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Time For Bed, Sleepyhead (The Falling Asleep Book) by Daniel G. Amen, M.D. illustrations by Gail Yerrill

The author has shared this book to be an aid to helping children fall asleep. It is designed for ages 4-8. The premise of the story is a mother bear helping her son get ready for bed. So she begins telling him a story of how important it is for children to get their sleep because it helps to clean their brains. Sleep helps to get rid of all the trash that builds up in the brain during the day. Baby bear asks what happens if he doesn't get enough sleep. So, mother continues to tell him, "If you don't get enough sleep, your brain doesn't have enough time to clean up. Trash gets left behind. It can build up and get in the way, making it harder for you to learn-or even feel happy." Little bear replies, "I want a nice, clean brain, Momma!" 
They get comfy cozy and she begins telling him a good-night story filled with many characters, Eli, the anteater, Chloe, the kitty, Liam, the baby llama, Aslan, the puppy, Louie, the lion, Emmy, the emu, and Shakespeare,…

The Witnesses by Robert Whitlow

If it's possible to have an author crush Robert Whitlow would be mine. I admire this author so very much. He has taken me on such marvelous journeys. I fell in love with his writing style with The Tides of Truth Series and fell head over heels after reading The Alexia Lindale Series. Both totally different, but each held such beauty. Jimmy is another favorite, along with Mountain Top.
Whitlow has a high standard of writing. He takes the reader on a journey with depth and detail. He brings out the inner strengths and struggles of each character. Absolutely everything holds value with his writing. 
With his latest legal writings he brings triumph over tragedy. With the truths about the law alone they would be fascinating. Add in the history with The Witnesses and you have a masterpiece. This story is absolutely amazing in every possible way. I am never left wishing I'd chosen another book with Whitlow doing the writing. He captured by attention from the first pages. This is jus…

Saffire by Sigmund Brouwer

The exquisite cover caught my attention. Next was the fact that Sigmund Brouwer was the author. I had read, Thief of Glory, when it was released and just couldn't put it down. I was captivated by this story. So, I was intrigued to see what this new novel held for me. 
We are taken on a journey to the Panama Canal in 1909 in a time when Teddy Roosevelt is president and all is uncertain. Even the life of the main character, James Holt, is uncertain. He knows where he has come from. A fantastic life as a Buffalo Bill cowboy! Now, he has been called by the president to come and do some research for him. Only he isn't so sure what that entails. 
His life grows more exciting by the day. I don't think this character ever has a dull moment. There is so much detail in this story. The history alone is phenomenal. There is a huge history lesson throughout this novel, but in the last pages in the Author's Note there is much insight for the reader to gain about the characters and …

A beauty Refined by Tracie Peterson

As a sapphire must be mined to bring it to refined beauty so too do we as believers. It's removed from a place where it's beauty has been hidden away and brought into the light where it's transparent glory catches the eye of all who are blessed to capture it's beauty. 
This is a novel that could be a stand alone, but as a series with each novel read in order you get are blessed to capture more of the story as they all weave together to bring about a complete story.
Tracie Peterson does history better than most. She's in a league all of her own. I love how she dives in to learn the history that flows around the story spinning in her head. Because of her gift we are able to capture the details of the places and times, but experience them as the story leaps off the black and white pages. 
This novel flows easily. This is one of those novels that will leave you pondering. At least it did that for me. I pondered the abuse of women and children during this time in histo…

Without Warning by Lynette Eason

Lynette Eason just may be the queen of series writing. Each one different, but all will give the reader a few hours of a thrill ride and leave you in anticipation for the next.
Who wouldn't love these body guards? Each joined for different reasons. Each with their own background and all have an amazing story to share as we witness them coming together to protect those who need their aid. 
In the first book of this series, Always Watching, we see these women, all capable, step into action to protect a man who is being stalked. Without Warning pics up with another in this group and we get to see her story unveil as Eason weaves these characters so brilliantly together. 
In the Elite Guardians  Protection Agency we see something remarkable. These women give of themselves using their God given gifts. They unselfishly step forward when others run the opposite direction. They are strong and courageous, but yet throughout the novel, Eason brilliantly allows us to see their weaknesses and…

The Things We Knew by Catherine West

It was the cover that caught my attention and also the love of being introduced to new authors. This is a great summer read. I poured a hot coffee as I took a sweet seat to read for the next few hours of retreat, but before I knew it the pages were still turning and my coffee had turned cold. 
It took me a while to read this selection. Busyness pretty much takes over at times, leaving little time for reading. I couldn't wait for a few moments here and there to escape into this gem of a read that took me to Nantucket to meet characters that I would love to call friends.
Catherine West won me over. Her writing is superb. The story-line flows easily. The characters are transparent. These are characters the reader can easily relate to. Faith is alive within these pages as Catherine easily brings the black and white alive before us.
Can you imagine losing your mother at a young age, having life topple upside down, and now as a young woman you now are taking care of your aging father w…

How Big Is Love? by Amy Parker and illustrations by Breezy Brookshire

I love hedgehogs! How about you? This gem of a padded book uses a mama and son hedgehog to illustrate to us 1 Corinthians 13:13. 
When this twenty-four page book arrived my granddaughter was excited for me to read it to her. She happened to be painting. When I started reading she sat down her brush and followed the story of just how big love is. 
She enjoyed the illustrations and the story is a sweet one. The little boy asks his mama throughout the story just how big love is. This makes for a sweet bedtime story and introduces children to God's gigantic love for us. 
This children's book was a gift from B&H Publishing for sharing my review with you.

Charge Up With Cheerfulness

Today is my grandson's birthday. The big 2 for Liam. Oh, if we could live with the cheerfulness of a child. 
Liam has always been the child of laughter and smiles. He's the child that reminds the soul there's always something in which to smile. His smile can overcome in me any kind of rainy day storm that's brewing around me. 
See, Liam is that cheer my heart so often needs. No matter what the day has held for me all it takes for my heart to soar is to see his beautiful smile. Often my daughter will send a video of him giggling at something that tickles his soul. All it takes to bring a smile is opening that video and there I am partaking in a cheerfulness that charges my heart toward cheerfulness of such joy tears flow!
Even with difficult circumstance that takes place in our lives and the turmoil in the world around us we can remain cheerful because of our Lord. He has overcome this world and all the dread it contains. Right? In this hope we can live with cheerfulne…

Always At Work In My Circumstances

Although my circumstances at times may be trial after trial, they do not define me. What they do, if I am seeking Christ, is to mold me into a new girl, the girl Christ is creating me to be.come.
When I call upon Jesus He never ceases to hear me. He responds in His perfected time, by setting in motion room for His will to unfold and room also for me to witness my God in action.
Over and over again He has shown Himself to me. His answers are not always immediate, but His presence is. Sometimes I am called to wait and remain still as He works in me.
See, the longer time I spend with my Savior the more of Himself He reveals to me. I don't have to do anything special, but to simply call upon the One who loves me mighty.
His love is wide, is deep, is high, and is long. His mercy is new every day. His grace always available. His love always present. In our earthly journey so much of our God cannot be explained. Why would He love us so? But for now, what we can do is experience all of H…