Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Driving without a map

Can we really look forward without looking back? I don't think we can.The past is a chapter in life,many times its those decisions that we made in the past who we are today.We make mistakes along the way,and as I taught my children,they are only mistakes if we didn't learn anything from them.We have rearview mirrors in our cars so we can see whats behind us,even the little side mirrors can tell us what is behind us,and what is at our side.Many times we have blind spots,and cannot see clearly until we move in a different direction to see.Although we must move forward everyday,our past is always there.Its in those deepest tunnels and in those valleys that are the hardest to see,but when we are out of them and have taken a good look we can find our way out and climb to that mountain top to see the whole view.Have you ever been driving and it started to rain and hail?The wipers are going to fast,but you still cannot see.Sometimes its best to pull over and wait for the storm to pass,and others you know the storm is coming and going to get worse,so its better to drive on through,
slowing down knowing the sun is going to shine again soon.Have you ever been driving and when you get to where you were going,you cant remember how you got there,but you know where you came from? Is life not like that at times? We're just driving along not paying attention to where we are going,and we get lost,or dont even remember how we got to the place we are at?It happens so fast.When my husband took me to Colorado many years ago,we were just driving along,he knew exactly where we were going and what we were getting ready to see,but I didn't.As we kept driving I thought as we were coming upon a hill that is was very cloudy.The sky seemed to take on a different feature,but as we got closer to the top of the hill I saw so clearly what was infront of us.The mountains took over the skyline,and the beauty of it all took my breath away.It was a sight I had never seen before,but it took him to lead me there,and show me the way.Many times in life we are driving in circles,we dont know how to get out,but many times if we just listen to someone else,they see the whole picture and can lead us to the beauty of whats at the end of the road. So many times we take off on our own thinking we know the directions,and being confident in our instructions from ourselves,we dont take the time to stop and get a map,or ask for directions.The best direction giver is Christ,He can lead us through any storm,and take us out of it if He chooses.He can lead us in those valleys,and mud soaked roads that seem to just take us down with it. The next time your in a storm,lost,and need directions don't be afraid to humble yourselves and ask God to lead you.


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