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John (90 Days With The Beloved Disciple) by Beth Moore

Wow! Beth Moore ROCKS! Her studies are timeless. This study of John was published in 2008. I love how the Lord places studies in my hands at just the right time. This study is powerful and heart-changing. I am making my way through this Personal Reflections Series. I have had the privilege of reviewing, Paul and David. I will now open the pages of Jesus. I cannot tell you how excited I am to begin this new study. Each of these studies has empowered my walk with Christ. I have grown in my faith journey and walked closer than ever to Jesus as I have opened His Word to journey with Beth. 
Each of these gems would make beautiful gifts. They are truly extraordinary. I must say I didn't know what to expect with John, but once again, Beth has blown me away. I'm learning to expect nothing but greatness from this treasured woman of God. 
Beth begins each lesson with scripture. It's awesome for the reader to dive in and read this scripture for yourself. This is where the blessings b…

Price of Privilege (Book 3) by Jessica Dotta

I chose this novel from Tyndale because it looked intriguing. The cover is exquisite. I love visiting another time and place in history. This was a lovely selection. I only wish I'd have known it was book 3 from the trilogy. I know I would have enjoyed it much more if I had read the first two books in the trilogy. I'll now have to go back and read the first two and reread this selection again. I loved the writing style of Jessica Dotta, but this needs to be read as a trilogy, not as a stand alone. 
Deceit, lies, mystery, scandal, and a bit of intrigue make this novel fascinating. Who doesn't love to read about lords and drama, drama, drama! The Victorian age comes to life in these pages. These characters are vivid. Dotta goes a wonderful job at bringing life into these pages. 
This novel is quite moving. I love how Dotta weaves faith into this beautiful novel. This is the first I have read of Jessica Dotta. It certainly won't be the last. Her writing is fascinating and…

Hope Crossing (The Complete Ada's House Trilogy) by Cindy Woodsmall

What a wonderful trilogy weaved in hope, faith, peace, and grace. Cindy Woodsmall pens easy and heart-moving words that bring us to love the characters before us. Ada's House is a place everyone could call home. 
This trilogy is inviting and warm. The characters are a mixture of personalities that draw the reader in as it's easy to relate to these characters. 
With each book included we see the same characters portrayed in the first selection, "The Hope of Refuge", and as we go into book 2, "The Bridge of Peace", we are introduced to new characters and old alike. The last book, "The Harvest of Grace", brings us to a wonderful conclusion to this trilogy. It's sad to say good-bye to these characters, but Cindy closes the trilogy in such a way that you feel complete. 
If you love Amish fiction this is a trilogy you don't want to miss! Perfect for snuggling up on a winter afternoon with your favorite coffee. So easy to enjoy you won't be ab…

When Night Comes by Dan Walsh

I am a huge Dan Walsh fan. I have loved every single book he has penned. This new gem is unlike all his other works. It's something vastly different, but magnificently still Dan Walsh. Love it when a writer takes a new avenue and does something totally opposite of their norm. Dan does't disappoint with this suspense novel. and to know there will be another coming has me excited to see where this new genre takes him.

I promise I will give nothing away about this novel. You won't get any details from me. I want you to pick up this novel and experience in the same way I did. Total excitement!!

The plot unfolds like a movie script on the big screen. Dan certainly takes us on a roller coaster ride. One that you will want to ride over again and again because the thrills just keep coming. 

I have to tell you I was over the top excited when Dan asked if I wanted to be a part of this blog tour introducing his newest gem. Of course I was going to join! I anticipated its arrival and whe…

Strand of Deception by Robin Caroll

"Strand of Deception" is an amazing finish to this outstanding series. I am in love with the Baxters! I have enjoyed getting to know each of them. Now they feel as if they are a family living down the street from me. To walk away from a series feeling such admiration for the characters is a true gift that Caroll has been blessed with. 
You can take a peek at my reviews of, "Injustice for All", and "To Write A Wrong". If you are a lover of suspense you do not want to pass up these unputdownables! 
Throughout this series Caroll gives the reader a quote as each chapter begins. These quotes about been about justice and the scripture she shares truly gets to ponder the Word. In this last addition to the series we get quotes from Elvis! Yes, you heard me right. The main character, Maddie Baxter sings her Elvis songs with passion and Caroll gives us a little of Elvis to ponder. A little quirky, but I'm a girl who loves quirky so it fit just perfect for me. 

To Write A Wrong by Robin Caroll

Wow! I cannot say that enough. I had started the series with, "Injustice For All", (take a peek at my review). It blew me away. Now I have read, "To Write A Wrong", and I have finished the third book in the series, "Strand of Deception". This has been one amazing series. Robin Caroll is outstanding! I'm so excited that I found her work and can't wait to continue reading her previous novels and catch up. 
We get to follow along with the Baxter family. In this novel we get to know Riley Baxter. Caroll writes in such a way that when you put the book down you feel as though you have found a new friend. She writes with such heart that she allows you to truly care about the characters. 
I loved and admired both of the main characters, Riley Baxter and Hayden Simpson. They stand for truth and are such determined people. They go beyond themselves and reach out to help others, whether it's family, as in Hayden's case, or total strangers, as in Rile…


If I look back at my life at the moment or the year that changed everything it would be when I was nineteen. It's a time in my life I don't share with everyone. I hear the Lord telling me, "It's time My daughter." Are you willing to travel back with me? If so, you just may find yourself within my story. 
At nineteen I didn't know the Lord as my Savior. I knew there was a God, but what I knew of Him wasn't much. As I turned 19 quite a few things happened in my life. My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. I began attending cosmetology school and I met a man who would change my life forever. 
I was excited to be attending school. The artist in me was coming alive and I enjoyed creating and meeting new people. Making connections with others gives our lives such wonder. My dad was pretty excited for me as well. I often experimented on him as I gave him haircuts. They didn't always turn out the best, but to my dad, they were $100 cuts and he was always will…

The Savior That Held My Sins Upon The Cross

I am in John 19:25 and following. Jesus is upon the cross. His mother and friend, John are before Him. When we go to the cross and when we read the words that give us explanation about the death of Jesus do we really stay there long? Do we give ourselves enough time there to truly see our Lord who gave Himself for us?

His mother is there. At this point Jesus is not recognizable. His mother knows it her son and her Savior. The sights before her pierced her soul. "And a sword will pierce your own soul-that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed." Luke 2:35 This was a mother seeing her child come to His death at the hands of a world that refused to accept Him. This wasn't an easy picture for this mother. One she would never forget. But yet she knew before hand. Nothing could have prepared her for what she would witness.

So, here I am today at the cross. The message I want to share is the sin that Jesus beheld. He was perfect. Tempted, but never sinned. Upon the cross …

Are You Ready To Jump?

Seven men in boat. Don't you love to picture the Word come to life before your eyes? I love reading the Word and imagining myself right there. Here in John 21 we get to see an image that is life changing. So many lessons jam-packed into one chapter! 
It's early morning. The disciples get the idea to head out and fish for a while. Peter, Thomas, Nathanael, James and John, and two others all gather into the boat. Can you imagine the tight squeeze? Here they are with their nets expecting a big catch. Never expecting to see the sight before them. Don't you just love our Unexpecting God? He does the unexpected and we are left in awe of His greatness. 
They are putting in their nets and coming up with nothing. Empty nets do not make for happy fishermen. I can relate. Fishing takes patience. My dad loved to fish and I'm sure that's where I have gained my love for fishing as well. Have you been fishing? Friends gathering together to fish makes for a wonderful portrait. Ima…

A Message Just For Me

I have been quite in my writing. Soul searching. Digging deep. Bible open and heart ready. "What is it, Lord? What do You want me to share?" I kept waiting for His answer. Nothing but quietness. I kept studying. Diving in deeper and deeper. Putting everything aside and calling out to Him again and again. "Okay, Lord, what am I to share? Give me something, please." 
My heart was aching to write. To share a message of hope. A message of calm and serenity. But this isn't what my heart was feeling. My heart has been in a roller coaster of emotion and what is it that I heard the Lord saying to me? "Not yet, My daughter. Some things are just meant for you." 
Once I heard from Him it all made sense to me. He knows my heart. He knows what I need most. I would be studying and I would immediately think, "This is it! This is good stuff." I could clearly see the message. But I would sit at the computer and nothing would come. It was in my head and heart…

The Christmas Watch

At nineteen I was working in a salon. Next door was a jewelry shop. I had moved into the city. My parents still in our country home. 
A home filled with childhood memories. Now our memories would be treasured even more. In April my dad had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Life as we knew it had changed forever. Daddy's little girl wasn't ready to let go. I didn't believe it could happen. I knew our time would last forever. 
I wanted Christmas to be special. One we would never forget. I began thinking of the perfect gifts. I walked into the jewelry shop with the perfect plan. With a little help I designed the perfect gifts. My mom a family tree pendant colored with our birthstones. For her to remember family forever. For my dad a gold watch. Time was the gift he needed. Time remembered and time treasured. 
This was the first year I was away from home. I worked each day and saved all I could for these special treasures. Gifts that held such meaning. At nineteen I didn't …