigals of our own. The Lord wasn't leading me to the son who left home, but in fact the father and his son who remains.

I love it when the Lord knows exactly what is churning in our hearts and just seems to whisper His word upon us so it washes over us leaving us with a new nugget of wisdom.
So, when I woke this morning, the prodigal was still on my mind so as my feet hit the floor this morning I was off to grab my Bible. I found myself in Luke chapter 15. Again, I have read this so many times, and God never ceases to give me one of the "aha" moments where you breathe in His Word in a whole new way.
Now, to begin the chapter the Lord begins with the parable of the lost sheep (vs 3-7). I notice here that there is no anger or bitterness in the Shepard as he has lost a sheep and is now leaving the others to find him. In verse 6 it says; " Whe…

Don't Be In A Hurry Today

Have you ever found yourself waiting on God to move? You know, just to do something? Change the situation? Just maybe He is waiting on us!

We have no patience for waiting. We want it now. We pray and we want answers. We want to hear where to go and what to do. There are those times God just simply wants us to be still and wait. Wonder why? In waiting, we learn patience. We learn it's not all about us. We learn everything good happens in God's perfect timing.
So many times I have tossed up a prayer and expected an answer right then and there. Goodness, who do I really think I am? Who am I to demand from God? Oh the patience He has had with me. Praise God for His uncondisional love.
You know those slow cookers we keep in our kitchens? Oh, I love them. You toss everything in and you wait. It's called a slow cooker for a reason. It takes it's time. Nice and slow and then after a while the aroma takes over the entire house. It fills your memory with home. It allows you r…

Creating Beauty by God's Design

I have always wanted to take a pottery class. I see that God sent Jeremiah to take a class. Well, Jeremiah got to take a sneak peek at how a potter creates. How he tears down and rebuilds, to create something of beauty.
"The word which came to Jeremiah from the Lord, saying, "Arise and go down to the potter's house, and there I will announce My words to you." Then I went down to the potter's house, and there he was, making something on the wheel." Jeremiah 18:1-3
You gotta love the lessons from God. He places us exactly where we need to be at exactly the right time. It's the next verse that really gets me.
"But the vessel that he was making of clay was spoiled in the hand of the potter; so he remade it into another vessel, as it pleased the potter to make." Jeremiah 18:4
What was up with the clay? Was it unworkable? Did it grow hard? If we are that very clay, in order for us to become what God, the Potter, is creating, we have to be workable.…

You Missed A Spot

I remember when our children began washing dishes. They tried with all their might, but they would still miss a spot here and there. I can recall my baby girl saying, "Momma, it's all clean now." Well, the outside was clean, but the inside still had spots.
We can sit down at a restaurant and notice if our cup is dirty. Maybe our fork isn't spotless. Our plate may have a smudge of some unidentified remains. What do we do? We sure don't drink or eat out of those dirty dishes. We ask for new ones.
Our problem doesn't so much lie with wanting things clean as it does with noticing just the outside. We tend to do that to people, don't we? We see the outside and see all that needs cleaned up. Forgetting that Jesus is the One who cleans us, washes us in His grace and covers us with His mercy, to make us white as snow.
It's easy to see the outside, especially when it's the first thing we notice, and the first thing we judge. Do we really judge a book b…

Throw Out Your Desire For Perfection

It's spring cleaning time and one thing we need to throw out is our desire to be perfect. Oh, how I have ridden that horse and fallen off a thousand times. We reach for perfection only to fail. What is perfection and where do we find it? Our Savior is perfect. Through Him we are perfected. Ah, now that makes everything better, right? Well, it does until we forget and try to saddle that horse of perfection again.
We try so hard to be loved, to be liked, to be well, perfect. We want to to be that everything for everyone and we simply cannot. Why do we have that desire? Our Savior is the One who we need to lead others to. He is the One we need to seek. He can  handle any Goliath that passes by or camps out in our living room. Here's the thing. It's okay to say, "No". Oh my, it's a shocker, I know. How dare us say no to someone, but friends, we cannot be everything to everyone. That is not our job.
So, what is our job? To have a relationship, a personal relati…

anything (the prayer that unlocked my God and my Soul) by Jennie Allen

Jennie Allen is a new author for me. She not only has written, "anything", but has created and penned two studies. Stuck and Chase. Studies that I would love to do!!
I opened the pages of this inspirational book and was floored by it's beauty. It's profound. It's lasting. It's powerful and yet gentle. From beginning to end it simply empowered my heart to know Christ more.
Are we willing to give up anything for God? In giving up are we losing the battle or are we gaining the victory? Oh friends, this beautifully written book shows us how to gain the victory by giving anything and everything to Christ.
"Anyone can get to heaven-no matter how messy his or her life. And by this same token, anyone can be kept out-regardless of all his or her fancy goodness."
"Our story began long before we prayed. The night we uttered the words was just a step in the process of surrender. But it was an important step. God wants to be invited in to lead our lives, …

The Truth About The Lordship of Christ by John MacArthur

If you love John MacArthur's teaching, you will enjoy this book. For me, I choose to eat the meat the throw away the bones. I will share a few quotes from the book that I did not agree with.
"It seems reasonable to assume that if God loved everyone, He would have chosen everyone into salvation. Therefore, God does not love the non-elect."
"God loves whom He chooses. He does not love everybody."
"We are redeemed not because of anything good in us, but because God chose us unto salvation. He chose certain individuals and passed over others, and He made that choice in eternity past, before the foundation of the world."
What I took away from this book was learning to be a disciple of Christ and following Him with every fiber of my being. It's not about me, but ALL about Him.

Here is a quote that is spot on.
"Sanctification is the continuous operation of the Holy Spirit in believers, making us holy by conforming our character, affections, and beh…

Seal Of God by Chad Williams with David Thomas

This book is simply amazing! I love how Chad shares his testimony. He shares the ugly and the difficult truths that we are an imperfect people. He too shares the beauty of what God can do and how He can use us. But first, He must empty us of all self and that is where we find Chad. We see his growth, not just as a young man, but as a Christian, becoming the man God has called him to be.
I enjoyed learning so much about the Seals and reading his account of all he had learned. When I finished this book, I handed it over to my son, who is praying about joining the Navy,  and said, "This is one you need to read". My son is opposite of me. He hates to read, but I can tell you, he is devouring this book. It is one every young man and woman should be reading. It contains valuable life lessons for growth. We can't find our true self, until we look to Christ for who He is through us.
Praise God for men like Chad who are willing to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk, and…

We have Winners of Beth Wiseman's, Need You Now

Thank you all for leaving a comment and joining in to win a copy of, Need You Now, by Beth Wiseman. I LOVED every chapter of this book. I just know you will too.
The winners are Mary Ellen Ashenfelder and Anna Sanford!! Congratulations to you both. I will be contacting you via email to grab your snail mail and I will get these gems out to you quickly for you to enjoy!
Happy Reading and blessings!

Are there stones in that, "Amen"?

Have you ever sat in church and heard someone shout out, "Amen"? Well, I'm one of those amen folks. I seem to say it all the time when I hear something wonderful or poignant, or just meaningful. You know, something that touches your soul. I love hearing, "Amen". It's not only saying you agree, but more so that the Holy Spirit is moving in our heart.
I say it in my car, at Walmart standing in the aisle, at home and at church. I suppose I'm not really that quiet girl everyone thinks I am. At times I should probably be more quiet. I seem to say what others are thinking. I just don't feel the need to hide it. But there are those times I need to bite my tongue and those in which I need to speak a little louder. Finding our voice is important in finding who we are in Christ. Our voice is important.
Funny thing about those amens we shout or quietly add. If the subject of the sin is homosexuality  our amens get hearty. Divorce, they are just as loud. Thr…

Blue Moon Bay by Lisa Wingate

I love this cover! I love Lisa Wingate. She is that Southern Bell writer for me that takes me on vacation. Who wouldn't want to go to Moses Lake? She allows us to not only discover new places, but who we are inside. It's through her stories that life becomes a bit more transparent. We begin a journey of learning who we really are. I simply love that.
The currents are rough at Moses Lake when she arrives. She is living in the unexpected and ends up receiving all that she should have expected from God. This is one of those journeys of uncovering the truth. Sometimes taking a trip back is just what we need.
At Moses Lake we can learn that friendships, romance and family can all seem one way on the surface, but when we dig deeper, past all the rumors and memories,  we find that what we thought true is not reality. Those folks we had troubles with can grow to be our closest friends and those of the past can often bring us to the person we have been created to be. That person was…

Special Delivery by Kathi Macias

Friends, Kathi Macias, is one of the most gracious and talented writers I know. She writes more than a story, she pens a message of hope. She brings passion within her words and stirs your heart to do more and be more for Christ.
In her latest installment of her, "Freedom Series", Kathi takes us on a new journey into a world many ignore. Most don't even realize it's happening and sadly, it's very true. Sex trafficking is heartbreaking and an evil of all evils that prevails in our world today. Not just our world, but in our own communities.
We meet Mara once again and the family who saved her from tragedy. We too meet new girls. Girls who will change your life as you read their story. Fiction, but very real. I must tell you, this was hard for me to read. I loved the hope it brings, but my heart aches for those touched by this evil. You cannot read Kathi's words and not realize this is happening today. Somewhere, today a child is being touched by this evil t…

Oh my, what a bite!

I am still sporting a nice little band-aid on my finger from last week. Seems my little Daisy loves Puffs Plus. See, I have been sick now for three weeks with Whooping Cough. Yuck! It hasn't been fun. I have gone through tissue after tissue. My nose is feeling it too. But my sweet son purchased me the little gems with lotion in them and boy, they have done the trick!
Not only did Daisy attack my box of tissues I had on the bed, but after I threw them in the trash, she decides to sneak it and grab them out of the trash. Double yuck! So, here I am coughing my head off and trying to get Daisy out from under the bed, before she chokes too death on an overload of tissues.
She darts from one side, under the the bed, to the next. I get the idea to sneak across the bed and reach my hand under the bed and grab for them. Ouch!! As my hand went for the tissues, she went for my hand. I missed the tissues and she got a chunk of my finger.
Now, I must tell you, I can take pain. I did not ta…

"Finding Our Way Home" by Charlene Ann Baumbich

Sometimes it's in our brokenness that we find the greatest joy. If not for that need of mending, we would have missed out on a an opportunity of receiving God's grace. In, "Finding Our Way Home", we see a charming story of opposites coming together to create wonder. You wouldn't think these two characters would interact as well as they do, but they are just what the other needed.
I really enjoyed this story. It  flowed so nicely. Sasha felt as though she was losing everything, but found grace through an unexpected friend. I love how the story allows us to see how God can bring beauty from ash. I was moved at how the author brought these ladies together and they bonded through mending hearts.
The main character Shasha has to overcome her bitterness and anger. I love when she realizes just how much she took for granted and now is overflowing in gratefulness at the smallest tasks. Funny, how God can do such HUGE things through the smallest of movements on our part…

Misplaced? You can find it in God.

Have you ever walked into a room and forgot why you went in there? You know when your doing laundry and you have one sock and cannot seem to find the match? Your trying to find the right shoes to wear with your new outfit, and just cant find your size in the pair you want? Your in a crowd of people and your child lets go of your hand. You turn around and they aren't there?
Have you ever felt any of these feelings as I have? My heart feels so misplaced right now. When your missing someone so much and you want and need them in your life you feel out of sorts, as if you are missing a piece of yourself. Like a puzzle your putting together and you can't find that last piece. A card game you want to play and you have lost two cards. I am that deck of cards that has lost two. I need them back to make the deck whole again. Things happen in our lives that we don't expect. Things that we are not ready for. Choices are made. Decisions are set. Our  heart is  hurting. We are left wond…

Could it be an angel?

Has something ever happened that you knew an angel of the Lord was with you? Maybe you have seen an angel? Do we know if we have seen an angel, really?
My husband has told me the story of when he was driving over the road, he came to a truck stop and in the front of the shop there stood a man. This man held a sign asking for help. As my husband came to him, he said he felt the hairs upon his arms begin to stand. He gave this man money, and the stranger said to him,"Thank you my brother in Christ." My husband was not in the store very long, and came out and that man was no where to be seen. He said there was no way he could have walked away that quickly. He believes he was in the presence of an angel.
My Sunday school class is filled with some amazingly giving women. One day we were speaking of homeless people, and whether or not we give. One woman stood out to me with her grace and compassion. She said she always gives money to the homeless. Her reasoning was the fact that s…

Every Knee

On Easter Sunday, my heart was mesmerised in God's Word. I wasn't able to attend church and that just felt wrong in every way, but I can say, I had church right there all tucked in warm and cozy as God spoke to my heart.
I'm in the Book of John. I am reading about Christ and the coming day of His crucifixion. I get to chapter 18 and I am taken back in time. My eyes are seeing like never before and my ears hear the sounds of footsteps.
Jesus is here in the garden. His disciples surrounding Him and there stands Judas before Him as was predestined. Jesus knew what was coming, but did Judas really understand what he had done?
Something catches my attention like never before.
"Judas then, having received the Roman cohort and officers from the chief priests and the Pharisees, came there with lanterns and torches and weapons. So Jesus, knowing all the things that were coming upon Him, went forth and said to them, "Whom do you seek?" They answered Him, "Jes…