Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why are we still sitting down?

If you know me,you know I love to read,and I never leave the house without a book.That could be why my purse is so big.I am now reading "Heaven",by Randy Alcorn.I am not even to the fifth chapter,and this book along with the workbook is already changing my life.Once you start reading,you just cannot stop,each chapter is so full of amazing truths that we are not familar with,or we just have not been focusing on enough,and for be,it has been both.You can see by the title,it is about heaven.How much do we really know about heaven?How much do we really think about heaven?These were some hard questions I had to answer in doing this book. Did you know that Jesus speaks about heaven more than any other subject in the bible?I didn't know that. I know that there will be no more tears,pain,hurting,sickness,or sin in heaven,I know the streets are paved in gold,the gates are of pearl,we will walk with Jesus,praise Him,but there is so much more to be excited about,and so much more to learn.I have had a great time learning about heaven.Its where our Savior wants us to go,and spend all eternity.Can we really grasp eternity?When we are going through a difficult time,it seems like eternity,when we are in labor,at least for some of us,it seems like eternity before that little one comes. All these things are but for a moment compared to eternity.Here is a statisic that floored me,and this comes right from the book. 3 people die every second,180 every minute,and nearly 11,000 every hour.So more than 250,000 people die every day. After I read this I was just speachless,and for me,thats hard to do.I just sat for moments thinking. That is a large number,and the question is do we really care? I do care,but I haven't been doing what God has called me to do,"Go and Tell". Of all those 250,000 how many will go to heaven? Just how many will go to hell because no one reached out to them? This thought brings tears to my eyes,to think I am still sitting here,and I am not going to doors to knock on them, I am not saying anything to those I might see in Walmart,or at the country store,at the games we go to.Every day we come in contact with people who are dieing and going to hell,unless they accept Christ as their Savior.I need to get up and do something about that.I was blessed to have my husband,then boyfriend tell me about Jesus,no one before him had.I was given the gift of life from my Lord and Savior.I dont think it was meant for me to keep it a secret. We all will die one day,our friends,our family,others that we see and know,what are we doing to touch them with Gods word? For me,I know I am not doing enough,many times my walk doesnt even show Christ in my life,nor does my speach or the choices I make everyday.Things have to change,and they need to begin with me. I have a neighbor that has lived by me for two years,and I have never went over and invited them to church,much less Jesus.That is sad,and I am so ashamed that I am not doing what the Lord has asked of me to do.What are we so afraid of? All anyone can do is say,go away,I dont care to hear it,or just simply shut the door is our face.Isn't is worth a try? If your neighbors house was on fire,and you knew they were in there,wouldn't you call 911,well Jesus is 911 to our lives.Wouldn't you go help as much as you could to get them out of that burning house? Jesus is the answer to that question.So many houses are on fire,so many people are hurting,why am I still sitting here? Ask yourself that question,and think how blessed you are that someone told you about Jesus,don't we want to do the same for others? Every day we have 24 hours,thats lots of time to be sharing Christ with others ,no matter the cost.What is the cost to you? I need change in my life and to focus on heaven,to read about heaven,I urge you to get this awesome book,and learn with me,about where Christ is building a home for us right now,if we have our R.S.V.P's ready,lets go out and try to send out as many as we can.


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