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Sometimes you gotta move to see better!

This morning in my reading I turned to the story of Zacchaeus and Jesus. You can read this story in Luke 19:1-10. Okay, Zacchaeus is a little dude. He is in a huge crowd and he wants to have a better view. He knows, Jesus is coming and he doesn't want to miss out on anything. But how in the world can he see beyond the crowd? So, what does he do? He climbs up in the sycamore tree.

Do you ever feel small? Oh my, lately I feel smaller and smaller as I witness the magnitude of God's awesome love. He washes His grace over me daily and is forever trying to lead me. Now, if I can just move outside of the crowd and getter look. Don't you feel that way sometimes, too? I am one of those visual learners. If I have a great seat to where I can see everything I am going to learn so much more than just having a book in front of me.

Zacchaeus didn't just move and get a better view. He spoke with Jesus face to face! Jesus even went to his house. Can you hear the murmur of others? &qu…

GOD'S STORY YOUR STORY (When His becomes yours) by MAX LUCADO

Is it possible to pick up a book penned by Max Lucado and not be blessed? I haven't read one of his books that did not bless my socks off. He is that guy that can relate to everyone. We can all pick up his books and say, "Hey, that's me your writing about." The same is true for his latest, God's Story Your Story. As we read God's story we can see our story. If we can only remain focused on Him and not the circumstances around us.

I truely enjoyed this book. Sure, it may be words we have heard over and over again, but who doesn't need to be reminded on a daily basis that everything always comes back to our Savior? Life is all about Him and He is all about us. Those no's that we often hear and are upset about? Well, for each and every no there is a yes waiting. A yes that will open another door to big possibilities. Our journey is one that is paved by His plan and carries His grace for each step.

Through these pages we are taken back through New Testam…


This book captured my heart! Oh my goodness, I couldn't put it down once I began reading. I stayed up through the night to finish it! So many twists and turns. Just when you think your at the best part, it gets even better! Even though this book is considered a historical fiction read, I would classify it as a suspenseful romance! The characters are rich and I found myself so drawn to Adelaide. This book is set in present day, but takes us back to the Civil  War period. Oh, the letters written by Susannah Page were captivating. The detail that Susan Meissner brings to this story makes you feel as though you are there within the walls of this glorious house that holds such history for all and superstition for some.
In this novel, Marielle Bishop, marries into a family that carries secrets. The man she marries is widowed and although he isn't in love with his dead wife, he is in love with her memory and the house they are living in is holding the hearts of those who live there …

Are your roots needing more room to grow?

A few weeks ago my husband helped me to replant my beautiful African Violets. I have three and they are all different colors. My mother bought the first one for me as a gift and I fell in love with these tiny eye catchers. Well, the thing is, they started wilting. The bright color they once held was now gone. Instead of growing they began shrinking.

So, being out one Saturday with my husband, I say, "Lets grab some new pots and feed for my flowers." As I look over at them today they are vibrant, beautiful, flowering and are growing like never before. Their roots needed more room. They needed the right food and soil. They were choking themselves as they were trying to grow, but my little pots were holding them back. Have you ever felt like that?

Sitting in church last Sunday my heart was heavy. Today, my heart is still heavy. Nothing drastic is wrong in my life. In fact, most things are pretty awesome. Except for me. Some how I am losing my vibrant sight. Everything is beco…


I love when the Lord sends me just what I need when I need it. All in God's perfect timing. I have many bibles at home. Many different translations. Well, now I am the owner of one of the most poetic, beautifully written, devotional Bibles I have ever had the pleasure reading. Now, to begin, if you haven't read any devotionals from, Sarah Young, you are missing out my friend. You are now in for a treat with this Signature Series New King James Devotional Bible.
It is filled with prayer and devotionals from, Sarah's early devotionals. When I opened the Bible to begin reading this is the first prayer that my eyes found.
"Lord, You are more than my Creator; You are my Sustainer. You provide every bit of wisdom and help that I ever need. There is never a problem, a situation, or a decision where I cannot count on You. And yet so often, in the freedom that You have graciously given me, I am guilty of forging ahead and doing things my way, as if my ideas, plans, and methods…

ACFW Conference..Here I come

Is it possible to be too excited for words to express? It's not too often you will find me speechless, but I am pretty much there. I can tell you I feel so honored to be attending. I feel humbled to be the recipient of such a blessed gift. If I am totally honest I will tell you I feel so very small. I will find myself surrounded by such gifted writers. Writers who have penned every Christian book on my book shelf!

It is a wonderful feeling to be able to meet everyone in person and hug those very friends I have made on line through Face Book and emails. To top this week off I will be staying with my cousin. How awesome to be able to go back to her home and share everything I experience with her.

God has already opened so many doors. This is a HUGE door He is opening, but does He ever do anything small? As I was preparing to do my nails today I realized I didn't have any left. LOL If I am being transparent again, this has been really stressful for me to prepare for. Although I…


In Jane Kirkpatrick's newest novel we meet, Annie Shaw, who is a writer. She has had success and then failure. She is now writing again. Annie struggles with being humble. She wants fame in the worldly way. She thinks if she has fame she will have met her goal in life. She finds that simply isn't true. She is even wanting attention from none other than Oprah herself. So, on this journey of trying to create a best seller, Annie and her friends, dive into doing everything under the sun to find fame. We have the question before us, "What would you do to gain the fame you want so badly?"

I struggled with this book. I wanted to enjoy it. But I just couldn't get connected with the characters before me. It wasn't one of those reads that I just couldn't put down. As a writer waiting for my first book to be published I can walk away with the valuable lesson of I need to remain humble. I need to stay focused on the Lord and His will through my writing.

This novel…


This book was not what I expected. It was better than I could have imagined. Michael Leehan tells the true story of his life. He opens his heart and soul and pours them into this book. He goes from the early years of his life and shares with us just how empty he felt. How the anger and resentment filled him and brought bitterness to the very forefront of everything.

His life had taken many downfalls and I love how he is so transparent. This is his first book and I believe his story is going to touch the heart of many who are searching deeply for a way out of darkness. He didn't just take a wrong turn, he downright searched for Satan. Called out to him and invited him into his life. But, don't you love when you see those but's? God had another plan for Mr. Michael Leehan. God never left him. Michael may have fell to the depths of darkness, but God was always there, calling him and leading him to safe passage.

This is Michael's true account, his testimony, of rising fr…

A HEART REVEALED by JULIE LESSMAN (Winds of Change Book 2)

Oh, the romance that I found as I opened this lovely book. Be still my heart. This book holds such beautiful characters all weaving them into a place of renewed peace. Emma Malloy is one of those unforgettable characters. She is that woman with a past that holds regret. She wants love, but with her past it will be difficult for her to ever trust again. She is such a sweet spirit and a woman of virtue. Although her character went through such heartache in 1919, it is a pain we can relate to today. She is holding much fear from the past, but we get to watch healing wash over her. I say fear, because it is that deep emotion of losing control and having another bring such deep pain that the scars last forever.

Sean O'Connor is that young man that all girls are attracted to. He has everything going for him, except one thing. He is battling a rage that he didn't even know was there. His character shows us that we must face our demons head on. Sean has one love and that is, Emma. We…

A change in plans all because of Him

Well, I would be in Chicago now having breakfast with my husband this morning, but God had other plans. After a busy day yesterday, I packed my bags, and was all ready to travel out last night, but something just wasn't right. Although I was excited to be going to see my husband for a few days, I had this interrupting feeling inside. I say interrupting because I really wanted to go, but feelings of unrest kept coming quicker and were over riding my excitement.

I kept pushing them away, even though I had a few panic attacks through the afternoon. But late last night as my son was putting my bags in the car, even he was not feeling peace. I could tell something was up. As we walked out the door for him to drive me to meet up with my husband, Daisy, our little Dachshund acted like she has never acted before. She was barking and running around the house in a frenzy as if to say, "No, don't go!"

We travel down to the gas station and fill up the tank and grab our drinks …


Wow! Wow! Wow! Is there any more to say? Deliver Me From Evil is the first of the Freedom Series. I anticipate seeing how this series is going to greatly touch every reader who decides to open the pages of this first book. This story is gripping, and one that touches the lives of many, not just in other countries, but in our own back yards.
This is a novel about human trafficking. In this story we find Mara, the lead character, who is caught up in the sex trade and sees no way out. This is her story. It has been ten long years for Mara. She witnesses the coming and going of many young girls. We will follow their story too. But beyond, Mara, lies a family preparing to reach out and make a difference. A young man, Jonathan, on his pizza run, sees something that will not leave his mind. This is where his story begins.
These characters were so real. You can feel the terror of these young girls and you can see the emptiness that grips them. This is one of those books that is a hard read. It…

Just catching up!

Hey there friends, I hope this Sunday finds all of you surrounded by blessings. The Lord is good, isn't He? Oh my, He continues to surprise me daily by His love and His gracious gifts.

I am just checking in before I leave for a week. Tonight I am traveling with my husband to Chicago. I am just loving the quiet times away that I am able to spend with him. Then I will be staying with my gracious cousin as I attend my first ACFW Conference ever! I am over the top excited. I cannot wait to share all the happenings and tremendous blessings that flow from this wonderful gift.

I am trying to catch up on my reading and have many awesome reviews to share with you on my return. One is, "Deliver Me From Evil" by Kathi Macias. Just an amazing life changing book. There wasn't a chapter I read that I was not in tears. Oh, can this woman of God write!

I had a wonderful day at church preparing Sunday dinner with the college group who is raising money for the Passion conference. Pr…


What can I say. The cover of this book just warms my heart. It was a nice change reading about a lovely Christmas here in September. This is a story about finding your way, finding peace and seeing God's will for your life. The characters in this story are so relatable to our lives that you can find yourself lost in them. Which is exactly what makes, Suzanne Woods Fisher, a gifted writer.

When two families come together in God's perfect timing they find a warmth from a beacon light. Jamie and C.J are married, but they have lost their way. Something is missing. I love the character of Jamie. She assumes a lot and is trying to hard to be that perfect daughter to a father not willing to give his all. She is forever trying to be that good girl to please all.

We too have Zach. A character living with his aunt and uncle. He is lost and trying to find his way by leaving the past behind and moving into the future. It's hard to let go of the past when others seem to stay there pu…

Six years seems like an eternity

My son and I were laughing of past funnies this morning as we were preparing for the day. He looked at me and said, "Mom, I miss yesterday." My heart broke in that moment. I too miss yesterday. I said to him, "Gosh, six years isn't such a long time ago, but it seems like an eternity." I am not so sure that time heals all wounds. I think some scars stay with us forever. Time may ease some of the hurt, but I think it's those daily smiles and laughter that really just seem to cover up that pain until all is quiet again and you remember yesterday.

A lot can happen in six years. I don't know how many times I have asked the Lord, "Why? Why did all this happen?" He has answered some questions, but others I am trying to be still and wait. I am not even sure an answer would really ease the hurt my heart still feels.

For the last three months my husband has been working. Praise the Lord! After three years of being laid off that job the Lord had for hi…

A Camp Fire's Burn

What could be more lovely than sitting around a camp fire at night? The cool breeze, the warmth and glow of the fire and friends surrounding you. Everyone has their cup of hot chocolate, all is quiet, until a spark. What kind of spark? The fire crackles and a spark shoots up falling to the ground to singe dry grass. Before you know it the fire is a blaze. Everyone is moving their chairs and backing away as fast as they can. They don't want to get singed and they certainly don't want to get burned. How easy a forest fire can begin with just one spark.
"A lying tongue... a false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among brethren"   Proverbs 6:17-19
Lets take this a bit further. Lets say this group is sitting around the camp fire and all is quiet until one speaks up. One voice is heard. That voice speaks about another. Someone who is not there to defend themselves and fan the flames that are about to erupt. What happens? Does everyone stand as fast as they …


Here is what Thomas Nelson says about Close Enough To Hear God Breathe: Does the idea of intimacy with God seem far fetched and irrelevant to your real, daily life? Ever wonder if your own “little story” has any significance in the larger scheme of things, or why God’s Word doesn’t seem to speak to you?

In Close Enough to Hear God Breathe, readers encounter a rich message that recounts the story of a God who has been inviting all of humanity, and each individual, into his tender embrace since time began. Beautiful prose, powerful stories, and inventive teaching walk readers though this, the Bible’s foremost narrative thread.
Both subtle and radical, full of common stories told in extraordinary fashion, this book weaves the experiences of the individual into the great tapestry of the biblical saga. The reader learns to hear the voice of God speaking in the ordinary events and relationships of life, as well as in the broad, deep current of Scripture.
Reading the Bible ought to be like putt…


Friends, hold on to your seat, Irene Hannon, is bringing us up close and personal in her newest novel, Deadly Pursuit. This book ROCKED! I could not put it down after reading the first page. This the second instalment of the Guardians of Justice Series. If you missed, Fatal Judgement, rush out and grab it up today. First, I must say, living in St. Louis, Irene Hannon, did an amazing job in her research for this book. Every detail she added only made it more real for me.

We meet up with Alison Taylor once again. She is piecing her life back together after a terrible accident. She is surrounded by two brothers who not only love her, but are willing to protect her with every fiber of their being. I love seeing this family come together in such closeness. Alison is working as a Social Worker and is very involved in her cases. They are not just numbers to her. They are families and Alison loves children. She is wanting to make a difference in the lives of those she touches.

After diving …

I think I'm craving a little manna

Have you ever had your kids say,"Gosh, mom, there isn't anything in this house to eat?" It seems they turn on you and blame you for not having exactly what they are craving. It's almost as if we run a cafe and when you run out of something, watch out!
After the Israelites crossed the Red Sea they were filled with joy and then all of a sudden they were growing very thirsty. It seemed the water they found was too bitter. (Exodus 15:22-25) These folks were down right angry with Moses. Where in the world did their joy go? They had just had the biggest blessing as they crossed the Red Sea and found safety. Oh, how quick our gratefulness can change once our circumstances change. The thing is, our circumstances are changing all the time. Each day brings something new. Moment by moment as this world is spinning on it's axis, we too are turning in circles. It can all be quite dizzying if we ponder it. That pantry doesn't always hold what we are craving. Sure, there is …


Ladies, get ready. Here is a book for you! I am one of those girls who lacks self confidence. Well, with Christ as my Savior, He is my confidence! Ever find yourself doubting your decisions and actions? Me too. This is why I love this book so much. Each chapter takes us deep within that doubt we carry and Renee helps us see just how much baggage we have. She not only shows us what is weighing us down, but opens our eyes to new and insightful ways to allow God to move through us, strengthen us and empower us! She points out God's promises and takes us on a journey through scripture and her own life to see when we let go and let God, all things are possible. I learned when I have doubt I am allowing fear to overtake me. There isn't faith in that. I want to live a life filled with faith and I too want to walk confident in the woman God created me to be.

Renee is awesome at being transparent. She shows us how to see beyond our vision and grasp a hold of all God is creating in us.…

Searching for a rescue?

"But Moses told the people, 'Don't be afraid. Just stand still and watch the Lord rescue you today. The Egyptians you see today will never be seen again. The Lord Himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.'" Exodus 14:13-14

As I read these words of scripture they bring me to the edge of Red Sea. Can you see the Israelites standing on the edge of the waters waiting? Anticipating to see what the Lord is going to do? It isn't hard for us to envision. We have all been there. We wander through the desert searching for a way out. Everything looks the same. We cry out to God and ask, "Are You there? Will You rescue me?" It is so hard to wait, isn't it? The most wondrous thing is the peace that God washes over us as we are waiting for that rescue. As God, in His perfect time, parts the waters for you to cross we must stand in faith.

Are you standing at the edge of the Red Sea today? Do you have enemies at your back? Just remember God will make a way! H…