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Anna Touched by The Savior

Anna is known as the willing servant. What a glorious character trait to be known by. Anna is the Mother-in-Law of Simon Peter. 
She has become sick. She's bedridden. We don't happen to know her illness, but Jesus does. He knows the moment she began feeling bad. He too knows the moment He will be asked to come into her room and bring healing to her. Friends, nothing escapes our Savior's knowledge. 
She has a fever. This is what touches my heart. Jesus comes to her. They didn't have a thermometer to gauge just how high her fever was. But Jesus knew the seriousness of her illness. 
When my children were sick I would touch my cheek to theirs. I would place my hand upon them and pray over them. There were nights sleep never came. This is the love a mother has for her children. It's tender and passionate. A mother prays for healing. She places a cold cloth upon their head, gets them into the tub if necessary. There were quite a few occasions we visited the emergency room. …

I Can See The Headlines Now

I can see the headlines now. Preacher being seen dining with a sinner. Oh my, the horror of it all. What would a Preacher be doing being seen with any type of sinner? 
Have you been there? Have you been driving and catch sight of someone at church with someone you know doesn't attend church at all? You know those thoughts we have. I'm not the only one. I've been on both sides of this dining table. 
For much of my Christian life I have only surrounded myself with Christians. If you were to ask me who my then friends were I'd have told you they were all Christians. I didn't have one single friend who didn't attend church. 
I look back with great shame. If you ask me now I can tell you that many of my friends have yet to accept Jesus as Savior. Yes, I'm a girl who knows no boundaries. I don't put limits on my Jesus any longer. I open up my life to everyone. Sadly, it wasn't always like that. 
I was taught to surround myself with Christians. Yes, that i…

The Dandelion Field by Kathryn Springer

This is my first novel to read by author Kathryn Springer. It definitely won't be my last. How I have missed this gifted writer is beyond me. 
It was the cover that drew me in and the title as well. I began reading The Dandelion Field and was immediately captivated. Springer brings these characters out beautifully.  
The story line flows easily and Springer brings the characters together with charm. Each of these characters are carrying something within their heart that now is part of every decision they make. As we see these characters grow we see that they come to understand that their decisions have touched the lives of everyone they love. 
What I love about this story is the realism. We have a young man who is part of the youth group. Grew up knowing Jesus and was taught right from wrong, but yet we see him fall into temptation and make a decision that changes his life forever. This is the real that I admire and love. We see the struggle in life even when we know Jesus and ha…

Holman NKJV GIANT Print Reference Bible Brown/Pink LeatherTouch with Magnetic Flap-Indexed by B&H Publishing Group

Okay, if you visit often enough you know that a Holman Bible is my absolute favorite Bible. There is no other Study Bible out there like a Holman. They are truly extraordinary and beautiful. 
Yes, I just reviewed a GIANT print Reference Bible! Hallelujah! Yep, I'm that girl that gets super excited over an amazing Bible and this is one I can see clearly. I have tried the large print, but it still wasn't big enough. The Giant print is more bold and is very clear for the reader to dive in and get lost in the Word. 
This Bible is brown/pink LeatherTouch and has a magnetic flap, which I really love. It is indexed, another awesome tool I love. The pages are sturdy and have a great feel to them. And even with the GIANT print this Bible isn't overly large. In fact it's a great size and easy to carry. 
This is the NKJV translation. When studying I love to have this translation with me as well as the HCSB. The greatest aspect to this Bible is the GIANT print which is really help…

Blessed Persistence

Persistence is what this widow encapsulated within her. Through her persistence blessings flowed. Not only did a judge choose not to continue to ignore her pleas for justice, but her faith grew and gave others a window to see what happens when we decide to trust our God. 
"He then told them a parable on the need for them to pray always and not become discouraged: "There was a judge in a certain town who didn't fear God or respect man. And a widow in that town kept coming to him, saying, 'Give me justice against my adversary.' "For a while he was unwilling, but later he said to himself, 'Even though I don't fear God or respect man, yet because this widow keeps pestering me, I will give her justice, so she doesn't wear me out by her persistent coming.'" Then the Lord said, "Listen to what the unjust judge says. Will not God grant justice to His elect who cry to Him day and night? Will He delay to help them? I tell you that He will swif…

HCSB Study Bible Large Print by B&H Publishing Group

If you are searching for a comprehensive Study Bible look no further. This is the most amazing Bible out there today. I challenge you to find a better Study Bible than the Holman. You can purchase this Study Bible in HCSB (Which is my absolute favorite translation), NKJV, and KJV. I suggest you take a peek at the site and I promise you will find the perfect Bible you have been dreaming about. 
Seriously. I get so excited about Bibles. I love having different translations around me when I'm studying and here at B&H Publishing you can find all of the best. All you have to do is make your choice. That's the difficult part. 
I am reviewing the Large Print. For me and my eyes I need something a bit bigger and they have done an outstanding job. Could the print be bigger and bolder for my taste? Yes, but then again that would make for one humongous Bible! I have to share that you can find the Giant print and Super Giant print in some Bibles from Holman. I found them in the KJV an…

Emissary by Thomas Locke

I chose to review Emissary because in reading the description I realized this was a pseudonym for Davis Bunn. How cool! He has totally taken off in a new area and it has worked marvelous for him. He is such a talented writer and now he has brought to his readers a work of speculative fiction or as most of us call it fantasy. 
With this new genre his fan base is sure to grow even stronger as he has reached out to a whole new group of readers. This is one of those selections you just gotta pick up and give it a try. Honestly I'm not big on fantasy. But this grabbed my attention and took me on a journey that was exciting and fast paced. 
These characters are strong and give the reader the opportunity to go to another place and time, but always within the story is a generous helping of faith that leads the reader beyond just a story, but takes them on a spiritual journey. I love reading a story that goes beyond my imagination and takes my heart for a ride that wasn't expected. 

At Home In Last Chance by Cathleen Armstrong

Last Chance is one of those places that becomes easily home. The people are filled with love, compassion, and grace. When a newcomer enters they are welcomed just as Christ welcomes us. No questions, just come on in and let's get to one one another. 
I'm kind of sad to see the people of Last Chance go, but they won't be far from memory. Cathleen has given a wonderful final goodbye by leaving the reader feeling complete and knowing that everyone we have met in Last Chance is doing just fine. All they needed was a chance. 
If your just seeing At Home In Last Chance again for the first time I suggest that you go back and read Welcome To Last Chance and One More Last Chance. (You can take a peek at my reviews). Yes, you could read this as a stand alone, but you're going to be missing out on a huge part of just where these characters have come from. 
The characters are easy to relate to. Cathleen gives the reader a beautiful portrait of Last Chance and the people who live …

Me and My Friend

I sat with my friend today. Have you ever sat next to a friend while they had to describe to someone the death of their child? No one ever imagines that conversation to be overheard. My friend, with phone by her ear, with words pouring from her lips, sat before me broken and battered. I heard her once again share the impact upon her life the morning her son's life was taken from this earth. 
Can I be real with you? I can't remove this heartbreaking story from my heart. It's not just a story I read in a book. It's life. It's my friend. My beloved friend. I see the images she describes. I keep myself together when I am with her. But when I'm alone it hits. I share with my husband, but still to this day I have never shared with anyone the full story of that day. I can't speak the words. My heart bleeds for her and as a friend there isn't anything I can do. Sure, I can pray with her. I sit with her. I can help her fight for justice, but in no way can I take…

Why Doesn't She Like Me?

We walk into a room filled with women and our first thoughts are, "I hope everyone likes me". Why is this so important to us? We all want to be loved, accepted, and needed. But sadly that isn't what we always get from women is it? Why do we have to be so mean to one another? 
Ladies, it doesn't matter where we live, what denomination we are, or what our vocation is at the time. We are daughters of the Most High. There isn't one more important than the other. We all stand out to Him. Our Creator, the One who created us all unique. When you're a daughter of the King it's a cool thing to be different. It's those unique talents that He gave to just us that sets us apart. But as sisters in Christ we aren't to be apart. We are stand together. Lifting one another up. Encouraging each other. Inspiring the heart of our sisters. We are to be prayer warriors for one another. We are to bring out the best in one another. 
See, this is something the world may n…

Praying God's Word (Breaking Free From Spiritual Strongholds) by Beth Moore

Beth Mooreabsolutely ROCKS! Seriously, I have so many of her books and studies that with each and every one I walk away more intimate in my walk with Christ, know more about Him, the Word, and myself. This godly woman is on fire for Christ and she is sharing everything she knows. She's that girl next door you wanna have coffee with every morning. You want to sit in her classroom and see her face to face. But what's cool about Beth's studies is that's how you feel! You feel like your friends. Like your sharing coffee and Jesus is the most precious gift you have in common. 
I love Beth because she's real. She isn't trying to be someone else. She is living as the woman God created her to be. She shares personal stories and connects to women simply by being herself. She's inviting, warm, and writes in a way that you simply can't get enough. 
Praying God's Wordwas released in 2009. Like I have shared many times before, Beth's writing is timeless. It&#…

HCSB Large Print Personal Size Reference Bible Indexed with Magnetic Flap by B&H Publishing Group

I LOVE this Bible! First I should say that you cannot go wrong with a Holman Bible. Absolutely the best and HCSB is my favorite translation. I too have a Holman study Bible that is in NKJV and it is fantastic in every way. 
Can you tell that I'm excited to share this Bible with you? Okay, if your like me you love to carry a Bible with you. These Bibles literally come in every size, shape, and color. Just follow the link to this Bible and you can see for yourself just how many there are to choose from. You are bound to find a favorite. 
As I said, I love to carry a Bible with me. A compact is a great way to go. And here is another. This reference Bible has a magnetic flap. Yes! I'm always worried that my Bible might open and my pages will bend or possibly tear. This a the perfect Bible for carrying with you. The magnetic flap is just strong enough to stay closed. Not too strong that you have to tug. This particular Bible is in brown/blue with the pages in a silver trim. Another…

Holman HCSB Large Print Compact Reference Bible by B&H Publishing Group

Reviewing Bibles is the best. It gives me the opportunity to share with you some spectacular Bibles and to pass them along to others. I've always shared that for me Holmanis the best and I also love the HCBS translation the best. They have the best study Bibles out there. This gem arrives beautifully packaged. 
I wanted to review a compact Bible for you. I usually carry a lot of stuff with me. The bigger the bag the more room for stuff, right? I'm a book carrier and always have paper and pen with me. I too love having a Bible in my bag. So, a compact Bible is a great idea! This little gem is adorable and the perfect size for carrying it along with you wherever you're traveling.
It makes it easy to take it out at the coffee shop, while waiting in the doctor's office or just carrying it with you at all times. This Bible is genuine cowhide and all Holman Bibles have a lifetime guarantee. This Bible is soft to the touch, beautiful, and very sturdy. 
I love the Word of Jesu…

In the Heart of the Dark Wood by Billy Coffey

Billy Coffey's words intimately dance across the pages. He weaves a tale. One of good and evil facing off. Everything is in perfect measure. He allows the reader to dream along in a delightful and mystique way. He is a writer who gives great detail and allows the reader the illusion that they too are in the pages. 
This story captured my heart from the beginning and my passion to read it only intensified as I turned the pages. Which when reading a Billy Coffey novel although one wants to turn the pages quickly, you don't. You take your time and enjoy not only the story, but the writer as well. He makes you appreciate the gift of the pen. 
This novel takes place in Mattingly once again. Virginia grows on you and Coffey makes you want to visit if not just for the sheer beauty of allowing the heart to be moved by the beauty of the dark woods. 
Coffey intricately brings faith to light throughout these pages and gives the reader great life lessons. Always love a novel with a great …

The Promise by Beth Wiseman

I chose this novel because Beth is sharing the true story of a friend. I found the cover to be very telling of the story. In reading the description of this novel I had high hopes. I have found Beth Wiseman to be an outstanding writer who is gifted. 
This book is nothing as I expected. In fact I was let down. I don't quite understand why Thomas Nelson is listing this as Christian Fiction. It's nothing of the sort. There isn't a story a Jesus Christ based faith here. This is a novel where whatever god you pray to is okay. This novel gives more highlight to Islam than to Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. 
I understand that the main character of this story is tricked beyond measure and her story is a horrific one. A story worth sharing as to warn others not to be deceived. But instead of reading about Christian faith I felt I was being pounded with Islam and Allah. Whatever god you believe in is okay is the message I take away. 
So, as my readers are looking forward to se…

Bringing My Best This New Year

A new year has arrived. I am a winter girl. A snowman creating girl who loves everything blanketed in white. A new year brings forth such hope. Such ponderings for me. 
What to do with this new year is in question. My pondering brings me to something very simple. This year I want nothing less than to bring forth my best. 
I've learned to live one moment at a time. Humble and gracious in each moment. To embrace whatever that moment may hold. For God's treasures are found in the most unexpected places. This year I want nothing less than to bring forth my best. I want to look beyond myself and allow God to destroy every fear that holds me back from experiencing all of Him. 
No spotlight is needed. No accolades to applaud. I want nothing to be about me, but everything to be about Him. I simply want to live in such a way that everything, every word and action brings glory to my Jesus. God understands my shortcomings. But He deserves nothing less than my best.

"Mankind, He has t…

A Blue Jay and My Mitten Covered Hands

A loud bang is heard at the back of the house. It sounds like a brick crashing. I come around and take a look out the kitchen window and there still in the grass is a Blue Jay. Snow is falling. The wind is cold. I watch for a few moments. I'm praying this beauty takes flight. But nothing. I see her drop her head. I can see the movement of her beating heart. 
I bundle up warm. Mittens covering my shivering hands. A towel to wrap around the Blue Jay. I walk up expecting to startle her, but she is motionless. I gently wrap her up and snuggle her close. I brush the softness of her feathered head. I smooth out her feathered wings and speak softly. I walked around to the front and sat on the deck with her. I cradled her and soon her head lifts. 
She begins to look around. She is now holding tight to my finger. Jumping out of my mitten covered hands she takes a few steps on the crunchy grass. I pick her up again. Smiling that she has once again allowed me to handle her. Soon, she turns h…