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Attitude Is Everything When Living With Chronic Illness

Sometimes I wake up and I feel like I've been kicked by a horse and more than one time. Maybe even trampled would be a better word. Chronic illness stinks. I think the worst part of my journey is that most people have no idea. I look fine therefore there's nothing wrong with me. If she looks that good she can't feel too bad. Really? Yes, those are the words I have grown to dislike very much. We never know the journey of another unless we are able to walk inch by inch with them and let's face it, that isn't happening. No journey is the same. 
I feel like these illnesses are now challenges for me. Challenges to overcome. Challenges to learn vast life lessons. I didn't always think that. Over the years I've had a pity party or two. More like a hundred or so. I've asked, "Why me, Lord? Why do I have to face this?" Now I go with the attitude of, why not me? Really, why not? Would it be better if someone else carried such pain? Not at all. Paul carr…

Celebrating our Silver Anniversary

Wow! The silver anniversary! 25 years of marriage for hubs and I. We celebrated our anniversary on February 14th. Yes, the romantic Valentines Day. 
My hand fits perfectly inside my husband's hand. I love how God does that. Don't you? We are so opposite, but yet we are the perfect fit. 
I always said I would never marry a farm boy. Haha! That's exactly what this girl did at the age of 23. 
I was living in the country with my two girls. I had just recently given birth to my baby girl when hubs and I had met. She was four months old. I sure wasn't looking for a man to fill my life. In fact I wanted to be as far away from men as I could possibly be. My heart had been crushed and trusting men was far from anything I could perceive. 
My now husband was recently divorced and had two children also. He wasn't looking either. I love how God brings the unexpected and somehow everything fits together in His perfect timing. He knew exactly where each of us were and just where …

To Live Is Christ by Beth Moore

Beth Moore writes timeless. Her books can touch our hearts and give us room to explore our journey with Christ. She shares transparent and gives the reader more than one could expect. Every time I close a Beth Moore book I know I have journeyed, I have learned, and I have grown more like Christ. 
She opens my eyes to new visions and new ways of understanding the Word of God. Here in this excellent book she takes us on a journey with Paul. I can tell you I have learned more about Paul from Beth Moore than any Sunday School class or any sermon. 
This selection is close to the copy of "Paul" by Beth Moore. This is part of a signature series including, Jesus, David, and John. Beautifully written 90 day journey. Take a peek at my review of, "Paul". You too can find , "Paul", at the B&H Publishing Group site. 
These two books are not word for word. But they are very similar. This is more of a study format and the signature series is more of a devotional/st…

Holman HCSB Study Bible Large Print Mahogany LeatherTouch Indexed by B&H Publishing Group

Are you ready for another amazingly beautiful Study Bible?  Here you go! I know, I keep sharing faves, but this one tops the charts for me. It is exquisite! Gotta begin with the Leathertouch. This one is mahogany and it two toned. In the middle of the mahogany is a gorgeous pattern that exemplifies magnificence. I know what you're thinking. But I'm not exaggerating at all. Gorgeous in every way. 
There are two ribbons and this Study Bible is indexed which I LOVE! It is a large Bible, but with the large print and all that this Study Bible holds I wouldn't expect any less from Holman. 
Now for the inside. It just doesn't get any better than this. A Holman Study Bible contains everything you can think of for further learning and embracing a study of the Word. 
We have Greek and Hebrew word studies which are amazing tools in understanding scripture. Once you learn the origin of the word and grasp the original meaning you are on your way to understanding the Word like neve…

Choose To Live Before It's Too Late

Elizabeth's feet touched the chilling wood floor. She ran her fingers through her network of jumbled hair. Sleep was still in her eyes. Another morning waking in the same pajamas. Silence surrounded her. The sun wasn't casting a glow upon the kitchen just yet. Maybe it was. But now everything seemed dark. Would today be any different than yesterday? 
How did she get to this place of nothingness? No longer did coffee perk her senses. She was consumed. She was living and breathing, but there was was just a shell of the woman she was before. She never knew such anger, such devastation, such agony. 
All those cliches she's ever said to anyone comes pounding through her heart each morning. She now understanding how unnerving it was for others to hear such words. She now knows. She will never again use cliches, but she will wrap her arms around the one in need and hold on tightly. With tears streaming down her face she will always say, "I love you. I'm here for you.&quo…

Life Essentials Study Bible Gene A. Getz by B&H Publishing Group

Are you ready to hear about an extraordinary study Bible? If you are a lover of the Word and are searching for additional tools for your study this would be a fantastic addition to your studies! 
This study Bible is unlike any other. In today's technological world this Bible is super cool!! Let me just say this would make for an amazing study Bible for young adults and college age kids who love using their phones. 
If you have wifi or maybe visit your local coffee shop for your morning studies this Bible will be an extra treat for you. 
Okay, I've already said it's unlike any other study Bible. This study Bible is jam-packed with life lessons. Each book contains tons of them. If the Book is bigger there are more life lessons. In the front of the Bible you can find a list of all the topics for the Life Essentials by Dr. Gene A. Getz.  I call them life lessons, but here Dr. Getz calls them Life Essentials and they truly are essential for Christian living. 
So, what's so…

Journey Day by Day: Living Life Well (A Walk Through The Bible Devotional) by B&H Publishing Group

Now here is a different type of devotional. This is absolutely lovely. Not only is this a jump start to your day with a fresh cup of coffee, but this could be a great tool for a Sunday school teacher, a leader, or any type of class where ladies meet. Maybe you meet each week for quilting or crocheting with friends. Sharing coffee with girlfriends once a month would be a treat with this little gem. 
One page, one for each day of the year, every topic possible that touches our lives today, is perfect for women of all ages. 
Each devotional begins with a scripture and then the devotional is a personal story. I LOVE this in every way! We all have a story and I promise you will find your story within this devotional. It's personal and intimate. Stories friends would share over coffee. Stories that allows us to know we aren't the only one. That's a lonely place to be. But here in this sweet devotional we see there are women just like us who are simply striving to be Jesus girls …

Jesus 90 Days With The One And Only by Beth Moore

WOW! I know, that's a mighty big wow, but Beth Moore blesses me in every single book and study. This woman of God is on fire. When you pick up a book penned by Beth, well, you simply just want some of what she's got! And she's got Jesus, girls!

I  have been blessed to review this entire signature series and what a series it is. This latest review is, Jesus 90 Days With the One and Only. Yes, this comes from Beth's previous book Jesus The One and Only, which I too have read and loved! They are not exact word for word. This is more a devotional/study. A 90 day journey with Jesus. It's like grabbing coffee with Beth and talking about Jesus. It's intimate and inviting.

The books in this series are beautiful in every way. This one has a red ribbon and the words are in red on top of a cream print. It has my favorite pages. You know them. The frilly edges that make it feel old and warm to the soul.

Beth begins each study with scripture. She asks two pondering question…

Rise by Trip Lee

Not just for twenty-somethings!! If I could rate this book as a ten I would do so. Outstanding!! My son got me to listening to Trip Lee and Lecrae. I know what you're thinking, but wow, I LOVE their music!! 
So when I seen this book for review I thought about my son. I asked him if he had heard of it and of course he had. I just had to review it. I can tell you that I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed this amazing book! I sat down and began reading and didn't get up until I was turning the last page. 
My son say, "Yeah, mom, I'd love to go to his church and sit under his teaching." That's pretty awesome for another twenty-something to connect with another in such a great way. 
I can tell you that the title, "Rise", is perfect for the wisdom that you'll find inside these pages. By the time you're finished reading this book you will want to get up and "Rise" for you're Jesus!! 
This is empowering in such a way because Trip…

The Holman HCSB Study Bible for Women, Teal/Sage LeatherTouch by B&H Publishing Group

Okay ladies, if you are searching for a new study Bible this is my pick for my favorite Bible for women. Holman study Bibles are the best of the best. There is nothing that compares. I have study Bibles in HCSB and NKJV translation, but this Bible is special. It's created for women. 
It isn't exactly like a Holman HCSB Study Bible. This Study Bible gives us a guide to the women of the Bible. This is the first Bible I turn to when I'm studying and for my daily reading. 
First let me say the inside of this Bible is gorgeous!! Take a peek at the B&H Publishing Group for a look at the inside pages. It is a creamy/teal color all throughout the Bible. One of my favorite aspects is the word study. This is huge in studying the Word of God. The word studies give information on the Hebrew/Greek/Aramaic translations so that it's easy for us to comprehend. 
Another favorite of mine are the character profiles. This too is another amazing tool in studying the Word. When we know …

Still Life by Christa Parrish

This novel is complex. The title says much about the story line. A photo can sometimes say much more than words or actions. But even that still life photo says much about what's not there. Even as life as captured in still life, life never ceases to move forward. 
This novel captures the story of lives connected through the death of one man. We get to know quite a few characters and Christa goes above and beyond of allowing us to know them just as if they were friends or family in our own lives. She writes in such a way that the reader can relate to the characters in one way or another. 
First I would like to say what I loved about the novel was the realness. The characters were raw and nothing pretended. We see the depth of who they are. Their actions tell a great deal about them. Their past gives us a glimpse of just who they are today. Another aspect I like is that we see them grow. 
The main character, Ada, steps out of all she has ever known and captures what life truly is ab…

HCSB Study Bible, Black Genuine Leather Indexed by B&H Publishing Group

Wow!! Are you looking for an awesome study Bible? Look no further. This HCSB Study Bible is so amazing! I love sharing all the different Bibles from Holman. There is literally a Bible for everyone. Every type and every color! 
This HCSB Study Bible is black genuine leather with a light silver trim edging on the pages. This is truly a beautiful Bible. 
What I love about the HCSB Study Bible is that it contains everything one needs to dive deep and learn and grow from God's Word. This Study Bible contains comprehensive study notes, maps in full color, charts, reconstructions, and what I truly love the Hebrew/Greek word studies. It contains the best concordance I've ever seen. The introduction for each Book of the Bible gives the reader such a vast array of information you have a clear portrait of the time and meaning. This is huge in studying God's Word. Being able to go deep means growth and inspiration in the Christian walk. 
This would make for such a beautiful gift. I l…

Holman Study Bible: NKJV Large Print Edition, Saddle Brown LeatherTouch Indexed by B&H Publishing Group

This Study Bible is released in February 2015. I am so excited to be able to share this beautiful study Bible with you. Holman is the best of the best. I have yet to find a Bible that I loved more. 
Let's talk about the outside first. This Bible is extraordinary! The colors are gorgeous. It is indexed which makes each Book of the Bible super easy to find. This is the saddle/brownLeatherTouch which is very sturdy and of course with a Holman Bible you have a lifetime guarantee. That's pretty amazing! The outer pages have a gold leaf trim which even adds to it's beauty. 
This study Bible is in the NKJV translation. Next to the HCSB this translation is my favorite. Love studying from both of these translations. 
The print is large and bold which I LOVE! Makes for easy reading. The pages are white. Each Book of the Bible has an awesome introduction. These introductions are so important to understanding the Word. They give us the information we need about the time period, who w…

A Love That Cannot Be Contained

Lord, Your love is so big it cannot be contained. That's a mighty love! A love that we cannot comprehend. 
"So it was, as the multitude pressed about Him to hear the word of God, that He stood by the Lake of Gennesaret, and saw two boats standing by the lake; but the fishermen had gone from them and were washing their nets. Then He got into one of the boats, which was Simon's, and asked him to put out a little from the land. And He sat down and taught the multitudes from the boat. When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon, "Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch." But Simon answered and said to Him, "Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net." And when they had done this, caught a great number of fish, and their net was breaking. So they signaled to their partners in the other boat to come and help them. And they came and filled both the boats, so that they began to s…