Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Beautiful Sunday School Teacher

I love Sunday School.It is part of the week that I look forward to.I am blessed to have a wonderful teacher.Her name is Joy,and her name says it all.She has a beauty that shines from within.She has such grace,and she is humble before the Lord.She has a laugh that is contagious,and her giggle,will make your day.She walks with a grace,that has come with time.As she teaches,its just not from a booklet,or a study guide,its from her heart.Its from her life,and how she has experienced life with and without Christ.She doesn't think she's beautiful,she doesn't think she is worthy of praise,but she is. She is one of those women you want to have lunch with,that you want to take a long walk with,one that you would pick for your mother-in-law.She is our sister in Christ,and she allows Him to move through her each Sunday while she is teaching,and each day of her life. She spends one day a week with her mother,that is a beautiful heart.She is giving,and would give the shirt off her back for another.You cannot spend much time with her without falling in love with her.She has a special quality that is rare.She has faced hardship,and loss.She has had much joy in her life also.She shares so much of herself,that through her struggles and achievments you can see Christ shine forth. I will be honored if I can be just a little like her someday.Jesus looks good on her.She is the best teacher I have ever had,and I am blessed to call her my sister,my friend.


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