Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Voice

I am pretty knew to all our new technology.Just got texting a few months ago,we havent even had our computer that long,and the internet is just amazing.With facebook we are able to keep in touch with others,with texting we can send a little love note to someone,and with the click of a key we can send an email to anywhere.All of this is great stuff,and fun,but for me,I miss my phone ringing,I miss hearing the voice of family and friends.Although a letter is good to send love,nothing is better than hearing the voice of your husband,daughter,son,and friends on the other side.You can hear the emotion in their voice,hear the laughter in our hearts,and with each word spoken they aren't misunderstood,but with texting,facebook and emails,you just dont get that,and many times our notes can be mistaken for harse words or laughing at someone,because you cannot hear how they are feeling.My phone rang today for the first time in many days.I love to hear my ringtones,and even more I love hearing someone say on the other end,"I love you",or "how are you doing?" So as we are moving forward with technology,I hope we don't forget to know how to speak to someone,and share the voice of Love.


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