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where can you be found?

"A woman's heart should be so close to the Lord that a man would have to seek Him to find her."
I saw this statement today and I let the words before me soak in deep. I have seen this before and thought, "Oh, how true." But today I just realized, if my husband wants to find me, he should find me in the presence of Jesus.
My life should just be saturated with the Lord so when my husband is looking for me, He finds Jesus. Too many times when he is seeking me he finds a monster, coming out of a closet screaming craziness. Ever been doing something important and hear your husband call your name and instead of turning and saying, "Yes, sweetie whatcha need?" They instead hear, "What, what do you want? I am busy!" I don't think love growls.
As a sweet friend reminded me long ago that a soft answer turns away wrath, I think upon my answers to my husband. My day is not all about me. My day is about Jesus and through Jesus I find who I need to be …

Hearing Voices?

I walk through the house talking to myself. My husband will ask,"Who are you talking to?" And I will turn to him, with a look and say, "Um, myself." I always tell him no worries, but if I start answering myself let me know.
We can begin to hear voices around us. You those voices don't you? "Your not good enough, your not pretty, your not nice, your not going to succeed, your not going to win, your not going to do that right, so why don't you just give up now?" There are lots of voices aren't there? I am sure I have heard a few you haven't and you have heard the ones I have not. That's how Satan works. He knows just what each of our struggles are and just what to whisper and just the right time to get us down. Satan loves whispering in our ears. He can only whisper all the bad things, but he too can tell us all we are doing is right. He can confuse us so that we are mixed up when we hear the voice of God calling us to Him.
God doesn'…

favorite spot

Is there a favorite spot you love to be? A spot where you just want to go all the time? A place where you just get giddy when you know your going? A place that makes you feel special and warm?
I have a few of those spots, but one place is the library. (I can now hear one of my friends shaking her head, thinking, ugh, that's the last place I want to be.Lol) But we are all different aren't we? She would get just as giddy going into a craft store as I would walking down the aisle of purses.
I love how God made us all different and unique. He cut each of us by a different cloth, but we all have the same brand name. "Made by God". Don't you just love that?
As we each have that favorite spot to go and relax, laugh or just explore, it makes us feel something special inside.
I can go to the library and smell the books and think I am in heaven. I love just feeling the pages and running my fingers over the cover and author's name. I know much work and creativity went int…

so many blessings

I must say I am one blessed woman. As Mother's Day nears I find myself over joyed, simply over joyed. My husband is working, and not just working but at a company he loves and they love him. My youngest daughter is planning her wedding for August, and preparing to earn her Nursing Degree. My son has graduated and we will be planning a celebration for him. My oldest daughter is about to find out if her little one is a boy or girl, and is moving into a new home, as is my daughter Whitney is building her dream home. My mom is feeling better and my health seems to be improving. Lets just say I am having more "Feeling Good Days" than "Feeling Bad Days".
For the last two years as we have moved through our trials of unemployment, the Lord never ceases to provide our needs. He is forever right where we are loving us through everything. Just as today we were about to run out of everything He supplies a check. A check that we were waiting for, but He knew just when we ne…

where is home?

Home is where your heart is. Home is where love is. Home is where you can be you. Home is being comfortable. Home is wherever the Lord is calling you to be.
We all have this image of home as a quaint little house with a white picket fence. We have children running and skipping about. The yard is filled with laughter as the children chase the dog and your husband in laying in the hammock after a hard days work as you are bringing out tea for everyone.
But are our homes really like that or is that just a vision in every woman's mind from their childhood dreams? Where did that idea come from?
When I was a little girl we would go to Arkansas to my grandmother's house. Her house had a white picket fence around it and anything but love inside. I hated going there and feeling the emptiness of her home. It just wasn't home to me.
Home doesn't have to be that huge house upon the hill, filled with everything you can imagine. Its not the stuff that fills a house that makes it a hom…

what's up?

We can get so engaged with whats going on down here that we forget all about whats going on up there! We can begin to look around and nothing seems to make sense. We can get so caught up in us that we forget all about God.
We look at our situations and define ourselves by them instead of defining ourselves as children of God, to which with Him nothing is impossible. Losers look down all the time. Ever walk away from a game you lost and have your head down? Can't see much with your head down all the time. Winners keep their heads up, just as soldiers do. They know they have a strength that can overcome all. That strength is given by God. Soldiers keep their heads up to look out for danger, to watch out for others around them that are not able to do so, and they are equipped with all they need to protect and conquer.
Losers focus on what they are going through as winners are focused on what they are going to do. I don't mean your a loser with a big "L". I am speaking of…

one stroke at a time

There are nights I fall asleep to watching the great Bob Ross paint. This man amazes me with his talent, but he never fails to give all credit and honor to God, who has given him great blessings.
As I watch him make those first few strokes I am thinking, "What is he doing with that color?" Then he will make a few more, and it begins to come together before my eyes, and then out of no where we will add something that looks like it doesn't need to be there, but wow, did it ever. It needed to be there to bring this work of art together.
As I watch him, it looks so easy. He makes graceful strokes, and uses this huge brush to make delicate changes that I can not seem to understand how he does it.
Just when I think he is all finished, he adds a little more. He always shares how you can keep adding, and with each stroke added it only gets better. He shares how when he makes a mistake, he can still create beauty from it.
Our lives are the same. They are like a giant pallet before …

its all in the presentation

Ever hear a chef say, "It's all in the presentation"? When he brings that plate out to us and sets it before us, we immediately look upon the plate before anything else. Most of the time as we look before us we say, "Wow, that looks really good!" As we take that first bite, we feel a magic inside and we begin to bubble as our taste buds are shouting, "Hallelujah!!"
That chef worked his gift as he put everything together. He knew just where to place things, just how much and indeed he had the right recipe for delight. He didn't just walk into the kitchen one day and say, "Um, can I just kind of see what I could put together for someone?" His talent took time to form, to mold, and to grow. He used the gift before him with all that has been given. He didn't wasted what was before him. I am sure he studied, he learned more than he could ever imagine. And most likely, when he made that first dish, it needed improvement, but a good chef doe…

the journey of "Faithful Feet"

A while back I discovered the Max Lucado Community. You can find it also at
I joined a group headed by Nathan Haddock called "Blog Blog Blog". As I began to know more about this group I began connecting with them more and more. It is a group where bloggers can get together, join in prayer, conversation and growth about blogs and life.
I was asked to join in on "Faithful Feet" and become a writer along with others to bring glory and honor to the Lord. I can share with you in just this short time this site has been such a blessing to me. I am not only sharing, but learning more each time I read a post. With each post you not only get a glimpse of who that person is, but you see Jesus clearly through them. You can find "Faithful Feet" at:
There are nine of us writing as of right now and I would love to share their names and the current blogs they too write at. I find many blessings within these gifted wr…

wow that grass is growing

As I look out my window this morning our grass needs mowed very badly. Grass grows quickly doesn't it? If we do not take care of it, mow, weed eat, and keep everything trimmed we will quickly have a forest filled with many trees overshadowing all else.
There are many who love to work in the garden, the yard and just being outdoors in the sunshine makes them smile. We have about two acres that we keep mowed, and yes, it is a chore to stay with it. Many sweaty hours and work on those Saturdays when we would rather be doing something else.
If we are not careful our walk with Jesus can become the same. We no longer are excited to be in the Son, and enjoy the work before us. Our walk and work now feels like a chore more than anything else. The Lord wants us to enjoy all that is before us. Is there sweat? Yep. Is there hard work? Yep. Are there attacks from satan and the world? Yep and Yep!
If we don't keep up with Jesus in our walk soon our walk is over shadowed with all those big w…

Sunshine Award

Wow, as I come to my blog this morning I see a comment left by a sweet friend who has given me the Sunshine Award. What an honor, and privledge it is to accept this award very humbly.
This gift was given by Susan Hollaway who writes "Journeys of love..Inspired By Faith". You can get a direct link to Susan's blog by clicking on the award to your left or in my blogs followed list.
This award is traditionally passed on to those bloggers that inspire others and show positivity and creativity. So, I would love to pass this award on to some bloggers who inspire, cheer, encourage, and lift me up.
The rules for accepting the award are:1) Put the logo within my blog or on my post 2) Pass the award onto 10 fellow bloggers 3) Link the nominees within my post 4) Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog 5) Share the love and link to the person whom you received this award from. Here are my nominees, please visit them and check out their blogs! If you f…

feeling a bit under the weather?

When you home school your children you continue to learn right along with them, and for each year I have taught my children, I think I have learned more than I did my whole school years put together.
I remember learning about weathering. The elements of this earth can be changed or effected by chemical or physical weathering. Just as a storm brews along the ocean's coast line, its still a coast line, but because of the beating and rushing waves that coast line has changed. When the trees blow in the gust of the winds coming across the land, branches may fall, leaves may wither, but that tree is still a tree. The bark of that tree protects it from danger. It is a layer of love the Lord has placed around it to give it all the protection it needs.
Just as weathering hits upon us, changes may come, but we are still the same inside no matter what is changing outward, and the Lord has placed His covering of protection around us.
Weathering: "The action of the weather conditions in a…

what does today mean to you?

Lately I have found myself in the midst of others wisdom through their quotes. These words of wisdom not only fill us with knowledge, but they leave behind a legacy of those who spoke them. Here is one I found today that really shouted out to me.
"This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is important, because I'm exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving in its place something that I have traded for it. I want it to be gain, not loss; good, not evil; success, not failure; in order that I shall not regret the price I paid for it." Anonymous
God doesn't force us to live for Him. He gave us freewill. For each day is for us to do what we wish, but in doing so what are we giving up to make our day all about us? When we make our day all about us, we are leaving God in the backseat.
If yesterday is gone, and we have no idea about the…

its moving day

Ever think about moving? We have, and its a hard decision to move, to leave behind all that is near, knowing what to take and what to leave can be heartbreaking. I think of the disciples when Christ called them to join Him, they left behind everything! They didn't take one thing with them. They didn't take their favorite books, their favorite clothes, or pack up all they had in a u-haul and take it with them. They trusted in Christ enough to know who He was, and that following Him is all that mattered.

When God changes us, and asks us to move, it doesn't mean others are going to follow us. We place our faith and trust in Him and Him alone. People will let us down, but the Lord will never leave our sides. When He calls us to move He is the One who does the packing. What of the disciples family, their friends, those who knew them well? Did they understand their moving? Did they follow too? When we change and grow closer to Christ we always want others to be there with us, and…

feel like giving up today?

If I could count the days I felt like giving up, I would see just how much time I wasted on unbelief. That is exactly what it is when we feel like giving up, unbelief. If we don't believe in ourselves no one will. If we don't love ourselves, no one will. We have a great and mighty God who is at work in us. Even through those days we see nothing happening, God is still working. As we are a work in progress so are the tasks before us.
Thomas Edison said: "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." You feel like giving up today? don't give up just because things are hard or you see nothing happening. God is at work in us, and only great things can come from His work!!
We must be careful not to compare our success to the world's view of success. It is not about power and prestige, its about following our Savior and be willing vessels for Him, for Him to complete His work through us. His work is not …

He will cover you

Whether it storming out today or all is calm before the storm, Jesus will be there for you. He will calm the storm and the crashing waves as He stays near you through all or He will remove you from the storm as the winds blow.How sweet it is to have Jesus to wipe our tears away. What a feeling of comfort to feel His strength we ourselves have none. To feel Him carry us when we can no longer walk, and to find Him there when are on our knees brings grace that is sufficient.When the tears are falling hard, our hearts are hurting, and we see no end in sight, Jesus is there to wipe each tear away, to bring healing to our hearts and to be the light in the darkness we feel.Have you been there in the storms of life that seem to threaten your sanity? Have things been so hard for so long that you now cover all up with a smile, only to say things are great? I know those smiles and "I'm Greats" really well. When the pain is so deep, its like it becomes part of you. You feel nothing …

one sweet son

If there was one word to describe my son I would have to say giver. He has been a giver all his seventeen years. From the moment he was born he gave joy to this mother and to his daddy. He was our child that almost did not make it. But God had bigger plans for him. My son was three months early. I was barely seven months pregnant when he came. Although they had tried to stop his early birth three other times, this fourth time I went into labor there was nothing they could do. As my heart rate was dropping so was his, and things were getting dangerous very quickly. He had taken a bowel movement while in the womb, and this is not a good sign. Our room was filled with ICU doctors and nurses. As soon as he was born he was swept away in a rush. As tears soaked my cheeks, my husband ran to be with our son, which is just where I wanted him. I didn't get to see our son until the next day. Those few hours were frightening hours I pray I must never endure again. The feelings of fear wash ov…

I can't do that, are you kidding?

I am such a wimp. Really I am. I like things to be easy with no stress attached. But life is not like that at all is it? We can just keep rolling through life just doing the easy stuff, but is that really living? Be all you can be, you can do it, just do it, are all sayings to let us know we can. If you are like me something big comes along and you look at and say, "Um, no, not this girl." But when we say no, we are missing out on opportunities to see just how big God is.
When something big comes along we can either close our eyes to it, pass it on to someone else or we can grab it and watch God run with it! He doesn't call upon us so we can do it all and wear a crown of glory saying, "Look at what I did." He calls us knowing we cannot do it alone. He calls us knowing with Him we can do anything. Phil. 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." Nothing is too big for God.
When we are willing, open vessels for Him big things will h…

she said what?

Did you over hear someone talking about another? What did you do? Join in, walk on by ignoring the conversation or step in and say, "We shouldn't be sharing things that do not concern us and it's not nice to talk about her when she isn't even hear to defend herself"? If we all could only step in and say the truth, but too many times we just walk on by or stop and listen, only to pass on what we hear later to another.
My wise Pastor shares, "If your not part of the problem or the solution do not talk about it." When it comes down to it isn't that true? If we are not in the problem and solution should we really be talking about something we really know nothing about? We can over hear a few comments made by another and think we have the truth and the whole story down. What happens is that as that story is passed on to others it changes, its added on to, and people are hurt for no good reason other than people love to talk.
If we spent more time thinking …