Thursday, April 23, 2009


Why do we gossip?Is it to make ourselves feel better to put others down?Is it to make ourselves feel powerful?What is the real point of gossip? We have all done it at some point or another,and soon enough we get our hearts broken by those who look us in the eye,smile,and greet us with love,then behind our backs,they go and tell things,stories of what they think they know.Then it spreads like wildfire to all the surrounding areas.That fire burns rapidly,and just the heat of the fire destroys people,their reputations,others opinions of you that havent even met you long enough to know you,and after the gossip train rolls in,they may not want to know you.I have lately had gossip spread about myself and my family.It hurts very much to know the very people you see at church on Sunday choose to go behind their brother or sisters back and speak of them,instead of coming to you first.Our Pastor has a saying,"If your not part of the problem or the solution,dont even speak about it."Some tend to think they have to be in the know all of everyones lives,I believe that is called a busy body,and as christians thats not what we are too do,we should pray for those we know are hurting,not cut them down even more.We are not to judge others for any reason at all.You never know about the situation until you too are in it,and you cannot say,well that was wrong and I would have done this,well folks, you never know what you will do,until you too are in that situation,and going through pain,pain that others have no idea about.I was really hurt by the gossip I knew was being said about me,and I too know who those people are,which hurts even more,but after wise friends who really love me gave me advice,I really started thinking,why should I give one minute of my precious time for those who choose to gossip?Me giving my time over to them,is taking my time away from Christ.What I need to do is just crawl upon His lap,and pray for those who are gossiping,and turn away from it,and consentrate on Jesus.Allowing others to hurt us with their words is a waste of our time.Time is so special,and we need to live each moment like it is our last,if I only had one day left here on this earth,I certainly wouldn't want it wasted on thinking of the words someone chose to say about me.Why do we worry anyway?We know who we are,the Lord knows our hearts,and we know the truth,and the greatest blessing is that we have family and friends who really love us and support us through everything.If someone basis their life on gossip,and chose to speak badly of me,well atleast they are leaving another alone for that time.God knows all and He hears all.We cannot change those who gossip about us,but we can change how we respond to them.We can love them like Christ would,the way they too should be loving us.


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