Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Gift of My Race Car

Every year at church we have the "Grand Prix",a race with all our Awana kids.They are cars made from a block of wood,and become many unique and special cars once all the hard work has come together.My children and I have raced for many years with the hard work of my husband.We would all draw our designs,and think of our color,then my husband would get to work cutting them with his special tools.We would sand them,paint them,and add our own touch,and wow some of them were dandies and won many first place races.It is always such fun,and would bring us together.But this year I just didn't seem to have time with so much going on.My husband went on Saturday to help with the cars,for thats when everyone comes to turn them all in.I stayed at home,and had much to do,while my son was also turning in his car that he was hoping for a win.So,Wed. was the race.I went to cheer on my son and all my little kindergardeners,when my husband is looking through the paper with everyones names listed and the number of their car.To my astonishment I happened to look,and saw my name and number 42. I said there has to be a mistake,he just smiled at me and said nope,just a surprise for you.He and a friend worked Saturday to make me a car to race.It was orange with a heart on top.At that moment I could have cried,knowing they cared so much to give me such a gift.I know to some your thinking its just a car,but as much as I love to race,it was much more than a car,it spoke volumes of love.As friends joked and said,"If you win with a car you didn't even know you had I will just die."My little orange car came in 1st in 4 races.Although I didn't place for a trophy,I came in 4th,with a car that gave me great joy.For my husband to surprise me blessed my heart.He is my very best friend and I hope we are never apart.He knows just when to lift me up,and when my heart is blue,he knows just what to do.I will treasure that car with all my others,others that came in first place,but this one is more special for it came in with much love.


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