Thursday, April 16, 2009

If You Just Norm Stovall

All the things you need to do,
All the things that worry you,
All that troubles you today
Would be taken care of
If you just pray.
If you are burdened with a heavy load
If you look to teh Lord there is a way,
There is an answer if you just pray.
If you feel your back is against the wall
If there's no friend at you can call.
Have faith in the Lord today,
All you have to do is pray.
If you have a heavy heart
If fear is with you at the day's start.
For love and comfort I can say
You'll find hope if you just pray.
If you are tempted and confused,
If all you try you seem to lose.
If satan has your life at bay
Then you really need to pray.
If forgiveness is your need,
Open your Bible and start to read.
For the price Jesus did pay
So,for forgiveness you must pray.
Pray without ceasing.


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