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Lessons of the Loggerhead Turtle

God has surrounded us with such splendid portraits of His beauty and creation. The Loggerhead Turtle is one of those creations with tenacity, patience, and a beauty as it gracefully swims the oceans depths.
As this turtle grows to be about thirty years old it takes a trip back to it's birth place, it's home, to have her own young. Did you know this is not just a hop, skip and a jump over a hill. No, indeed this Loggerhead swims for about six months or so, going half way across the world, from one point to its destination, home.
Getting home is not an easy task. There is danger in every kind. There are those who want to attack, those who deceive with nets, and those who try their best to hook them with bait. This is a journey, not for the weak, but for the strong, the determined, and the eager. But they have patience. Can you imagine trying to go home, and it's taking you over six months? And it's not just a drive, but you must go through such currents, such big depths, …


Ever neared a store door and saw a soldier standing tall? They are there with those poppies red, handing them out with pride. As a soldier makes these poppies, wonder what their thoughts are, really? What are ours as we pass by? For some these poppies mean so much, and others just seem to walk by.
For me when I see these poppies they stand for those who have given all. For their families who have stood tall. Each poppy, made by hand, with love and respect, by those who fought so we could have freedom, so we could have more. These poppies are a rememberance to those who have given, to those who chose to answer the call.
At freedom's call there is a cost, a cost of giving, a cost of life, a cost of sacrifice. These men and women hear the battle's cry and walk out on that field with no fear to die. Knowing that death is so very close, it never seems to stop them from counting the cost. They go above and beyond to protect you and I. They serve with pride, hearts of passion, and life…


"It is not what I do that matters, but what a sovereign God chooses to do through me. God does not want worldly successes, He wants me. He wants my heart in submission to Him. Life is not just a few years to spend on self indulgence and career advancement. It is a privilege, a responsibility, a stewardship to be lived according to a much higher calling, God's calling. This alone gives true meaning to life." Elizabeth Dole

When I read this quote it speaks to what success really is, and what is it? A life filled with Christ, serving Him above all others. God doesn't want me to go off and try to find my own success in this world, its about showing this world we can find success through Him.
I wasted so much time in my younger years thinking it was the time of my life, but wherever you are today is the time of your life. Time is what we make it to be. I don't want to look at my life and see that I had a good old time serving my self, but knowing I had an awesome time …

a new journey

You know, I am beginning this new journey of feeling better, eating better, and living better. Can I just say the last three days have not been easy ones. When you begin this new journey it is seriously a life change, although for the better, it is a hard one to get use to, and I am just starting out.
So as I begin this new journey, my family is right there with me, which makes any journey better. I have my husband supporting me 100% of the way. I am truly a blessed girl. So, what is this journey? Well, after reading FibroWHYalgia it is just what I needed to jump start life again.
I have been in severe pain since Thursday. Thursday night I should say after playing ball. My body still has not yet recovered, and boy do I feel like I have been hit by not just one train, but a few. Woke up at 6:00 am today and literally took me two hours to get out of bed. Ugh! Once I am out of bed, my pain, although very real, seems to subside after a few hours. At least until my pain meds to kick in.

FibroWHYalgia by Susan E. Ingebretson

When I received Susan's new book FibroWHYalgia it was an answer to prayer for me. As a sufferer from fibromyalgia I was at a loss in my pain. Even today I wake struggling to make it through the day. When you suffer from fibromyalgia you almost suffer alone, for most do not understand your pain.This book is just what I needed. Susan shares her personal story of living with chronic illness, but she does so much more. Her story doesn't end in her pain, and she doesn't dwell in her pain, nor define herself through her pain. She gives such wisdom, and at times through humor. It was as though she was telling my story, and speaking straight to me with love and concern.How better to write a book, then from your own experiences and this is exactly what Susan has done. This book is well thought out, well written, carrying advice, wisdom, and knowledge not just about fibromyalgia, but eating well, exercising, and keeping your mind focused.I learned to put away the soda, carry water w…

curtain time

Life gives us a big stage to work, grow and shine. But just where is that light shining? My son and I love to attend the Muny here in St. Louis each summer. It is an outdoor theater that puts on productions of amazing talent. As we sit waiting you get so excited to see the curtain being pulled back, the lighting being centered, and the stage is now set for an exciting show.
You see the actors across the stage, working, moving, and bringing things together, but something I have noticed, you never see the stagehands. Never, but they are madly at work behind the scenes, and the most interesting part is without those stage hands the production just wouldn't go on.
In our lives it is just natural for us to want to be on stage, and many times, center stage, with the light shining upon us. In that self centered stage does anyone else really want to attend? As life is the stage, there is only One who is at the center and deserves the light to shine upon Him, and that is Jesus Christ. See, …

LETS CHAT FRIDAY with Lisa Buffaloe

Today I am blessed beyond words to share an interview with Lisa Buffaloe. Since the Lord brought Lisa into my path she has blessed me and has become a woman I admire. She has a passion for the Lord and is such an encouragement. As I shine a light on Lisa today, that light is a reflection upon the Lord and what a beautiful stream of light it is. Here is my interview with Lisa:
(Robin) Hi Lisa, tell me a little about yourself. (Lisa) Hi Robin, I’m honored to be on your site today. Thank you!I’m a madly in love with God, Christ follower. I was raised in a Christian home, became a Christian as a young girl, and even with some unpleasant times, have had a great life. I’m happily married with a teenage son, have moved thirty-four times, and now live in beautiful Idaho.
(Robin) Since you have walked with the Lord has there been a time you struggled in your faith? If so, would you like to share? (Lisa) I’ve dealt with molestation, rape, assault, divorce, chronic illness, and a few other not-so-fu…


As we open the pages of the newest book by Deborah Raney we meet Bryn Hennesey. She is volunteering at the local home less shelter. But Bryn's husband Adam is not happy about her working there and finds her safety in danger. Bryn choose's to go without her Adam knowing, and on the night she is at the shelter a fire begins. Adam is a firefighter and is on the scene quickly. As the fire is burning out of control Bryn tries to stay out of sight so Adam doesn't see her, but in the flames of the night, Adam's life is taken along with his fellow firefighters, and Bryn is left with guilt and shame. She is also fighting to understand how the fire began. She can't remember if she blew the candle she had lit earlier out and it is taking her to places she doesn't want to go. The weight of her guilt brings her to being honest, as the local fire department is wanting to charge a home less man that they can't seem to find, Bryn finally realizes it was the candle. We watc…


One of my favorite books of the bible is James. I love the honesty, the openness, the in your face, if you will. James seems to understand the magnitude of understanding and wisdom. He understands just how much our lives need direction and where we should go for that direction. The Lord is our compass for life, and James clearly teaches us this in every scripture. There are so many gold nuggets in James. Each scripture just seems to speak to me at a different day and time in my life. I know I can go to James and find understanding and wisdom. Don't you love how God gives you just what you need when you need it?
As I begin reading James, the verses that stood out to me this week are James 1:5-6. I usually study out of my New King James Study Bible, but I would like to take the scripture from the New Century Version today.
James 1:5-6 " But if any of you needs wisdom, you should ask God for it. He is generous to everyone and will give you wisdom without criticizing you. But when …


We can open the bible to Genesis chapter 6 and begin to read the story of Noah. We can see that Noah was faithful, a man with a calling. A man who chose to follow God when all others would not. Don't you know Noah had passion? When God chose him to build the ark, Noah didn't back away, he planted his feet firm, stayed strong, and went to work.
But as we can see Noah standing, in verse 18 is where we see mention of Noah's family, his wife, sons, and their wives."But I will establish My covenant with you; and you shall go into the ark-you, your sons, your wife, and your son's wives with you." God was not just saving Noah, but his family also. This is a family that allowed Noah to lead. We have a glimpse at the inside of this family. Their friends even turned away from them, making fun, and this family was left alone. Can you imagine? Can you see each day as others passed by mocking, laughing at the family who was building the huge boat?
But what ca…

loving this newest gadget

Okay, when I come to my blog now I can see that there are people visiting from all across the world and this just humbles me and amazes me all at once! I am loving this little visitor gadget. Who knew? I sure didn't. I had no idea of all of you who are visiting and I just have to say, "Thank you".
I used to look over at those little numbers, and and judge my blog by them. The Lord has given me the peace to know I am serving Him whether there is one or one thousand. Although numbers do not matter, now I can look over and give praise if there is a new follower, and what an awesome honor that is. I really don't like that name "Follower" they have given. I would rather it be, "Friendly Reader" or something along those lines. I just feel connected to so many, and all over the world!
What a blessing to know others are stopping in and I would have never known. This not only encourages me, but keeps me on my toes. You are my accounting friends, those who se…


Need a little perspective?
Genesis 50:20 gives us some insight to Joseph. Its says; " You meant to hurt me, but God turned your evil into good to save the lives of many people, which is being done."
What an awesome attitude for Joseph, right? Joseph was hated by his brothers, captured, sold into slavery, thrown into prison unjustly, and then is chose to guide a nation through hard times. Whew, I'd say Joseph had a lot on his plate, wouldn't you? And here I think I have problems. Trials just seemed to come one right after the other for Joseph. Just when one seems to be ending, here comes another blow that was unexpected. Sound familiar?
Trials and struggles will come, and many times these are out of our control, just as Joseph, but Joseph shows us how to push forward, how to overcome all obstacles and do it all in faith.
Don't you know Joseph went through some devastating times? When we go through hard times, who do we want by us, right at our side? Yes, our family. …


Okay, beginning this week I am doing some changing. I will begin each day with a new post on a different subject, like this:
Monday- Quotes. Where I will share a meaningful quote and write about how that quote speaks to my heart.
Tuesday- Devotions (Encouragement from God's word)
Wednesday- Women with a passion. Either biblical women who served God with a passionate heart or women of today who live with a purpose in Christ.
Thursday- Scripture passages. I will be reading the book of James and as a scripture speaks to me, I too will share with you.
Friday- Interviews! This one I am excited about. I will be interviewing many different women in my life and share about them, placing the spotlight on how God is moving in their life.
I will also be adding in book reviews and give a ways as they come. I will be having more soon. I will still write more than one post on some days, but just wanted to make changes and I think this is a wonderful beginning. I pray these changes will be an added bl…


"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
Just allow this one to soak in for a bit. Sometimes we come across something we can chew on and ponder over. This is one that really stuck with me when I came across it. So many times in life I have felt less than another. I have felt that someone is better than me, a better wife, a better mom, a better friend, a better Christian. You too?
You have those people in your life that just seem to make you feel inferior to them. You have those who walk about with an air of arrogance. Those that carry their ego along with them in their purse. It's just something in the way they look at you, speak to you and treat you all together. Know anyone like this?
I have always wanted to be that person who was just so comfortable with herself that I could walk into a room and feel at ease. I seem to walk in thinking, "What is wrong with me, why are people looking at me?" As women we tend to compare ourselves to others and th…

1000TH POST!!!!!

Wow, I cannot believe I have made it to 1000!! Well, here I am at this milestone. As I look back to that first post two January's ago, I couldn't have imagined how far this would go. I have shared my ups and downs, my dreams, my goals, and just about everything you could imagine. Just as I hit 1000 I am waiting to see what is next and I can only imagine the next 1000 will be better than ever!
Tami girl, thank you for sharing the idea of a blog with me, and teaching me just how to do it! If you ask me how to begin a blog I will point you to another, although I have learned much about these little gadgets. Tami was one of the first who followed my blog and for that I must say, "Thank you!" Wow, your encouragement pushed me further. You showed me my dreams were possible and always pointed me right back to my own writing when I needed advice. What a friend you have been to this girl who spends so much time sitting in front of the computer writing all the thoughts running …

sixteen years of home schooling

Wow, this month my son graduated! And he will also have his eighteenth birthday the 31st. It is all quite amazing to me really. So much in one month for this mother to grasp. The last baby in our home. All I seem to see is, "What is next for him?" When I think about what is next for him I can't help but think about what is past, beyond us all so quickly.
We chose to home school our children when my oldest daughter ended the second grade. My youngest daughter was then beginning kindergarten. As a friend suggested home schooling I thought, "Are you kidding me, I could never!!!" But before long we were soon jumping in head first. Can I just say, "It has been a ride." I can look back and remember the fear as I opened up those school books for the first time, but in my fear, my children were full of smiles. What an amazing blessing beyond comprehension to teach your children. My oldest daughter was reading when she was two. Then as my second child followed …

open up those opportunities

As my husband had been on lay off for almost two years, life gets hard, really hard. You have those days where you just want to hide your head in a like an ostrich. You want to bury yourself in pity and have yourself a party. The only problem with that is no one wants to attend a party where there is no laughter.
I have learned so much in the last two years. I have learned things that I would not have if not for the trials. When we go through trials we also go through a transformation ourselves. I felt like there were so many days I was walking in the dark, but you know, the Lord was trying to shine the light before me, I just wasn't paying attention. I was too focused on my circumstances. So, in that fact, I learned to stop looking at my circumstances and look at the opportunities around me. When we focus on just the circumstance we miss so much around us.
I haven't liked many of the trials I have gone through in the last eight years of life or so, gosh, we could even say ten.…

writing in the sand

On a morning long ago there was one, one who stood among men before her about to be stoned. She was caught in adultery. Before her stood many men, I wonder if one of them was the man she was with. I wonder just where he was on this day as stood alone, scared, and shamed.
What she had done was wrong, but how many times have we too been there before others, ashamed, alone and scared, waiting for the judgement of others who have seen our falter, our slip in our walk? I can only wonder what she was thinking on this day. Was she regretting laying with this man? Was she wishing she could change her past? Maybe she was just wishing it was all over with. I don't think there is one of us that has not felt the heat of others breathing upon us, standing over us, ready with aim to throw their stone.
The scribes and Pharisees brought this woman before Jesus. I can see them throwing her at His feet, as she lay before Him, wondering, "What next"? These two groups were testing Jesus to s…

So many characterists of the twelve

As I look at the twelve disciples there are many characterists of them all. None the same, but all so very different. When Jesus went fishing He caught Himself a catch of many different fish. As His net was wide, so were the characteristics of those He caught. Listen to a few discriptions of the disciples:
Peter:Implusive, hot tempered, insightful, couragious and solid
James: Vengeful, selfish, conceited, committed and couragious
John:Vengeful, fiery, judgemental, selfish, bold, loving, compassionate
Andrew: Enthusiastic, inquisitive, resourceful
Philip: Practical, helpful, literal, confused
Bartholomew: Skeptic, honest, faithful
Matthew: Penitent, hospitable
Thomas: Inquisitive, doubtful, couragious, faithful
James son of Alphaeus: ?
Thaddaeus: Inquisitive, confused
Simon the Zealot: Patriotic, loyal, passionate, sacrificial
Judas: Greedy, deceitful, treacherous, remorseful
Wow, twelve men, and so many characteristics. Some of good quality and others that cause us to struggle. But what is amazin…

anyone need a peacemaker?

Have you ever been in a situation where anger flared and peace was needed? We seem to react so quickly to situations without thinking. Maybe if we would just step back before we acted, there would be no more war. Can you really have a war when there is someone acting as a peacemaker? In war you need to sides of anger. What if there could be an end to anger? Just think of the possibilities.
I remember when our kids were young and they would have a little scrabble. You know what I would do? I would make them sit next to each other on the couch, touching mind you, and say good things about the other. Now, lets just say, it took a while for this to work, but after a bit, there were no more words of anger, but indeed laughter. When we take a step back and really think about why we are angry we gain clarity.
In 1 Samuel chapter 25 we read about David, Nabal, and Abigail, the peace maker. I think Abigail is the hero in this story. Isn't it awesome when the hero happens to be a woman? Here…