Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sewing a seamless garment

The definition of seamless is,Having no seams,having no awkward transitions,interruptions,or indications of disparity,perfect.This year a wonderfully,talented friend taught me to sew.She was an amazing teacher.We were sewing garments for our Easter Walk at church.We had to make,cut out,pin(which was one of my favorites,not!),and then sew.Each step I learned one at a time.You just cannot jump in and learn everything at once,it takes time,patience,and will to learn. After I looked up the definition of seamless I was struck with the fact that the only person that is seamless is Christ.He has no flaws,no awkward transitions,and interruptions, He passed with flying colors.His only interruption was satan,and we know how that one ends! Satan has nothing on the power of Christ.I found myself thinking do we have seamless lives? I know I do not.My seams are a little bit here and a little jagged in places,some of the seams just seem to pop out of place.When my friend taught me how to sew,she said everyone makes mistakes and its okay. They add something special to the garment.They make it one of a kind.No garment is the same,or has the same stitching,its what makes us each one unique,special in its own way.The mistakes on a garment can be taken out with a little tool,but the mistakes we make in our lives can sometimes not be taken out so easily.As we cut,pin,and sew there are bound to be mistakes for the beginners.But those who have been sewing for awhile seem to ease through and make seamless garments.Like the elders of our church,they have lived their lives with Christ and have learned so much along the way,they can see so much more than we who are just starting out.It takes a long road of teaching,searching,and listening to grow in Christ.Newbies,like me to sewing,you start out with little steps,and sometimes that seamripper is used alot,but as we take time,and learn with a willing heart we get there,and when that garment is finished it takes on a beauty all its own.God is creating a masterpiece in us,and thank goodness He isnt finished with mine yet.God doesnt create junk,He takes broken pieces,pieces that are not perfect,and using His hands He creates in use a masterpiece in His own image.God was the first seamstress,and He is the best.Lets give Him our broken,split,and haggard peices,and sit back and watch Him work with His loving hands,making each peice a treasure to be loved.


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