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Seeing The Moon In A Whole New Way

Tonight my husband called me into the living room to look out the window at the moon. I am a night sky lover. Even when I walk Daisy my eyes are pointed to the heavens instead of my steps. I tilt my head back and I am in awe of the mighty God who created this vast glory for my eyes smile upon.
I look out at the glorious moon and I can see a ring  encircling the bright reflection. I take a seat and look out the window at a different view and something wondrous beholds my vision. I'm captivated. As I look to the moon I see a cross. It's something you can't miss. I say, "Isn't it so amazing how God placed a cross right over the moon?" My husband isn't seeing it and I am wondering, "How in the world can you be missing the cross?"
He is standing. I am sitting. How is our view different? We are apparently looking through the very same window. He is seeing right through the glass and I am looking through the screen.
I've noticed the cross many …

Love Without Condemnation

In the middle of my day the Lord speaks to me loud and clear. Have you heard His voice lately? Are you tuned in to His station? Oh friends, there are days I am totally tuned in and loving what I hear and others? Well, I change the station, cause I'm not so much liking what I hear. I know. Ouch! Right? Have you been there? It's hard isn't it? There are times I hear the Lord speaking such sweet words of promise to me. He brings comfort and healing. But there are times when I am doing wrong. When I am away from Him. It's then, I hear Him say, "Come back. Return to Me, daughter. I am only teaching you, so your life will hold treasure."
Do you know how many times I slammed by bedroom door as my parents tried to teach me for my own good? I would slam that door in anger, not wanting to hear, but knowing they were right. Knowing they did love me. They weren't just out to get me and make my life miserable. Although, it took me a while to figure that one out.

It's The Heart Of The Gift That Matters

One of my favorite verses in found in Micah. It's the header for this blog. It's a verse I try to live by and focus on. I slip up at times and lose my focus, but Christ is there to direct me back to Him.
"Mankind, He has told you what is good and what it is the Lord requires of you: to act justly, to love faithfulness, and to walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8 (HCSB Version)
There are times we can get stuck in one verse without looking at what comes before it or after it. This is one of those verses for me. There is so much more here for us to learn and grasp about life, giving and the heart. It's not the gift that matters. It's not the amount. It's not even so much the giver. It's the heart of giving.
Lets be honest. We can all give. We can give the shirt off our back to another, but do we always give willingly? Here's a tough one. Do we give until it hurts? Meaning, do we even realize what we are giving?
In watching a program last week, I …

Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst

Emotions and choice? They go hand in hand. I love how Lysa teaches that we need to allow our emotions to work for us not against us. That alone is powerful wisdom for us Jesus girls. (I too like how she calls us that)

When you pick up, "Unglued", you are going to find a vast wealth of information that will  help you to be "glued" to the Savior. Feeling whole and complete in Him.

In reading, "Unglued", it's as though your having a cup of coffee with Lysa and your just chatting over life. You know, the real stuff. The stuff we keep hidden and shut out from everyone else. Lysa has this way of making you feel comfortable. She is open and honest in her own struggles.

She teaches us about sweet grace and just how pure it is. How there are not really two of us. Not really one that the world sees and one that is a mess, but one person. One soul that Christ loves.

I love the cover. Now, my purses are mighty big and there have been times I just wanted to st…

When Did You Notice?

She steps on the bus for the very first time. She is a little frightened and a little out of her comfort zone. She has moved to a new area with her family and today is her first day at her new job. She has never taken the bus before today.
Everything is new to her. The sights and sounds  are raw on her emotions. Each one brings her head to turn. She takes notice of everything. She sits. Looks next to her and before she can say a word the woman sharing her seat looks up and smiles. Introduces herself with the love of Christ shining in her eyes. Her words are like honey. This first morning is finding ease through one woman willing to turn away from her own interests and bring a bit of sanity to this young woman on her first journey through the city.
A few months pass. Her seat companion is there with the same smile and heartfelt hello. The young woman is feeling more confident now. She is more comfortable. She now opens up her newest book bought from the book store just down from her ho…

Where Do I Go From Here

Have you ever been standing in a mall and can't seem to figure out where to get to that favorite store of yours? You look for one of those, You are here, signs. You find it and look for the familiar to get you there. Sometimes it's just right around the corner, but other times you must go the long distance down the corridor or up the escalator to the next floor. But as long as you follow the directions, you will get to your destination.
I have often found myself in a place in life where I called out to God and said, "Lord, where do I go from here?" I cannot tell you the times I have heard my Savior say, "As long as you keep following Me, you will be just fine". I can tell you, those words are true. He has been my Great North, my Compass, for the journey.
I have to remind myself to stay focused. I have heard people say, "It's not where you are, it's where your going that matters". I'm not so sure that's true. Don't we have to see…

With Every Letter by Sarah Sundin

Sarah Sundin has done it once again. Outstanding! Who doesn't love a historical romance? I know I do and no one writes historical romance like Sarah Sundin. Why? She is passionate about history and does her research. That has the makings of a beautifully written story such as this. But there's more. So much more.
Sarah's writing flows and you begin to fall in love with the characters. Characters who stand out. Not because they are trying to, but because they are characters with humility and honor. They are real and characters we can admire. She allows us to see their heart as no one else does.
The premise of this story is sheer beauty. A written letter, exposing the real person with the intention of never really meeting. It's just meant to encourage and inspire. But as each letter is written, more is shared and love prevails. No outside interference. Love beginning from the inside. We get to see it grow from a seedling into a beautiful blossom.
World War II is alive. T…

The Girl In The Glass by Susan Meissner

Every since I can remember I have always wanted to spend a summer in Tuscany. I think I may have just spent one of the most memorable weekends visiting a place my feet may never set ground on, but,  my heart has traveled there, and that just may be even more special. This novel was more than spectacular. It was magical. It took me on a journey I wasn't expecting and that is what makes for a great novel. Meissner writes a story within a story. Simply amazing!
I am a huge fan of Susan Meissner. She stole my heart in, "The Shape of Mercy" and "A Sound Among The Trees". This novel, is hands down, one of the best books I have read...ever. She has the gift to take us to a place we never expected to see and once there, she fills us with a beauty more splendid that our eyes can envision. She captivates us with chapter, bringing us closer and closer to seeing past just what appears and what lies beyond the horizon. She takes words like, Renaissance and gives them new mea…

Special Guest Post By Lisa Buffaloe

The Grace Gift
Written By
Lisa Buffaloe

An empty, two-lane farm road stretched in front of me. A perfect day and time to test how fast my little car would go. A teenager feeling my freedom, I put the pedal to the metal. Yep, stuck my foot on the gas and let my tiny engine whine and scream.

Freedom! I probably clocked in at seventy-five miles an hour (pretty good for such a small car). I was flying. And that’s when I saw him—the patrol car sitting on the side of the road.

I was caught. And I knew it had to be obvious.

The first opportunity to stop was a gravel road leading to a farmhouse. I pulled over and waited.

The patrol car stopped behind me. No lights, and no siren. The officer just sat in his car. A few minutes later he approached my open window. “Do you live here?”
I kept my hands on the wheel. “No sir.”
“You just pulled over?”
“Yes sir.”
His face showed no emotion, his eyes hidden behind mirrored sunglasses. “What were you doing?”
I responded with a sheepish grin. “I was try…

The Reunion by Dan Walsh

I am a tremendously huge fan of Dan Walsh! His newest book took me by surprise. Not because I expected more or less, but what these pages held was far beyond what the back cover gave away. I love that, don't you? I love the unexpected and getting wrapped in a book, penned so beautifully, that your heart is moved as you close the last page.
So, I will not be giving away any details. Except to tell you, get ready for a page turner. This is one of those books that just doesn't tell a story. It weaves together precious lives. This gem has it all. Love, romance, suspense, and history. Dan Walsh is one of those gifted writers who can touch a life through the telling of story. For me, I want more than just a story. I want to walk away changed and moved forever. This is the gift Dan Walsh gives to us in, "The Reunion".
I will tell you, yes, it all begins in a trailer park, settled back  in the country. Almost hidden from the rest of the world. This story moves beyond what is…

Prayers Of A Mother

She wakes early and goes to bed late. No one really knows her schedule. There is no 9-5. No vacation pay. No sign on package. Is her work really ever finished for the day or does it just continue on to the next?
She wakes with her back aching, her knees aren't what they once were when she ran track. Her smile is still there, beautiful as ever. She no longer concentrates on the big issues of life, but asks questions like, is there is enough toilet paper. She looks beyond the roll and makes do.
She leaves her make up off and waits for the bath. She looks in the mirror and thinks, "Oh my, what shall I do?" But there is a beauty there that cannot be made up by brush nor comb. It's a sheer beauty that shines through when she hears the cry of her child, "Oh Momma, I need you".
Those lunches out and dinners with girlfriends seem like they have disappeared, but she isn't lonely. She isn't lacking joy. She isn't missing a thing. That old life holds nothi…

Free Yourself From Yesterday And Find Peace Today

With a humble heart, we can go to Christ at anytime and He is there to turn a ear to our heart. In brokenness we ask Him to forgive us of our sins.  This is not something that is a maybe under certain conditions. This is a promise from our Savior. Forgive is exactly what He does. He removes our sin  from His memory, never to be remembered again.  With this grace covered love we can move forward in hope and with a pure heart.
Jesus isn't there to dredge up every sin each time we falter, but isn't that exactly what we do to ourselves and others? Oh, how we love to keep score. And remember? We seem to forget many things, where we left our keys, what date the doctor's appointment is, and the list goes on, but we keep those sins right there in our minds. We can at times be our own worse enemy.
We allow our sins, our pasts to haunt us. We allow our mistakes to overtake our minds. There are times we just live in the past, not forgetting, and not quite forgiving either. We have a …

Prayers Of A Stranger by Davis Bunn

The cover of this book grabbed my heart. A smiling woman, looking into a snow globe, with gloved hands. Almost as though she was searching and hoping for what was to come. This is a great Christmas read, but for me, it was an anytime read. One about the gift of prayer by those we may never meet in our lifetime. Prayer that touches the heavens and is heard by a Savior watching and ready to bless.
This was a lovely read. I enjoyed reading about two families. Both living close as neighbors, but as circumstances allow, they find they are much more than neighbors, but friends. Brothers and sisters in Christ. I loved the connection between these couples.
Davis Bunn takes us on a journey through some of the most difficult times in their lives and shows us that God is still in control. He shows us that prayer connects us in a great and mighty way. There is no prayer that is void when spoken in God's will.
It left me with the reminder of God's grace and as I was once lost, I am now fou…