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The grass always appears greener on the other side of the fence doesn't it? We see someone with a smile and think their life is downright near perfection. As women it's a trap we fall into. We tend to gaze across the fence row trying to catch a glimpse of perfection, instead of looking into our own window of imperfection.

"She Makes It Look Easy" is a book all women will be able to relate to. Ariel Baxter is new to the neighborhood. She is moving into her dream home. The home she has been pestering her husband about for a while now. Ariel, is a wife and a mother of three boys. She feels like we all feel at one time or another. There has to be more.  She looks across the back yard and sees the home of her new friend, Justine Miller, who smiles everywhere she goes. You know these women. They look as if they have it all together. They seem to know how to do everything. Her home is not only spotless, but she can cook too! Justine seems to have a clutter-free life, but as…

Complicated or Challenging?

If you are human you are facing some kind of trial today. Are all trials tests? Do all trials teach us something? If we are seeking Christ on every level, yes, those trials will test our faith. If we are surrendering to Christ and opening our heart to Him on every level, then yes, we are teachable. I don't think there is anything in life that cannot teach us something of value.

If we live each day searching for all God has for us, it kind of changes our perspective on every facet of life. Doesn't it? We can choose to see the glass half full instead of half empty. But either way, it's only half, so that means there is room for more, right? Isn't there always more room for God?

We fill our lives with such stuff. Stuff that really has no lasting impact on our life. Stuff that we think we need today will soon end up on a table at a yard sale. What if we changed our perspective on what we needed? What if we focused more on the need instead of the want? Even more so, what …

Ladies, lets get real, shall we?

When is the last time you went out to purchase a swimsuit? A new pair of jeans? That little black dress? I think shopping for that new swimwear might be the most devastating activity of all. When does one go from bikini to one piece? This is when those little wraps come in handy. I think sometimes we just want to hide in the beach towel all together.

We all face it, but yet we never speak of it. Why? Why don't we share these feelings? If I share my real feelings with friends, most of the time I hear, "Your nuts!" Not really what a girl wants to hear, ya know? Some how getting older has snuck up on me. I have never been afraid of getting older. Gosh, I am 44, and you know what? I love being 44. I really do. I just don't want to look like I am 44! Now see my problem? Do you have it also?

We say we are happy at our age, but yet there is something different. Something we cannot explain. We can be out and see a younger group of women and think, "Wow, they look so g…


Diana Wallis has written a lovely book about, Martha. Oh, how we can all relate to Martha. Atleast I can very well. Throughout this story we are reminded, that being Martha isn't bad, but we too need to find more time to be, Mary. This is the lesson I carried away from this story.

I simply love the story of, Martha and Mary. Diana, brings their story to life through these pages. She takes us back to their heritage, their loves and losses. With her attention to detail, she makes us feel as though we are walking with Martha through her daily life. In reading, "Martha", it only brings me to uncover more of her story through reading God's Word.

This story is an easy read. The words throughout this book are some how soothing. Maybe because, Martha, is so well related to and too, because of Diana's writing style. This is one you will enjoy if you love history and want a better glimpse at the life of Martha.

This book was a gift of Revell for it's review.

Diana Wal…


Come take a journey through Georgia and into the heart of Chicago during the 1930's and meet the sweetest girls ever. Friends, I could not put this book down. The characters in this book were so real you simply fall in love with them. We follow the lives of two girls, Perri Singleton and Mary Dobbs, so different, but yet so alike. They come from two different worlds, but their hearts bond quickly.

Perri comes from a wealthy family. She has everything, where as, Dobbs, has very little in material wealth, but a vast supply of wisdom and heart. Their lives totally turn upside down. We see these precious girls go through loss, trial, separation, and most of all growth.

We see just how powerful God is through their lives. I just loved, Dobbs. This humble girl, has a passion for the Lord and wants to see everyone come to know Him. This is that girl that is wild about Jesus and ready to stand and shout the truth. The problem is, not everyone is ready for Dobbs.

Perri, is a sweet heart.…


This interview with, Peggy, first appeared January 14. I wanted to revisit it today. I hope you are inspired by Peggy's words today. Maybe you will not only get to know her a little better and visit her sites, but maybe you will be touched by her words and filled with encouragement today. I have heard from many who stop by. They say, "This is just what I needed today." May this be just what you need today. If so, I know Peggy would love to hear from you.

Welcome back to Lets Chat Friday friends. I pray your week is going wonderful. I also pray your week has been filled with the promises of our Lord and Savior. Struggle is hard. It seems we are hard-pressed on every side. We are looking for a way out. But what if we stopped looking for a way out and stood in the presence of the Lord? I find in my struggles right now I am missing out on all God has for me because I can't see past my poor pitiful self. Do you find yourself there also?
My guest today is Peggy Reeves. She …

Don't throw in the towel, friends. There's more to the story.

A few years ago when my husband, Steve, lost his job, we knew things would be rough for a bit, but we really didn't foresee just how bad. It's one of those areas where you have a great savings built up and you know your okay for the time being. You have that cushion under you. But what happens when no job comes and that cushion is all but gone?

"And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

I have written about our struggles over the last two years. There have been many, as many of you can fully understand, being there yourselves. I think that is the whole thing, you can't really understand unless you have been there.

"My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing." James 1:2-3

My husband worked a few little jobs here and ther…

What are you waiting on?

Do you like to wait? Oh gosh, it is one of my main struggles. I think everyone has a little difficulty in waiting. The thing is, we all seem to be waiting on something. We pray and pray, only to wait longer. Between you and me, it's in that waiting that my faith is tested and I find out where my treasure really is.
Remember as a kid, you would come home from school and want that sweet snack, only to hear your mom say, "You will spoil your appetite. We will have cake after dinner. Just wait a bit." Oh, that cake looks so so good and as it sits in front of you all you can think about is digging into a piece of that delicious chocolate cake, trimmed in rich icing.

We tend to focus on that piece of cake, don't we? Even today as an adult, I find it hard to wait on something I want so badly. Today my wants are not so much a piece of chocolate cake (okay, maybe on some days:) but things much deeper. God doesn't want to give us what we want only to have all He has for u…


Here is a question for you, "If you aren't planning to succeed, what are you planning to do?" Wow! What a powerful question to ponder. I do want to succeed. I want to succeed in all things Christ has for me. I have been blessed to have reviewed many studies, but this one by far is the most amazing study I have come across. You go, Krista! Yes, I am talking about, "Step Out And Take Your Place".

Have you ever picked up a study that asked many questions, but didn't really give the answers? Krista Dunk has put together this study that not only asks questions, but dives into each and every answer. I walked away from reading this book inspired and encouraged to step out in faith. So much fear has been holding me back. It's as though, Krista, is in your corner cheering you on throughout this entire book.

There is also a workbook that goes with this study. I can only imagine how awesome it is. I have never had a book that I have underlined so much in. Really…

What are your building materials made of?

I found this quote by Billy Graham, "Make it your goal to build strong foundations for your life--foundations constructed from prayer and the truths of God's Word."

Wow, powerful isn't it? What do we build our foundations on? This world would like to make us think it's all about how successful we are in the world. We can build our foundations on selfishness. We can pretty much build upon anything, but the question is, "Is it lasting?" Anything not built upon the Word of God will soon fall. There is no foundation that is lasting, but the foundation of God.

It's like building a house of cards. We can place card after card, but one shake, one wrong move and wham! They all fall upon one another. Your left picking up the cards only to begin again. We take two and stack them. We hold our breath so we are not shaky. If we are not shaky, someone else is going to come along that is. It doesn't take much for that house of cards to fall.

Unless we are ri…


Have you met the real, Jesus? Are you just going by how He is portrayed in paintings? Do we see Him as the world does or are we seeing the real Him? So many times we put Jesus in a box and close it up tight. We limit God with our own limitations. We seem to think He is only one way, but in reality, if we look close enough, deep enough and long enough? Well, that is when we are going to see the real Him. The Jesus that has no limits. The Jesus that is wildly free and wildly crazy about you.

Lisa Harper engages us with Jesus in her newest study, Untamed. She uses stories to bring our interests alive and detail to bring us a sharper image of Christ. The real image found in His Word. Lisa uses scripture to help us begin a new journey. One filled with hope and freedom, only found in Christ Jesus.

I really enjoyed this study. It is a great study to do alone or for a small group. I would love to do this study in Sunday School. Lisa, will make you laugh, tears will come and you will ponder …

What a crazy two weeks it has been

If you battle chronic illness you very well know, when it attacks you are fighting with everything you have. Ugh! Almost two weeks ago, after a day out with my hubs, we came home and I said, "Wow, I am exhausted. I gotta close my eyes for a bit." Well, that bit turned into almost seven hours. By then it was time to go to bed and back to bed I went. When I woke movement was not an option. Every single joint and muscle seared with pain. I just lay there thinking, "Oh man, not again."

I didn't know if my Fibromyalgia was attacking or if it was my Thyroid once again. Since I don't have a Thyroid I have to take meds. Somehow my body still gets out of whack. It can go high or low. When it goes low, watch out, because the pain throughout my body is severe.

I kept thinking, "Well, it's the Fibro, and it will get better." It didn't. Instead it was getting worse. When you are in so much pain, you begin to think, "Gosh, is this really it?"…


Quotes from the man who says, "The Bible says." What is it about, Billy Graham, that people love? Is it the man or is it the One he reflects? I believe it is both. I was so excited to receive this book. When I first received it, all I could do was simply gaze at the cover. It is just beautiful.

This book is filled with hundreds of quotes from, Billy Graham. For a girl who loves quotes, I knew this would be a book for me. There are quotes on every subject imaginable. Beautiful, poignant and moving. These pages are filled with not only wisdom, but deep faith, with an astounding vision for what this world needs. The gospel of Jesus Christ. You can clearly see, Christ Jesus, shine through these pages.

"Before one can know what is right and wrong, he must first align himself with God. Only then is one in a position to do right."

"Our relationship must be right with God before it can be right with man." Billy Graham

I absolutely love this book. It is one of th…