Thursday, April 23, 2009

Out of Our Control

In our lives we are just born fixers.If I see something broken,be a table,glass,or a heart,I want to fix it.But you know what?There are just some things in our lives that are out of our control.We might be able to control the temperature in our homes,what we watch on television,or what we wear today,but trying to control other situations in our lives,only brings more pain.We can't control who likes us,who loves us,or what others do,just like the whether.The only thing in this lifetime we can really control is our relationship with Christ,the rest is plainly God's job.If we are always in the way trying to fix things how we think they should go,we get in His way of doing things.If you think about it,giving all control over to God is hard at times,but just imagine how freeing it is.To not have to worry about anything will add so much joy in our hearts,and its giving God the glory everyday,by putting our trust in Him.


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