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The Journey Of Searching For A New Church

Do you ever feel the Lord calling you to move? As in move churches? I have been the member of the same church for twenty years. This is the church that grew our family. Our children were baptised in this church. My husband was baptised here when he was only thirteen years old. I was baptised here after my husband began bringing me to church for the first time in my life. Our oldest daughter was married in our church. This is the church that holds such memories for us. Sweet memories that have helped create who we are today.
I have served for almost twenty years in our church. This is the church where I made new friendships and was mentored by grace filled women. If you were to ask me my favorite place to be, I would have shared with you that church was it. My heart was changed forevermore in this church. 
So, when I heard the Lord calling me to move, this was terrifying. I began praying months ago. I began to see that my heart was becoming stagnant. I had become comfortable in the p…

You're Made For A God-Sized Dream by Holley Gerth

This is the second book from Holley Gerth that I am blessed to review. The first was, "You're Already Amazing". (check out my review)
Holley has a gift of making you feel comfortable. She lets us know that we are not alone. In fact, in reading her newest, "You're Made For A God-Sized Dream", I feel as though we are friends. Yes, inspiration from a girlfriend who has been there. Throughout Holley's books, her spirit is contagious. She is that cheerleader you want in your corner.
Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Holley:
"God-sized dreams are invitations for you to get on board with him and go places your heart has never imagined. And there's only one way to get there-by being right by his side."
"Every time we choose to listen to love more than fear, our faith grows. We learn to trust more, to see God act in new ways in our lives, to let him take us places beyond where we could have dared to go before. The sound of fear can…

To Whisper Her Name by Tamera Alexander

I feel like I have just boarded a wagon and am leaving Belle Meade Plantation. I must tell you, I am sad to leave. I have enjoyed my stay there. It's a place you will want to visit and one I hope to return to again. To Whisper Her Name is one of the loveliest books I have read. The writing flowed so well I lost track of time as I was reading.
The characters were off the chart encompassing. Tamera Alexander gives us such spectacular detail that you can close your eyes and envision the family dining before you. She  provides us with a vivid picture of what we can only imagine. We not only see Belle Meade, but we see the characters come to life before us. Their emotions are portrayed so clearly, it's like your having a conversation with them yourself. Really, this is superb writing. I was totally captivated by Olivia Aberdeen and Ridley Cooper. Characters so different, but yet they have so much in common.
There are many characters for us to meet and fall in love with. 1863 in…

Stop Fencing Yourself In

Do you ever feel unworthy? Ever feel like you just can't get it right? Do your mistakes seem to keep piling up? Life just not as you expected? Dreams are forgotten and you get caught in the doldrums of each day. Just going through the motions until the night closes and you go to bed,  only to wake and do it all over again. Sound familiar?
You search for a happiness to fill your soul. You reach into the depths of all you know and nothing is satisfying. Struggle seems to be at every corner and you feel as though you just can't catch a break. You feel judgment from all those around you. It seems there is always someone pointing out what your doing wrong.
What if you were surrounded with encouragement? People who just loved you for who are you and not for what you do or what you can give? Sometimes I feel as though I just can't get it right. Just about the time I think I'm finally getting there I see that I have a long way to go. But it's when I look back I see the …

Little Critters With Wings And A Lesson In Giving

I am fascinated with birds. Yes, I am that geeky girl who has feeders that I continuously keep full. I love to provide seed for the birds, but even more so, I love watching them. Over these winter months we have had every kind of Missouri bird come to our feeders. It has been wondrous just watching all these birds interact with one another.

I enjoy the sight and sounds of these beautiful creatures with their delicate wings and hungry bellies. Colors that light up our snow covered ground. They flit from tree to tree, branch to branch. One of my favorites is the Turtle Dove. We have six couples. Yes, couples. Turtle Doves mate for life. I find this to be one of the sweetest treats in bird watching. The cardinals are so protective of their female companions. The chickadees flitter about as if they are so happy they just need to spread the love. They remind me of little energizers, "Did ya see it, did ya, did ya? Come on, lets go, lets go." And yes, we have three different ty…

Afterlife by Hank Hanegraaff

Hank Hanegraaff brings us a book, "Afterlife",  that answers many questions. After all, he is the Bible answer man, right? I was eager to receive this new book. What caught my attention was the subtitle, What You Need To Know About Heaven, The Hereafter & Near-Death Experiences.
I tell you, if there is an author I could choose to have coffee with, Hank Hanegraaff would be the one. He has a unique way of bringing question and answer together just as if you were talking face to face. He doesn't shoot over your head. His writing is very clear and precise. He brings forth question after question in this amazing book and gives us scriptural answers. He gives us scripture and directs us to the Word to seek the answers ourselves.
Hank brings questions such as, Can natural explanations account for near-death experiences? What happens to a person who has never heard of Jesus? Does God know who will be in heaven? Will angels ever rebel again? Do animals go to heaven? Will t…

Moon Over Edisto by Beth Webb Hart

Oh friends, I found this to be such a lovely read. Life lessons through each chapter are to be learned for the main character, Julia Bennett. Life as she knew it all changed and that is a frightening thing. Through Julia we see the picture of what happens when we finally give it all to Jesus and let Him do the leading.
Picture this. A lovely, close knit family and one day it seems everything changes and that family you felt so secure in is now making you feel as though you just want to run. Julia wants to escape it all and she does. She leaves her family behind, but trial comes and Julia is facing the issue of what to do. She can't run any longer. With grace and tender mercy she returns and life as she knew it changes forever.
So, you could say this book is about change and how we react to it. Change will always come. It's evident in life, but it's what we do with that change that matters. Through Julia we see that with Christ all things are possible. Healing, letting …

There Is More! by Randy Clark

It's rare for me to have a hard time with a review, but this one that has given me a struggle. It's rare that I don't enjoy a book. This too would be one of those times. I tried to get into this book. I wanted to enjoy it. Most assuredly, I wanted to learn from the penned words, but it left me wanting.
"There Is More" is a book about impartation. I found that the first chapter is the only chapter that delve into the explanation and definition of impartation. I kept waiting for him to explain more. I wanted Randy Clark too lead me further into the Word of God, but I was left there at that first chapter wondering. The words after the first chapter are mostly about Randy Clark and his beliefs about impartation. He shares about his ministry Global Awakening. We get to hear from those who have been at Randy Clark's revivals and have been touched with impartation and they share their testimonies.
Why did I have a hard time? It was that this book was mostly Randy…

Take It All In And Find A New Freedom

I hate wearing my glasses, but if I want to see what's in front of my face I better keep them on. If not, I'm going to miss out on something. Something big! Our vision is a beautiful gift. One that we take for granted. Have you ever tried to just close your eyes and go about your day? Even just a few minutes is difficult.
I always take Daisy out for a late night walk before I finally crawl under the quilts. The cool night air feels so lively. It wakes me up from my sleepiness. I look up at the night sky and I'm in awe of God's vast wonder. The stars have always captivated me. Even as a child I would go outside late at night and just star gaze. Lately, they capture more of my heart than ever. I look up and I can't possibly take it all in, so I bend my neck and lean my head back as far as possible.

There are times I whisper to God. Not sure why I whisper. Maybe in the quietness of the night there is a peace I don't want to disturb. I utter the words, "Bea…

Your Beautiful Purpose by Susie Larson

If I could only purchase one book this year, this would be it! You might as well toss your highlighter aside, otherwise you are just going to have to highlight the entire book. Yes, it's that good. It's marvelous. It's wonderful. Need more? Susie Larson has a gift for making you feel as though your sharing coffee. She's like the dream girlfriend you can share everything with. She has penned such beautiful words of wisdom. Within these pages holds freedom and peace from much that invades our hearts.
"Your Beautiful Purpose", is just that. Susie shares keys to finding our purpose and what to do with it once we find it. This book is loaded with scripture and quotes that set your heart soaring. Her words are so heartfelt as if she truly knows your pain and circumstance. Her penned words seem to have come from a deep place of empty where God has restored to complete fullness.
You could read this book in many ways. Read it as a whole, as a Bible study or even a…

Wings Of Glass by Gina Holmes

First I must say that Gina Holmes blesses me. Every time I pick up a book she has penned I walk away truly blessed. She has a rare gift of drawing you in and making you part of the story. Your heart is so connected to the characters that you begin a journey to another place and time.
The cover is exquisite. It's so poignant to the story. The title captures such delicate beauty. On the front cover it says, "The best way not to repeat history is to know it. Having no one to lean on but God. It changes a person. It sure changed me." This is Penny's story to her son, Manny. A story of a journey to freedom.
"Wings Of Glass", is a beautifully written story that brings us to the depths of abuse. Once I began reading, I couldn't put this novel down until the last page was turned. Holmes is brilliant. The characters are so real you forget your reading about someone else. I fell in love with Penny, a young girl, trapped by the man she is asking God to change. …

Does The Bible Fit?

Last night after having a long day I was resting and flipping channels. I was channel surfing and came across an episode of, "Friends". I came in at the very end of the program, but what I caught was enough to bring a lesson to my heart. Isn't it funny how God can teach us in the places we least expect?
So, during the episode, Phoebe is having contractions and she remembers she has a book to tell her what to do when this time comes. So Monica tells Rachel to go and get the book. Rachel runs and grabs the Bible and hands it to Phoebe. The scene ends in laughter. My heart was not laughing. Yes, in my judgmental heart I thought, "Okay, now just where did that Bible come from because it totally does not fit in the lives of these people." Ouch! I know, right? To look at the characters and the show the Bible just seemed out of place.
It was as though I could hear my Savior asking me, "So Rob, if someone was to come into your home and see all the Bibles you h…

May I See Myself As You See Me, Lord

I'm standing in my mother's living room and I see my sister I haven't seen in a few years. Before any hello is spoken she says to me, "Wow, your fat!" I can tell you those words hit me hard. I felt like a bulldozer just knocked me down and rolled right on over my heart. I reply to her, "What? I'm the same size I've  been in the last ten years". She looks at me with a smile and says, "Oh, I don't mean to make you feel bad, you just look fatter."
I wanted to scream to her, "I'm the same size 8 I have been for the last ten years and when I just weighed I was 125 pounds! I wanted to cry. In this instance and on the drive home I began to doubt myself. I was telling myself, "Okay, I'm 5'4, should I be smaller? Have I gained weight and I just can't tell?" Girls, you know too well don't you? Every thought possible entered my mind. I went home and cried. I shared with my husband, who replied, "Your …

There's Room For More

I'm waking today to a brilliantly shinning sun. I walk out to fill the bird feeders. I take care of Gunner, our bloodhound, and take Daisy for her morning walk. I feel energized as the cool air hits my cheeks. I know that they are turning red from the cold, but it feels so wonderful. I breathe in and simply share with the Lord, "It feels good to be alive today".
I look up to the heavens and ponder all today holds. Yes, the Lord knows what will come in the next hour and how my day will come to a close. He is all knowing. I like it that way. That makes me feel secure and it brings comfort to this girl who is forever wondering, what next.
It's one of those days I get to spend with my husband. We have our coffee and watch Andy Griffith. Don't you just love that show and all it gives to the heart? I open my Bible and turn the pages. I take a few moments and breathe in the words of my devotional.
I come across the verse, "I have fought the good fight, I have …

The Runner by A. Wayne Gill

I didn't know quite what to expect when I picked up, "The Runner", by A. Wayne Gill, but I am pleased to share with you that I sincerely enjoyed it. Michael Knight is the kind of guy everyone wants for a friend. He's a preacher's son, football player, and a dreamer. He has the perfect girlfriend and a family who supports and encourages him.
Michael's family and girlfriend have an idea of what they want and expect from Michael. They have almost lifted him to stand on a pillar. Of course, no one can meet everyone's expectations and the dreams that our family hold for us are not always what we have in mind.
What I enjoyed about this novel was the very fact that Michael didn't hit those expectations. He goes off and shoots for his own dreams. This Christian kid learns that it isn't what his family expects from him. It's not at all what a girlfriend dreams of having with him. It's not even his own wishes, but what matters most is the plans …