Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who is in your family?

Some think that family is only blood,those you are related to.Some families are huge,some are small.Some families hardly speak at all,and some gather every week.Some don't spend the holidays together,while others come together once a week.Families can argue,or they can just choose to love.Many people have definitions of what family should be.We all know there should be love,joy,forgiveness and laughter.You should always be there for one another at any moment of day or night.Some families have conflict none stop,while others gather and lift each other up.It is sad that I came from a big family,but never see them and some I have lost touch with altogether.Some choose to live separate lives,and can never see eye to eye.I think family is those special people that God brings into our lives.Its not just those who have our name,but those who love us despite our lack of fame.The lord has brought into my life special friendships to treasure for a lifetime.Each one is unique and brings something different,but we just seem to all share a bond.I have close friends that are like sisters,they know all about me,and still choose to love me.I have aunts and uncles,brothers,sisters,and have even found grandma and grandpa.Church is full of my family members all brought together with a sharing love of Christ.Those is your family choose to love,forgive,and share from their hearts.They lift you up and call just to check in to see how your doing.They are the ones who you call first,they are there in the good days and bad. They are the ones who pray with you,and never leave you for another.I can truely say I am blessed beyond measure at the family I now have.Its the family I always wanted,that I never really had in my childhood.I now have many nieces,nephews,and cousins all wrapped in one big family brought to me by God.


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